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Sonus Complete Review: Can You Get Rid Of Tinnitus? MUST READ BEFORE BUYING!

Welcome everyone to Linkingo website. Our post today is a review on Sonus Complete supplement.

Tinnitus itself is never considered a disease by doctors and scientists. Even I myself underestimated the devastating consequence it can bring to daily life at first. However, my point of view changed utterly when this problem occurred to my close friend. 

We were with each other in a bookstore when I first heard Elle mention that buzzing sound in her ears. “It is like someone is ringing a bell inside my head”, she said. At that time, I absolutely had no idea about this symptom and the cause of it. Thus, I laughed it off and thought my friend was joking around. Until today, the regret for not taking her seriously still haunts me deeply. The ringing sound soon turned out to be not a joke – instead, it was a nightmare Elle had to face each day. 

From a soft, ringing sound that occurred once in a while, my friend started to hear it every day. When she was at work, trying to concentrate; when she was preparing dinner, taking a bath, or even lying on bed at 2 am … that sound didn’t spare her. Gradually, tinnitus deprived her sleep, leaving her frustrated and rage. Only when I saw her restless face did I realize how terrible this symptom could be. It hit me like a truck that Elle’s life was really in trouble, but I didn’t believe her in the first place. “I failed as her best friend”, I couldn’t stop tormenting myself. After spending many days worrying about her condition, I decided that I HAD to help her out. I had to do something to help her get rid of this devilish tinnitus.

However, it wasn’t easy at all. 

I quickly realized that since most people didn’t consider tinnitus a disease, there was little information about how to cure it. I tried to get advice from my doctor, but even she didn’t know how to get rid of it completely. “You can lessen the symptom with specific medicines, but their effect won’t last long. You wouldn’t like the side-effects, like constipation, weight gain, or trouble urinating”, that was what I was told. Still, I didn’t want to give up on my friend, especially when I knew that tinnitus, in the long run, can lead to hearing loss. Whenever I had a break from work, I would go all out on the internet, searching for a method to cure this symptom. 

Finally, I found a product called “Sonus Complete”. This product claimed to relieve the horrific sound in your ears once and for all, by using 100% natural ingredients to repair your cells. 

It sounded promising, indeed. However, as much as I wanted to help my friend get rid of her condition and retrieve her peaceful life, I wanted to give her something that ACTUALLY WORKS. 

As a product reviewer, I knew what I had to do next. 

Sonus Complete Review – An Introduction. 

I immediately fired up my laptop and started to look for every detail about Sonus Complete on the internet. That whole morning, all I do was skimming through the official website, reading articles, and customers’ feedback on this product. 

sonus complete review

Sonus Complete is a supplement that aims to deal with the root cause of tinnitus and help you get rid of the symptom completely. According to the creator of this product, the reason why conventional medicines do not work is dealing with the wrong thing. While doctors assume that tinnitus is the result of ear damage, the newest studies have shown that tinnitus is actually caused by declining cognitive performance. Therefore, Sonus Complete will restore your cells and enhance your central nervous system to tackle the symptom.

So I got the reason why Sonus Complete was said to be an outstanding product in treating tinnitus – it provides users with a new approach to the symptom. Another thing that set it apart from other solutions was its formula. Sonus Complete is not a combination of synthetic ingredients. Instead, it consists of only herbs and plants that benefit your mental health. Therefore, there is no risk of any adverse health impact. 

All of these sounded convincing, especially after I did a bit of research and found out that the creator of this product was right: The root cause of tinnitus is not physical ear damage, it comes from our nervous system. It showed that a lot of research had gone through before the launching of Sonus Complete.

I almost decided to buy the product, but something inside told me not to rush. I wanted to make sure that the solution was effective before giving it to my friend. 

Therefore, I continued my research by taking a look at Gregory Peters, the sole creator of Sonus Complete supplement. 

Sonus Complete Review – Meet The Creator Of This Product. 

