The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review 2020 – Shelly Manning’s Newly Released Program.

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As a public health crisis, chronic kidney disease affects the lives of around 37 million people each year in the U.S. When you are diagnosed with this disease, your kidneys will slowly lose its ability to filter blood the way it should. As a result, wastes are stored in your body, causing even more severe health problems such as heart disease. 

What makes this disease terrifying, according to doctors, is that around 90% of patients don’t even know they have it. They only realize when the matter gets worse. And guess what? It’s a lifetime sentence.  Once you have chronic kidney disease, you will be living with it forever. All you can do is try your best to keep the condition as it is and pray that it doesn’t become worse over time … 

In short, you will spend the rest of your life with this illness, and watch your clock run down. 

That’s what I thought. I’ve never doubted that, until recently, when I saw an online program claimed to “cure chronic kidney disease permanently, without having to take any medicine or medical treatment”. 

Honestly, I almost skipped at first, as I thought it was nothing but nonsense. But somehow, I had a feeling that I should check it out. “Even if it is nonsense, let’s see what kind of nonsense they can make”, I thought. 

Today, Linkingo will share with you the most comprehensive review on The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution, so be prepared! 

Firstly, What Is The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution?

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution PDF.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is a program that claims to relieve you from chronic kidney disease with natural, simple methods. The program is 172-page long and comes in the form of a PDF file. As I processed to take a look at this product, I was surprised to find out that the publisher was The Blue Heron Health News, known as a trusted health publication. All of their articles and guides are very actionable and verified by experts. Therefore, perhaps Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is not what as I thought at first. 

But still, how can one possibly reverse the effect of chronic kidney disease? That question got stuck in my mind. As far as I know, there is no medical treatment for this condition. According to the official website, the reason why conventional medicine failed to treat this disease is that it didn’t work on the root cause of it. We all know that CKD is caused by the low-level, ongoing inflammation in our body. Still, we never questioned what caused that inflammation. 

“It is the result of a faulty immune system”, to answer this question, the author of the program wrote, “we trigger our immune system through our daily habits and diet. We instantly weaken it, and there comes the inflammation. It’s the culprit that overwhelms our bodies and creates damage throughout. It’s the thing we need to deal with if we want to treat CKD once and for all.”  

Review On The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution – About The Author. 

The creator behind this program is Shelly Manning. For loyal readers of The Blue Heron Health News, this is not a strange name. She has published many health programs before, such as The Beat Arthritis Strategy or The End Of Gout. Her works mostly focus on how to treat diseases using natural methods. All of them received pretty high ratings on Goodreads, with the average being 4.17/5. According to a reader, Manning has a clear and straightforward writing style. Instead of using fancy words, Shelly Manning will focus on making her programs as simple as possible. “I want my readers to feel like I’m right there instructing them so that they will know how to cure their diseases in the fastest way”, she wrote in one of her Books. 

Not much is known about her personal life, though. It is said that Shelly Mannings is an Internal Medicine Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the medical field. Still, I couldn’t find any proof for that on the internet. Perhaps Shelly Manning is just a pseudonym she used to protect her privacy. Many of Manning’s readers expect her to create a website or Youtube channel, though, as they find her works very useful and they’d love to hear more of her advice. 

Let’s Have A More Comprehensive Look.

After making the purchase, I immediately received the PDF file of The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review

This is download page of The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution’s official site

The design has never been a strong point of their works, but recently I feel like they are trying hard to improve it. The cover is pretty neat and professional, but still eye-catching: 

So, what will you find inside the book? Shelley Manning’s priority is always to present her works in the most logical way possible. Therefore, she structured Chronic Kidney Disease Solution into five chapters:

Chapter 1: The “What”, The “Who” & The “How” Of CKD. 

In the very first chapter, you will find a comprehensive discussion of exactly what CKD is, how it comes about, what doctors will do to diagnose it, and what they try to do to deal with it. Many people would skip this chapter, as it might be a bit too technical for those who are not trained in the medical field. However, after finishing this chapter, I’ve concluded that you should still read it. Chapter one described what the causes of CKD are thoughts to be in the conventional model of CKD. After going through this chapter, you will know why this disease is thought to be incurable, and why the method you are going to apply is confirmed to work. 

