The Parkinson's Protocol Review

The Parkinson’s Protocol Review: Does Jodi Knapp’s Program Work?

Welcome to Linkingo Blog. Today, I am going to share with you my honest review on The Parkinson’s Protocol, a newly released program by Jodi Knapp. 

I spent most of my childhood with my grandmother. Even until now, I could still imagine her standing in our kitchen and baking cakes as if it was just yesterday. My grandmother, the greatest woman in my life, was a lovely woman who loved to cook and took joy in gardening … until she was diagnosed with Parkinson.

When I was a child, I had no idea what was happening. I thought after a few days, my grandmother’s hands would stop shaking, and she could, again, cook delicious dishes for us like she used to do. I thought the disease would come and go in a few days, just like a cold, and then my grandmother could soon play with me in her garden. Little did I know that Parkinson would suck out every bit of my grandmother’s energy until the day she passed away. It was incurable. 

That’s the reason why, as I grew up, I paid particular attention to Parkinson’s. Whenever I had some free time, I would read all the articles and researches I could find about it on the internet. To my disappointment, there still didn’t seem to be any medical cure to the disease yet. According to the statistics from Parkinson’s Foundation, nearly one million people have Parkinson’s disease in the U.S. in 2020, just as my grandmother did – and that number broke my heart. Perhaps it would happen to my parents, my siblings, or even myself as well. 

So you can guess how shocked I was when my co-worker mentioned The Parkinson’s Protocol program. It was said to introduce natural methods to reverse its effect on your body. 

Didn’t waste a second, I started to check it out immediately. Today, I will bring you the most comprehensive The Parkinson’s Protocol review.

The Parkinson’s Protocol Review – What Is It About? 

I decided to purchase the real Parkinson’s Protocol program and test it out.

The Parkinson's Protocol Review

The Parkinson’s Protocol Download Page

Still, before doing that, I first checked its official website carefully to get an overview of the product. According to the site, The Parkinson’s Protocol is a 73-page online program that shows you natural ways to shorten the symptoms of this disease and slow down its progression on your body. The Parkinson's Protocol Review“Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative brain illness. The root cause of it is the loss of nerve cells in a part of our brain.” – the author wrote – “As we age, our nerve cells die off more and more in the substantia nigra. As the cells are gone, less dopamine is created, and the loss of dopamine leads to the loss of body control. That explains why Parkinson’s is hard to cure – it is a part of our aging progress. However, that doesn’t mean it is incurable. Instead of giving up on it totally , you can still control your body condition. As long as you go the right way, you can still make your brain create more cells and tackle the problem effectively.” 

It, to me, is a brand new idea. Everything I’ve read about Parkinson’s disease that only mentioned the loss of dopamine and tried to solve this problem alone. It is the first time someone tries to deal with the cell loss, and thus I was a bit skeptical about the program itself. Therefore, I did a bit of research and found out that this point is valid, yet modern medicine has not yet to address this root cause. Instead, they try to deal with its consequence, which is the lack of dopamine. It is perhaps the reason that pills show little to no effect in treating Parkinson’s, and patients’ condition keeps getting worse and worse.

Still, wanting to make sure that The Parkinson’s Protocol is trustable one more time before purchasing and introducing it to my readers, I checked out the author of this program. Surprisingly, she was a familiar face …

Get To Know The Person Behind This Program. 

The author of The Parkinson’s Protocol is Jodi Knapp. If you are interested in naturopathy, you probably have heard of this name. Knapp was widely known as a famous naturopath and health researcher whose contribution to this field is highly appreciated. She owns a clinic in Melbourne and has published several eBooks about how to cure certain diseases such as the hypothyroidism solution using 100% natural methods. 

All of her works share one trait: They are carefully researched, and contain a large amount of information, but come with very reasonable prices. All of them received high ratings on Goodreads, indicating how useful they are in treating diseases. 

The Parkinson’s Protocol Review – A Closer Look. 

I’ve tried some of The Blue Heron Health News’ programs; and to tell the truth, I wasn’t impressed with their design. They always try to keep the design as minimal and professional as possible for their readers to follow easily. This time, however, I feel that they are trying to give The Parkinson’s Protocol program a more appealing look. Here is the cover, it is pretty eye-catching with bright colors, and The Blue Heron Health News logo on the bottom left: 

Aside from the cover, everything inside is still simple and straightforward. Let’s take a look at the table of contents: The Parkinson's Protocol Review

The Parkinson's Protocol Review

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As you can see, The program consists of four main parts: 

 Part 1: Deep-dive Into Parkinson’s.