On the official website of Sonus Complete, the creator – Gregory Peters, introduced himself as a health researcher who had over 20 years of experience. Initially, Peters was a member of Mensa, the most well-known and largest high IQ society globally. “It is my passion to help people all over the world on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle and raise awareness on supporting their healthy hearing”, he wrote.

However, that was everything I could find about Gregory Peters. I tried to search for his social media pages or website, but there was nothing found. Many users also expressed their concern regarding the creator’s identity. While new customers hesitated to try out Sonus Complete due to the lack of information, those who already purchased expressed their desire to hear more health advice and news regarding future products from Peters. 

Honestly, I was a bit doubtful at first. Still, Sonus Complete received a fair amount of positive feedback on the internet, so I thought it would be better to let the quality of Peters’ product speak for him. Therefore, I finally decided to buy the product. 

Sonus Complete Ingredients. 

It took just a few days for me to receive my Sonus Complete supplement. The product comes in a bottle; each bottle contains 60 capsules. I find the design of the bottle fancy: It is a purple label tag simulating the galaxy. At first, I wasn’t happy with the fact that it was made of plastic, though, since it was not eco-friendly. 

The official website does not show the secret ingredients of this supplement, but we can find them on the label of the actual product. To give you the most comprehensive Sonus Complete review, I shall list them below: 

sonus complete review

Sonus Complete Ingredients

  • Green tea: This is a rich source of antioxidants. By adding green tea, the supplement will be useful in preventing stress and brain-aging. What’s more, it also works to improve your brain’s neural connections and overall working. 
  • Garlic: Sonus Complete contains a small amount of garlic. This ingredient lowers the risk of memory loss. People dealing with tinnitus will suffer from sleep deprivation; therefore, garlic is added to improve the quality of your sleep. 
  • Hibiscus and hawthorn berries: These ingredients are combined using a unique formula to actively support your neural system and improve your hearing. Another use of hawthorn berries is they can soothe your mind and decrease the chance of getting panic attacks. 
  • Olive leaves: According to the manufacturer, this ingredient is added into the supplement to strengthen your memory and prevent mental diseases. Tinnitus can cause confusion and lower your mood; therefore, olive leaves work to clear brain fog and improve your mood. 
  • Vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B16: They are useful in enhancing your cognitive functionality. Moreover, these vitamins work to sharpen your mental acuity. As they strengthen your brain connections, they will help you get rid of tinnitus. 

As you can see, the formula doesn’t include any preservatives or chemicals which can be harmful to your health. Since all the ingredients are 100% natural and consist of only herbs, even vegetarians are free to consume without any risk. Additionally, we can see on the label that Sonus Complete had gone through clinical trials and was approved by the FDA. 

Sonus Complete Review – How Should You Take It? 

The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules each day, with an 8 oz. glass of water. It would be best to take the supplement before the meal. “It is advisable to use the supplement for at least 30 – 60 days to get the best result, ”, they wrote. You should stick to the advised dosage and do not exceed it. 

Benefits Of Using Sonus Complete.

After collecting all the necessary information and instruction, I handed over the bottle of Sonus Complete to Elle, telling her to try it out. As it was a 100%-natural supplement, I expected the result to come slowly. By my guess, it would take at least a month before the result becomes visible. Thus, I was extremely shocked when Elle called to inform me that the supplement had shown its effect after a few days. 

After observing my friend’s progress, here are the benefits of Sonus Complete that I’ve concluded: 

  • It improves the quality of your sleep: Since Sonus Complete contains many ingredients that work to calm your mind, you will find it easier to fall asleep. Two days after using this supplement, Elle finally could sleep peacefully again after many months of suffering. “I even feel better when I wake up”, she said. Can you imagine how happy I was when she said that? 
  • The supplement uplifts your mood: Living with tinnitus means you are always stressed and anxious, but Sonus Complete can relieve your brain and save you from your mental burden. 
  • It improves your skin and hair: The supplement contains antioxidants. Therefore, the effect of it does not only limited to your mental health, but it is also visible on your appearance. As you get better sleep, your skin will get better as well. 
  • Most importantly, Sonus Complete helps you get rid of tinnitus permanently: It took Elle only 28 days to completely stop hearing the haunting sound in her ears. The ingredients work in a way that ensures to help you get rid of the symptom for good. 

