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The Ultimate Healing Protocol Review: Is It Possible To Cure Chronic Diseases?

Welcome to The Ultimate Healing Protocol review from Linkingo.

Living in the modern days, we all know countless illnesses can invade our bodies. However, all of them can be divided into two groups: 

The first one contains those fatal illnesses which may end our lives at any time: Cancers, strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure, and so on. 

The second one is “chronic disease”. Though not as deadly as those in the previous group, these diseases are a life sentence. Instead of killing us instantly, they bring us endless pain and discomfort. It is not exaggerating to say that they ruin our lives slowly, each and every day. 

Unfortunately, doctors tend to give up on these chronic illnesses. Why is that? Sad to say, but they can’t tell what started the disease from the very first place. If you can’t address the root cause of it, how do you even stop it from growing? That’s the reason why patients can do nothing but accept their fate. 

Many of my readers are suffering from the same situation. It shattered my heart to read the emails from Linkingo’s followers fighting against long-term illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, or COPD. How painful and miserable is it to spend a million dollars on drugs and treatments that aren’t even effective? One of them also told me that having this kind of disease could be worse than death someone, as they didn’t know how long they would have to endure, and when the pain would stop.

However, the email I received last week was entirely different. It was also from someone who suffered from a chronic disease, but he claimed to recover from it completely. 

“I’ve spent two years of my life living with type 2 diabetes”, the guy called himself Justin wrote, “needless to say, they were the darkest time of my life. I thought I would live with fatigue, blurred vision, and sores until the day this disease finally ends me. It felt like a living hell.” 

But it all changed when he found out a program called The Ultimate Healing Protocol. Thanks to that program, the disease that once haunted his life is now just a memory. It can no longer drag his life down. 

“So I felt like I have to write this email and let you know about this. Actually, anyone who is having chronic diseases would want to know about this. I’m telling you about a miracle that can heal any long-term illnesses. This program deals with the root cause of them and helps you tackle that cause for good”. 

It indeed sounds tempting. If such a program like that truly exists, it is going to be the light at the end of the tunnel for countless people, not only in the west but all over the world. 

And it is my job to find out what this miracle truly is. 

What Is The Ultimate Healing Protocol?

So immediately after receiving Justin’s email, I looked upon the internet for The Ultimate Healing Protocol. It seemed to be a newly-published work, as there was little information I could find about it. According to its official website, The Ultimate Healing Protocol is a 174-page program that claims to help you deal with chronic illnesses in general by changing your diet. The program will come to you in the form of a PDF file.


“All of your chronic conditions were caused by one single thing”, the author of this program wrote, “it is what you are consuming every day. Just one change in the foods you eat can create a huge, life-altering condition in your body. You might not realize, but even the smallest impact of that food will escalate throughout your body. It is the root of all the long-term diseases you are suffering from. If you want to get rid of them, there is no better way to start than to transform your diet.” 

It is quite a fresh idea. We all know that a healthy diet benefits our bodies. Still, not so many people think about using it to cure chronic diseases. Instead, most people just give up on them. Though it is strange, I don’t hate this concept. Personally, it is better to fight against these diseases instead of accepting them as your fate. The Ultimate Healing Protocol states that you only have to adjust the foods you consume, so there is no medical treatment involved in the progress. If so, it doesn’t hurt at all to try, right?.

This program had initially gained my approval, but, I still wanted to make sure that it didn’t come from a scammer. I tried to search for more information about its author. 

The Ultimate Healing Protocol Review – Meet The Author Of This Program.

The author of this program is Scott Davis. As a natural health researcher, Davis dedicated half of his life researching on organic methods to cure illnesses. In 2018, he began to work with The Blue Heron Health News, the publisher of many popular health and fitness guides. In his previous work, The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy, Davis shared his concern about side-effects and other potential risks that modern drugs contain. He said that it was devastating to see people take medicine to improve their condition. Still, those medicines just weaken their immunity system overtime. That’s the reason why he is so enthusiastic about naturopathy. 

I couldn’t find more information about Scott Davis, though. Perhaps it is just a pen name he uses to protect his privacy. Still, Davis has published many works. All of them were highly appreciated and received an average rating of 4 on Goodreads, indicating that they were practical and effective in fighting against diseases. 