“You cannot cure a disease if you don’t understand it”, that’s Jodi Knapp’s motto. Therefore, in the very first part, she explains everything about Parkinson’s disease for her readers, in the simplest way possible. You will discover what’s happening in your brain when you are with Parkinson’s and all of its symptoms. Did you know that Parkinson’s’ is divided into five stages? Knapp will walk you through each of it, so you know when is the best time to start working on your brain. Lastly, in part 1, she explains the root causes of Parkinson’s, from those inside your body to environmental reasons. 

After reading part 1, you will have a good look at the disease and the scientific theory behind how this program works to cure it. 

Part 2: Parkinson’s Treatment – Traditional Solution And Alternative Approaches. 

In this part, Jodi Knapp analyzes current medical options for treating Parkinson’s, such as Dopamine Precursors and Dopamine Antagonists. After taking a close look at each, she tells you the pros and cons of each method, and why you have been applying them for a long time, yet your condition can hardly improve. Finally, Knapp introduces you to Parkinson’s natural “quick fixes”. Here, you will know the scientific evidence of the whole program, and why you should use it to treat your condition. 

Part 3: 2 Steps To Delay Parkinson’s: Detoxing And Dopamine.

If you want to stop Parkinson’s disease progressing rapidly, there are two core things you will need to pay close attention to, detoxing and dopamine. Detoxing helps your body to eliminate toxic chemicals that affect your brain cells and regain its healthy balance. But what is the right way to detox? The answer lies here.

The Parkinson's Protocol Review

Dopamine is essential for motor and non-motor skills. As mentioned above, when your brain cells die off, the substantia viagra produces less dopamine. It affects the control of your movement. The good news is it is not the only part of your body to create this chemistry, but also the ventral tegmental and the hypothalamus. This part shall introduce you to certain foods and supplements that support your body’s production of dopamine. It will help you keep your levels topped up and your body under control. 

Part 3, in my opinion, is the most important of the whole program.

Part 4: 12 Daily Habits To Delay Parkinson’s. 

After going through 3 chapters, you shall see many factors that affect the development of Parkinson’s, such as environmental pollutants, the Western diet, lack of exercise, and so on. To improve your condition, you have to address them all. The program shall reveal 12 simple habits you can do every day to reverse the disease’s symptoms. If you do them long enough, you might even be able to cure it for good. 

Besides the main parts, there are also eight appendixes for you to treat your Parkinson’s effectively. They are: 

1: 13 Brain-Loving Recipes. 

2: Tips To Detox From Dietary And Environmental Toxins. 

3: Powerful Antioxidants And Where To Find Them. 

4: Dopamine-Boosting Nutrients And Where To Find Them.

5: List Of Healthy Alternatives To Sugar And Refined Carbs. 

6: List Of Healthiest Fat. 

7: Simple Exercises To Increase Strength & Flexibility. 

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The Parkinson’s Protocol Review – How Does It Work? 

According to Jodi Knapp, The Parkinson’s Protocol works in three steps: 

  • In the beginning, the program captures the degeneration of your brain cells, which happens in the substantia nigra. It is the underlying cause of the disease. Knapp explains that there are several factors involved in the death of your brain cells, such as environmental toxins or your diet. Therefore, she provides you step-by-step instructions to make changes to your daily life and eliminate these harmful factors. With the guide, you shall be able to slow down the degeneration and improve your brain. 
  • After the first phase, The Parkinson’s Protocol will then address the dopamine level. You can raise it by consuming certain ingredients and doing some exercises. Knapp will give you a comprehensive list to add to your daily menu, and short exercises to increase your dopamine level and regain control of your body. There is no worry because the program will not force you to go on a strict diet or gruesome exercise. You only need to add a few ingredients to your meal and spend a few minutes a day to do them. 
  • Lastly, the program processes to tackle the condition’s effect. You shall learn some of the good habits that will help reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s or to make sure they do not come in the first place. 

So as you can see, The Parkinson’s Protocol works to eliminate the disease from the root cause of it, using a 100% natural method. That’s why it is useful and has no side-effect. There is no additional medicine or supplement involved. 

What Will You Get After Using The Program?

It took me about two days to finish reading The Parkinson’s Protocol. It could have been faster if I wasn’t busy with work since the program is not that long. Despite containing a wide range of theoretical and practical information, it is very apparent and straightforward. After finishing it, here are some of the things I learned from the program that I wanted to share with you guys in my The Parkinson’s Protocol review:

  • Firstly, you will acquire all the necessary knowledge about this disease and the risk factor behind the development of Parkinson’s. Many people are still underestimating this disease. They are not aware of the fact that it can take away your loved ones or even yourself anytime if you don’t do something. After reading The Parkinson’s Protocol, you will understand the root causes of it. It will help you to cure or prevent the disease. 
  • Secondly, it gives you the strategies to improve the symptoms of early-onset Parkinson’s. Even if you have been diagnosed for a while, you can still reverse Parkinson’s effect using 100% natural methods.
  • The author states that to treat Parkinson’s, you need to change your internal habits (thoughts) and external habits (lifestyle, diet, etc.). Along the way of reversing the disease, you will be heading toward a healthier lifestyle. 
  • You will learn the 12 scientifically proved, evidence-based strategies to support your brain and strengthen your memories. 