Chapter 2: “I Get By With A Little Help Of My Little Friends” 

Within chapter 2, Shelly Manning shows you that the conventionally acknowledged causes of CKD are actually tied to chronic inflammation and tissue damage. This leads to the discussion of the remarkable qualities of the gut microbiome and the way it can either contribute to the increasing of inflammation or decrease it, depending on every choice in your daily life. 

Chapter 3: Lifestyle Perspective For Healing CKD. 

In chapter three, you shall find the description of the powerful effect your lifestyle choices can have on your kidney health. After that, you will know the things that really help to treat this disease. From discussing things about diet, you will move on to other interesting topics like stress management, sleeping well, and exercise – what does exercise have to do here? That’s a good question! 

What I like the most about this chapter is in every point, Shelley Manning will provide you with practical examples. If you used to underestimate the power of a goodnight’s sleep, you could never do that again after reading this chapter. 

Chapter 4: The Tools To Take Us Home. 

Chapter four is where the author shares all the latest information about the power of the natural tools you can use to treat your CKD. By “natural tools”, Shelly Manning is referring to vitamins, supplements, foods, fruits, nuts, herbal preparations, and even exotic spices. All of them are safe, inexpensive, and very easy to get. Most importantly, they are all super effective in treating your CKD condition! 

Chapter 5: The Rainbow Renal Lifestyle Protocol To Reverse CKD. 

Chapter five is the combination of all the knowledge in the first four chapters. You will find here a practical three-stage treatment plan that tells you precisely what to do to heal. This treatment protocol includes everything – from foods to avoid, foods to eat, custom recommendations on supplements, exercise guidance, stress reduction strategies, a dietary skeleton, and more.

I’ve finished reading this program after three days, and in my The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution review, I have to highlight that it is written especially to be practical and readable. There is nothing too complicated for the average educated readers, even in the most technical chapter. The author of the program gives only the most essential points to have a good understanding of how to treat your CKD. Therefore, the best way to read this book is in order. Each chapter shall introduce something useful, and the latter chapters are built on concepts and information presented in earlier chapters. You can make use of the program to the fullest when you read it in order because it as a whole presents what Shelly Manning considers the best way to heal CKD, according to her lifetime research and experiment. If you don’t skip any chapter, you will not only be able to take all the advice, but you will also understand why this advice is going to work and heal your CKD. 

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review – How Does It Work?

According to the author, the program will help you treat your condition in three phases:

Firstly, The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution will help you protect your kidneys from external harms. Being diagnosed with this disease means that your kidneys are dealing with distressing conditions. That’s the reason why it can’t keep effectively working like it used to be. In this phase, the most important thing to do is balancing your blood glucose level by controlling your diet. 

Secondly, the program will help restore your kidneys’ function. It shows you how to oppress the insulin to keep a stable blood sugar level. In this phase, you will learn how to change your sleeping log to reduce your stress level.

Lastly, you have to repair and renew your kidneys’ tissue. It is the final step in which blood sugar will be naturally stabilized. What you need to do is keep your hazardous blood pressure regularized, and CKD will fade away permanently.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review

What Does The Program Give You?

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution’s primary goal is to help you cure CKD, of course. However, as I go through each chapter of this program, I feel like it can bring you even more than that: 

  • It acts as an encyclopedia about chronic kidney disease. You will find every necessary information about it here, from the causes of it to the earliest symptoms. Did I mention that many people didn’t know they were diagnosed before CKD got severe? With this basic knowledge, you can either cure or prevent it from harming your body. 
  • Shelly Manning states that to heal CKD, you shall have to work on both your diet and sleeping log. Along the way of curing the disease, you will have the chance to transform your lifestyle and adopt a healthier one.
  • Just in case you don’t know, stress is also a significant factor that leads to CKD. In this program, you shall find the most effective way to manage your thoughts and relieve stress. 