Let’s Have A Closer Look.

After collecting all the necessary information, I decided to purchase the program to provide my dear readers a more comprehensive look. One of the things I truly love about The Blue Heron Health News is their customer service. I received my PDF file immediately after making my payment. Their works are always professionally presented, and The Ultimate Healing Protocol is not an exception: 


So, what will you find inside the program? Let’s take a look at the table of contents: 

As you can see, The Ultimate Healing Protocol is divided into four main parts. Honestly, when I first looked at this, I felt a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, Scott Davis was very understanding to provide his readers with a brief guide on how to use the program. Let’s get you through each part: 

1. Part 1: The What. 

This very first part explains what food sensitivity is and why you should know about it. In this part, you will also learn the difference between food sensitivities, food allergies, and food intolerances. You might be surprised to know that you have misunderstood these terms all the time. According to him, even though the first part is purely technical, you should try not to skip it as it is a great crash course into what the program is all about. 

2. Part 2: The Why. 

Part two covers in great detail exactly what’s going on inside the body of someone with food sensitivities. Here, you will find out how your immune system operates to produce food sensitivity and the risks that can happen along the way. How does it malfunction and lead to chronic illnesses? The answer lies here. If you prefer something more practical, you can save this part for later and jump straight to part three. At the end of part 2, there will be a summary for you to look at before skipping. 

3. Part 3: The Tools. 

This part is the essence of the whole program. Here, you will receive all the tools you can use to tackle food sensitivities. Terms like antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients are something we have always been heard, but do we REALLY know how to add them to our meals? Part three will show you how. You will also learn how to check out food culprits in the kitchen and create your food diary. 

4. Part 4: The Plan.

If you really want to heal, you should not skip anything in this part. Part 4 of the program gives you the most detailed plan to diet and get rid of your chronic disease. But don’t worry, the program won’t force you to consume only vegetables. The plan is broken down into small steps so you can get used to it comfortably. In step one, you will learn how to eliminate some of the items that tend to block nutrient absorption, interfere with hormones, and cellular signaling. These items include antibiotics, alcohol, stimulants, and microwaved foods. Next, you will learn to replace premade herbs and spices with natural non-irradiated products. Lastly, you deal with the hardest foods to cut out: wheat, dairy, and sugar. The program shall suggest healthy alternatives for these ingredients to make sure that you are not having hearty but also delicious meals. 

I highly appreciate the fact that the author pointed out which part I should prioritize and which I should take slowly. It made my experience with The Ultimate Healing Protocol much more comfortable. I could choose which part I would like to learn immediately instead of being overwhelmed with a lot of medical knowledge. As I processed to finish The Ultimate Healing Protocol, I realized that the program was not as complicated as I thought when I first saw it. Instead, it was practical and readable. To make it even easier for readers to follow, Scott Davis added four appendices at the end of the programs. These are to teach readers which foods you should use to treat specific symptoms, recipes guidelines, supplement guides, and even dietary templates. Generally, he lies out everything for us readers. 

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The Ultimate Healing Protocol Review – How Does It Heal Your Body?

According to the author, oral tolerance and food sensitivities are the factors that affect your health. In the long run, they create irreparable damage in your immune system, leading to chronic illnesses. 

Therefore, to reverse these damages, all of the following factors need to be rectified:

  • Repairing your gut’s lining.
  • Fixing leaky gut and decreasing gut inflammation. 
  • Re-balancing the immune response. 
  • Increasing the level of beneficial microbial biodiversity in your stomach. 
  • Lessening pathogenic bacteria. 

You can deal with all of the above by cultivating a hearty microbiome by using the right nutrients, probiotics, and prebiotic fibers; making your diet and indispensable tool to reinforce your immune system. The program shows you the right diet to achieve that. 

What Will You Get From This Program?

This program’s primary goal is to help you cure the root cause of chronic diseases. You will be learning how to treat and prevent any of them from happening to you in the future. However, as I worked my way through its pages, I felt like we could get more than that:

You will learn every detail about gut health and how to protect it in The Ultimate Healing Protocol. Scientists have long proven that gut health affects your whole body and has a significant impact on your immune system. Therefore, by knowing about it, you are saving yourself and your loved ones from many diseases. 