The Parkinson’s Protocol Review – Who Should Use It?

So far, there isn’t any medical method to cure Parkinson’s once and for all. Doctors might give you medicines to slightly reduce the symptoms, but their effect will be gone quickly. Moreover, well-educated doctors will warn you about the horrible side-effects. 

However, The Parkinson’s Protocol program will give you another choice. Based 100% on naturopathy, it reverses the effect of this disease, without causing any harm to your body. Therefore, the program is for those who:

  • Are fighting against Parkinson’s.
  • Try to reduce the symptoms with medicines yet hardly see any improvement. 
  • Don’t want to suffer from traditional medicines’ side-effects. 
  • Have an open mind and are willing to try out new approaches. 

If you have a friend or family member who is suffering from Parkinson’s, I suggest getting them this program. It is also suitable for those who wish to learn more about this disease and prevent them in the future. 

And Who Should Not?

Provided that you are not into naturopathy or still skeptical about the effect of this method, you should consider carefully before purchasing The Parkinson’s Protocol. 

This program can slow down or even help you get rid of Parkinson’s symptoms. However, to achieve the best result, you have to be persistent and follow it carefully. To cure this disease, you have to make changes to both your living environment, diet, and lifestyle. If you can’t do that, it will be a waste to purchase The Parkinson’s Protocol. 

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using The Parkinson’s Protocol.

To sum up my The Parkinson’s Protocol, here are the advantages of the program I’ve concluded after trying:

  • Written by a trusted author: When you heard the name Jodi Knapp, you already know that she is not a random scammer. Knapp is a famous health expert whose works have been tried and tested by people from all over the world. You don’t have to worry about the quality of this program. 
  • It contains a wide range of information: The author spent years researching to find the best way to treat the disease. You will have the most comprehensive look at Parkinson’s and how to cure it, which you can hardly find anywhere outside of this program. The information is exclusive. 
  • It is 100% natural and risk-free: You won’t have to worry about any side-effect. The methods in Parkinson’s Protocol can even help to improve your brain and health in general. 
  • The program is evident and apparent. Anyone can follow through and work to improve their condition with comprehensive explanations. 

However, The Parkinson’s Protocol still has some cons I have to list out:

  • Part 1 and 2 of the program can be a bit too technical. If you are not into medical knowledge, you can skip to part 3 and 4 for practical methods. 
  • There is no bonus to come with the main program. 
  • You shall have to be extremely patient to get the best result. 

The Parkinson’s Protocol Review – Price & Purchase Policy.

Just like any online program, you can only purchase it on the official website HERE

The Parkinson’s Protocol comes at the price of $49. At first, it might seem like a high price, especially when there is no bonus. However, let’s consider this: So far, there is no medical cure for Parkinson’s. You are going to get access to a miracle that even modern medicine cannot create. You will reverse the effect of Parkinson’s and lead a healthy, energetic, and happy life, no matter which stage you are in … with just $49. 

I must say that it is a bargain. Moreover, the author offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means that if you are not happy with the program within 60 days, you can request to have ALL of your money back. It means you have nothing to lose in this deal. 

Right after purchasing, you can get immediate access to The Parkinson’s Protocol. You can download it to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and start reversing this disease’s effect today.

The Parkinson's Protocol Review

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Final Verdict. 

To end our The Parkinson’s Protocol review, we highly recommend this product. The program focuses on natural and straightforward things you can do to stop Parkinson’s from ruining your brain and body. Therefore, it is a great choice to take back control of yourself and head to a healthy, joyful lifestyle. 

Like having your doctor, the program will guide you step-by-step to slowly get rid of harmful factors that are killing off your brain cells. You only have to complete simple exercises and make small changes to your lifestyle. Most importantly, you get to try it out within 60 days.

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Q: Is there REALLY no side-effect at all?

A: No. As mentioned above, the program does not involve any medicine, supplement, or chemical product of any kind. It only shows how to make changes to your diet and daily lifestyle to prevent the loss of brain cells and increase your dopamine level naturally. So far, there is absolutely no side-effect reported from customers. 

Q: Can I get a physical version of The Parkinson’s Protocol?

A: Yes. After buying the digital version of this program, you can request to have the physical version shipped to your house. You only have to pay an extra $5.10 for the cost of the printing.

Lastly, thank you very much for your time reading my review on The Parkinson’s Protocol. If you find my review useful, please like and share it. See you soon in my next posts.


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