Sonus Complete Review – Who Should Use It?

  • Anyone above 18 and is having trouble with tinnitus should try out this supplement. As mentioned above, Sonus Complete is 100% herbs and plants. Therefore, vegetarians can also use it. 
  • The product is especially useful for those who have tried many different methods, yet none of them work. Sonus Complete will bring a brand new approach to the symptom that is entirely different from anything you’ve tried before. If you don’t want to deal with adverse health risks incurred by conventional medicines, then the supplement is for you as well. 
  • If you are suffering from chronic tinnitus, just like my friend, this is the solution. 

Who Should Not Use Sonus Complete?

  • Please note that Sonus Complete is not for children under 18.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, kindly seek advice from your physician before using it or any other supplement. 
  • If the buzzing sound in your ears is recent, then you shouldn’t use Sonus Complete. When tinnitus comes with headaches and symptoms of flu, it is possible that you have meningitis. In that case, it is best to seek advice from doctors immediately. 

Sonus Complete Review – Pros And Cons Of The Product. 

Here are the pros of Sonus Complete I’ve found out:

  • 100% natural ingredients: Therefore, it is safe to consume and creates absolutely no side-effects. Most importantly, it is vegetarian-friendly.
  • The supplement’s quality is recognized: Sonus Complete has gone through many clinical trials and approved by the FDA. 
  • Though just being recently launched, the product already received much positive feedback, indicating how effective it is in treating tinnitus. 
  • You can see the result in a short time
  • Its help you get rid of tinnitus, but it also focuses on improving your mental health generally

However, the product will be much better if they can improve these points: 

  • The lack of information about the creator, Gregory Peters. I think he should reveal more about himself to clear new customers’ doubts.
  • Bottles of the product are not eco-friendly
  • The official website doesn’t list out the ingredients. You can still check them on the label, though.

“I Would Like To Purchase This Supplement.”

Unfortunately, Sonus Complete is not yet available on pharmacies or supermarkets. You can only get yours on the official website of the product. As per your budget and demand, you can choose between three options, making the price adaptive:

  • Basic Package – One bottle costs of $69. It is the package I initially purchase. 
  • Standard Package – Three bottles cost $59 each. 
  • Premium Package – Six bottles cost $49 each. 

sonus complete review

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Personally, I still regret choosing the basic package since you can save much more if you purchase the standard or premium package. Sometimes, discount and coupon codes will be available on the website, so check HERE to get the best price. 

Compared to other supplements, the price of Sonus Complete is reasonable. It worths even more because you will get rid of the symptom that even modern medicines can’t cure.  

The manufacturer of this product shows their confidence with Sonus Complete, as well as their understanding toward customers, by setting up a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the result, you can ask for a refund. Please note that you have to keep your order ID safe to apply for repayment. 

Right after you make the purchase, your order shall be automatically shipped. Check your email within 60 hours, and you will get your order’s tracking ID along with a link that allows you to check your package. The shipping price is completely FREE if you live in the US, and it will take 5 – 7 working days. If you live in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa or the UK, the shipping price is $15.95, and it will take 10 – 15 working days.

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Sonus Complete Customer Support. 

Should you have any problem regarding the product, you can contact the manufacturer at

Sonus Complete Review – Our Final Verdict. 

Briefly, Sonus Complete didn’t only help Elle to get rid of her tinnitus. It also relieved me from my regret for underestimating her condition as well. Though it is not a disease, the trouble tinnitus brings can destroy your healthy life and turn it into a mess. 

To end my Sonus Complete review, if you are dealing with this symptom, go ahead and get your supply right now. Sonus Complete will help you get rid of the buzzing sound inside your ears ultimately and give back the peace of your mind.

sonus complete review

Lastly, thank you so much for your time reading our Sonus Complete review. If you wish us to review any products, please do not hesitate to leave your comments below or email us.


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