Who Should Use It?

This program is created especially for those who: 

  • Are struggling with chronic kidney disease. 
  • Tried many different methods to cure it, but none worked. 
  • Don’t want to suffer from conventional medicines’ side-effects.
  • Open-minded and are willing to try out new approaches. 

Why is that? So far, there aren’t any conventional methods to cure CKD. Of course, you can use medicines to manage your state and prevent your condition from getting worse, but at the same time, your body will suffer from side-effects. The Chronic Kidney Disease is the first program that suggests curing CKD using natural methods. All you have to do is making small changes to your lifestyle and diet. 

And Who Should Not?

If you have never heard about naturopathy before, I suggest you do a bit of research before purchasing the program. As mentioned above, Shelly Manning is considered the first person to recommend healing CKD using this method. It might seem like a new concept to some of you, so it is best to check it out and see if naturopathy is suitable for yourself. Also, you should have an open mind. There is no point in purchasing the program when you are still skeptical about it. 

CKD is truly one of the most challenging conditions to heal completely. It requires persistence and a lot of effort to get the best result. If you can’t follow the guide strictly, this program is not suitable for you. 

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Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution. 

Below, I will list out all the advantages of this program: 

Trusted publisher: The Blue Heron Health News. Millions of people around the world widely appreciate the works by this publisher for their effects on healing different diseases naturally. 

Contain a wide range of information: It is not easy to find a program that can provide such a comprehensive look at CKD and how to cure it. All the knowledge in this The Chronic Kidney Disease is the result of many years researching and experimenting – you won’t find them anywhere outside of this program. 

It is easy to follow: Shelly Manning breaks down the methods to cure CKD into small steps. Therefore, it is effortless to follow and incorporate well. Even if you are not good at health and medicine, you will also have no difficulty in understanding the method and putting them into practice. 

The method is 100% natural and risk-free: Instead of side effects, you will have the chance to improve both your mental health and physical health if you follow this program. 

Still, the program is not flawless:

You have to read through the program, from the first chapter until the end, to understand the concept and get the best result fully. 

It requires your patience and dedication to achieve the best result. 

There is no bonus to come. You shall only receive the main program. 

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The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review – Price & Purchase Policy. 

The price of The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution program is $49. It is the average price of all the ebooks published by The Blue Heron News. Is it expensive? No, if you ask me. Let’s think about it for a second. You will get access to the exclusive knowledge about CKD that you can find nowhere other than in this program. You are going to find out the secret to cure your CKD condition once and for all… the thing even the best doctor can’t do yet. Most importantly, you won’t have to spend the rest of your life with this disease anymore. The chance of leading a joyful, healthy living is in your hand.

If you are thinking about repeated cost, then I can assure you there won’t be anything like that. The price for The Chronic Kidney Disease is a one-time charge. Once you make your purchase, you will get unlimited access and can download as many copies as you want. Moreover, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Well, you lose nothing literally in this deal! 

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution ReviewThe Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review: Conclusion. 

While conventional medicine struggling to find a way to heal chronic kidney disease, this can get you through it just by changing your habits and improving your lifestyle. Not only does it protect your kidneys, but it also provides methods to address your gut health issues and improve your gut in general. 

As it comes in lifetime access, you can keep yourself and your family safe from chronic kidney disease. What’s even more appealing? There is a 60-day money-back guarantee! For those reasons, we rate this product a 9 out of 10. This deal can help you get back the life you’d love to live once again, so why don’t try and grab a copy right now? It might be your light at the end of the tunnel. 


Q: Is there a physical version of this program available? 

A: Yes. You can request to have the physical version shipped to your house after purchasing the digital version. It will only cost you an extra $7.98. 

Q: Is there any side-effects?

A: Many people have tried The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution. So far, there is no side-effect reported. The program doesn’t require you to take any medicine or chemical product.

It comes to an end of my review on The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution. Thank you so much for your time reading. See you in my next posts.


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