Even after you are free from your chronic illness, maintaining a healthy diet will provide your body with more energy, and become more productive. Your sex drive will surprisingly be enhanced, regardless of your age. 

The program lists out hearty antioxidants for you to add to your meals. After a few days, your skin and hair will get better. 

What you consume every day also affects your mental health. Therefore, stick to a healthy diet will help you uplift your mood. Not only will you get healthier physically, but you will also become happy and positive.

The Ultimate Healing Protocol Review – Who Is It For?

Scott Davis created The Ultimate Healing Protocol for those who: 

  • Are fighting against chronic diseases.
  • Have tried many methods to cure them before, but so far none of them worked. 
  • Are tired of conventional medicines’ side-effects. 
  • Want to improve their gut health. 
  • Are willing to commit to a healthy diet. 

And Who Shouldn’t Use It?

Treating long-term diseases by changing your diet seems like a brand new idea to many people. Therefore, I suggest you do a bit of research about naturopathy before purchasing this program. If you are skeptical about this method, The Ultimate Healing Protocol might not be suitable for you. 

Moreover, the program involves making small changes to your diet. If you are not persistent and don’t want to stick to a diet to treat your condition, it will be a waste to purchase The Ultimate Healing Protocol. 

The Ultimate Healing Protocol Review – Pros And Cons. 

In today’s The Ultimate Healing Protocol review, I would like to conclude the strong points of this program: 

  • Reputable author: Scott Davis received a high rating on Goodreads and has gained many loyal readers. Customers proved that all of his previous works were effective and treating and preventing diseases using natural methods. There is no doubt about the amount of knowledge in this program. 
  • Provide a large amount of knowledge in general: The Ultimate Healing Protocol contains years of research. After reading this program, you will learn about gut health, different types of food sensitivities, and chronic diseases. They will be useful for a lifetime in preventing illnesses and improving your immune system. 
  • It is very understandable: Scott Davis divided the program into small, logical parts. At the beginning of the program, he also added a brief guide for you to know how to process. 
  • There is no harm to try at all: No medical treatment or medicines involved in this program. All you have to do is to adjust your meals. Anyone can apply this method, and there is no side-effect. 

However, there are still some cons to this program:

  • You have to be extremely patient to achieve the best result. Usually, it will take 3 weeks – a month for you to see changes in your body. 
  • There is no bonus to come with The Ultimate Healing Protocol. You will only receive the main program. 

They are not really flaws, but these small points might make customers have to think twice before actually trying The Ultimate Healing Protocol. 

“How Do I Purchase It?”

The Ultimate Healing Protocol comes at $49. It might be the most meaningful amount of money you’ve ever spent in your life. It costs you less than the price of a t-shirt to buy a healthy, joyful life. You only have to pay less than a pair of shoes to prevent illnesses from ever coming to you and your family members. All of these you might never get by using money, but now, they are in front of you at a low price. Is it MUCH better than spending millions of dollars on drugs and medical treatments that don’t even work? 


You also don’t have to worry about repeated costs. The publisher of The Ultimate Healing Protocol clarified that the program’s price is a one-time charge. The moment you make the purchase, you will get unlimited access to it. What’s more, if there is any future update, you shall also receive them for free. 

The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means if you are not happy with the outcome, you can request to have your full refund. No question asked. It shows the dedication of the team in providing the best for its customers. 

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Our Conclusion.

I was very excited to know that Justin relieved himself from his chronic disease. Still, I was even more excited to discover that The Ultimate Healing Protocol could benefit many people who were suffering, not only him. With this program, long term illnesses are no longer a life sentence. Just by making some changes in your diet, you can create a miracle in your health and strengthen your immune system once and for all. 

There is no better chance to keep you and your family safe from diseases than now. To end this The Ultimate Healing Protocol review, we highly recommend the program to our readers.

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Q: How do I contact the publisher? 

A: Should you have any problem regarding the product, you can contact them on this page.

Q: Is there a physical version of The Ultimate Healing Protocol?

A: The physical version of this program is not yet available on bookstores. However, you can request to have one shipped to your house after you’ve purchased the digital version. It will only cost you an extra $7.92.

Lastly, thank you so much for your time reading Scott Davis’s The Ultimate Healing Protocol review. If you have purchase this product, I would love to hear from your feedback by leaving your comment down below.



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