the obsession method review

The Obsession Method Review: Can Turn Her On Without Saying A Word?

Before getting to the Obsession Method review, I would like to ask men out here a few questions. 

Would you like to win the heart of the woman you desire? 

Moreover, would you like to make her go crazy for you, even more than you crave her? 

No man can say “no” to these questions, I bet. That’s the reason why when The Obsession Method was released, Linkingo received many requests to check it out. The program claimed to turn any guy into an attractive Adonis who can get all the women he wants, burning with uncontrollable lust and desire. 

Sounds very fascinating, doesn’t it? However, as a product reviewer, I immediately become skeptical when I see a description that seems too good to be true. 

Hence, today, I’m on the journey to find out the truth about The Obsession Method. Read until the end and see if this program is worth your money or not! 

Firstly, What Is The Obsession Method?

the obsession method review

The Obsession Method PDF

Have you ever seen a guy with countless hot girls surrounding him and wondered how he did that? Well, The Obsession Method claims to show its users exactly how to do the same thing. The official website introduces it as an online program that contains psychological techniques, tips, tricks, and mind hacks that allow users to tap into every woman’s instinct and make the girls they want hopelessly desire them.

The Obsession Method contains four parts. Not only does it include step-by-step methods to approach women, but also the science behind those methods and practical exercises. We will dive deep into this in a moment. The program also provides videos as a companion to the main eBook, making it easier for users to follow. 

Is it possible to have a specific psychological theory that can attract ANY girls, though?. Having checked out a large number of dating and relationship programs, I do know that it is possible. However, only when the author has a firm foundation about psychology in general and is fully aware of how the female brain works. That’s why I decided to look beyond the official page of The Obsession Method and research the one behind this program. 

The Obsession Method Review – About The Creator. 

The Obsession Method is the brainchild of Kate Spring. It should be a plus point that a female author wrote this program about female psychology: She understood women and what they desired from men since she was one of them. 

However, the moment I saw Kate’s photo, my doubt was pushed even further. She looked so young, I mean, this chick is probably not even 30! How could she be an expert in psychology? Quickly, though, I realized she was more than how she looked. Kate Spring is a famous men’s attraction and dating coach from Vancouver, Canada. After graduating from the University of Victoria and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she immediately started to help people achieve their relationship goals and build joyful love lives.  According to Kate, she believes that any man can be “irresistible” to women, and she worked to transform even the clumsiest man into a woman magnet. 

How did I know all of this? It is because, unlike other creators of online relationship programs, Kate Spring is not hesitant to reveal herself on the internet. She owns a blog where she openly shares dating tips and offers online one-on-one coaching sessions and a Youtube channel with more than 150.000 subscribers. Many followers appreciate her advice in the comment section, saying the tips she provides were smart and practical: 

the obsession method review

Kate is also active in communicating with her fans, as she often replies to comments and answers questions they might have: 

the obsession method review

With all of these, it is safe to say that Kate Spring is a trusted author, not a scammer. Now we only have to see whether The Obsession Method is up to her fans’ expectations or not. 

How Does This Program Work?

Many guys out there assume that women only go for rich, handsome, and charming guys. Hence, they give up even before trying to get the girl they desire.

However, The Obsession Method goes against that. The central hypothesis of the program is “a woman will fall for the men who can get them ‘turned on’ and attracted, not those who might make the most logical sense for them to be with”. From here, Kate reveals how to capture women step-by-step. Though the description sounds too mysterious and exaggerated, in the end, it all just comes down to reveal a woman’s psychology and apply that knowledge to your advantage. 

The core idea of the program goes beyond the stereotype about women, and many might not be familiar with this. However, I find this statement reasonable. Scientists have proven that while men have the logic of reason, women possess a sense of emotion. Therefore, while men always believe that a handsome and successful man should be easier to attract any woman since he has every means to be attractive, in fact, women will crave any guy who manages to draw her attention. It explains why Kate Spring believes that all the men in this world can be charming, regardless of your background or appearance.

The Obsession Method Review – Let’s Take A Closer Look. 

As mentioned above, The Obsession Method consists of four main parts. Below is the table of contents: 

So you can see, the program is divided into four steps, so you can apply it to any girl, from those you just meet to the ones you have been knowing for a long time. Let me give you a brief introduction to each part. 


Just like the title states, part one shows you how to approach a girl you find alluring. It consists of 2 chapters. In the first chapter, you will learn the basic principles when you meet a girl. It provides you with instant attraction factors that help you capture her heart right at the first sign, the right expectation you should set, and the expectation women often have in might when they first see you. 

If you have never approached a girl before, the second chapter is for you. Here, you will learn how to clear your anxiety. Kate Spring points out that there is nothing to fear because even if you get rejected, it is not the world’s end. After showing you the most secure way to deal with rejection, Kate lists out different ways to get close to a girl so that you can apply them according to the situation.


Part 2 consists of 3 chapters. Scientists have proven that the quickest way to build a woman’s trust is to show her you are listening. Therefore, chapter 3 focuses on how to maintain the conversation to make her attracted to you. You shall learn the tips to become a better listener and subliminal body signs that show you are listening. If you are struggling with how to ask for a girl’s phone number, don’t worry, chapter 4 shall help you with that. At the end of part 2, chapter 5 lists out all the attraction factors that make a woman think about you all day long, and how to “play it cool” so she will have to be the one who chases you instead. 


There are 2 chapters in part 3. Chapter 6 of the program is my most favorite. It shows you how to plant sexual thoughts into a woman’s mind without her even realizing it. I like it because this is where most men go wrong. Most of the time, guys are too afraid to get a bit sexual, or they are way too direct to the point that it becomes rude. With the subtle hints in chapter 6, you will pop up in her mind anytime, anywhere during the day, which immediately makes her burn with passion.

the obsession method review

Chapter 7 tells you about what you should do during a date and afterward. Kate Spring has the answer to the question “Who should pay for the date?”, which is the confusion of many men. She explains that it should depend on the situation. You shall also know the right time to sleep with a girl. Timing can decide whether she can be your long-term partner or friend with benefits. 


Part 4 is specifically for the girl you want to spend your life with. Communication is the key when you want to build a lasting relationship with her, and you will learn about it here. In this part, you shall know the “language of love” so you can always make your woman feel loved and treasured. With this, you will undoubtedly be the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. 

After going through The Obsession Method, I’m satisfied with how the program is presented. Each part is for a specific stage in the process, so it doesn’t matter what the current status of you and the girl you like is, you shall find the solution here. Moreover, at the end of a chapter, you will find small exercises to further highlight the point, making the ideas understandable for readers. 

The Obsession Method also comes with 28 videos containing tips and tricks to attract women. I haven’t got the time to check out all of them, but from what I see, Kate chooses a smart way to talk directly to her users, making it feels as if you are having a friendly conversation with her. In my opinion, the experience of using The Obsession Method becomes much more comfortable thanks to this. 

The Obsession Method Review – Benefits It Claims To Bring. 

Below are the benefits The Obsession Method offers: 

  • By using the techniques in The Obsession Method, you will be able to boost your confidence. For every woman in the world, the confident man is the most attractive one! 
  • Users shall learn how to make any girl interested in you right at the moment you meet her. 
  • It keeps the risk of being rejected by the girl you like at the lowest. 
  • The system will make your girl obsess over you for as long as you want. You don’t have to be the one who chases after a girl anymore because she will do that instead. 
  • You shall be able to turn any girl on and make her want you. 
  • In case you already have a girlfriend, the system will make her committed to you and dream about marrying you. 

The Obsession Method Review – Who Should Use The Program? 

  • According to the author, The Obsession Method is most useful for shy and awkward guys who never dare to approach before. 
  • It will also be a big help for those who often get turned down by girls. 
  • It doesn’t matter whether you already have a girl of your dreams or just want to enjoy the admiration of women around; The Obsession Method shall help you achieve that. 
  • In my opinion, the program is also useful for those with girlfriends. It helps boost her affection toward you, making the bond between you two stronger. 

Who Shouldn’t Use It?

  • Unfortunately, the program does not mention how to get back with an ex. Therefore, if you want to mend things between you and your ex, The Obsession Method is not for you.

The Obsession Method Review – Pros & Cons. 

Below are the things I want to compliment The Obsession Method:

  • A trusted author created it. 
  • It is based on proven psychology. 
  • The program applies to a wide range of readers. It doesn’t matter if you never have a girlfriend or are already in a relationship; you can use The Obsession Method. 
  • It contains small steps that are very easy to follow. 
  • There are plenty of examples to help you understand the technique along the way. 

However, there is still a flaw:

  • It takes time for you to get used to it: Small details like looking at her lips for 2 seconds might seem awkward to you, but once you give it a shot and witness the result, you will see that it is not a joke. 

The Obsession Method Review – Customers’ Feedback. 

The program receives many positive reviews from customers. On some community review sites, The Obsession Method received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 for being effective at a reasonable price and helpful customer support. Judging from how Kate Spring always tries to answer all of the questions she receives on her Youtube channel, I think she deserves a 5-star rating for support: 

the obsession method review

Source: Datingskillmaster

However, a site raises a question regarding the ethics of this program. After all, on the official website, Kate Spring mentioned that it could even make someone else’s girlfriend desire you: 

the obsession method review

Source: Waytoosocial

Personally, the main aim of The Obsession Method is to boost your confidence so that you can approach more women in real life. It intends to give more chances to shy and awkward guys who often struggle with approaching girls. That’s what makes the program ethical. Whether the users apply the methods to have a healthy, long-term relationship or not depends on their choices, so it is not fair to say that the program goes against morals. 

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with the program, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and let us know! Linkingo appreciates all the opinions and will use them to complete our The Obsession Method review further. 

Is The Program Affordable? Any Bonus?

So far, The Obsession Method is only available on the official website. It comes at $69.95 after discount from the regular price of $329. After unhappy experiences with girls, many guys come to relationship counselors to address their problems and find out a solution. While this might be the light at the end of the tunnel, the price for a counseling session might vary from $70 to $90, which is not affordable for everyone. Compared to this, The Obsession Method offers you a precious opportunity. You get to understand everything about female psychology, to know what girls want and what they desire in a relationship. You get a full course of how to make every woman go crazy for you with just a one-time price of $69.95, and you can make use of it for a lifetime! What can be better than this? 

Imagining all the hot girls surrounding you, hoping you would lay your eyes on them, and the jealousy of the guys who wish to be like you, I think you get much more than the price of The Obsession Method.

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To make the deal even better, you shall receive 3 bonuses that further extend your experience with The Obsession Method.

1. Make Her Approach You.

Are you tired of being the guy who always runs after girls? This bonus is for you. In this bonus, you will learn how to make her desire you from afar, to the point that she will have to take the guard down and make the first move!

2. Sexual Worship. 

The second bonus is based on chapter 3 “Seduce”. It shows you advanced tips on planting sexual thoughts into a girl’s mind, making her crave for you all day long.

3. Text Module.

In modern days, texting has become a crucial part of dating. As a man, you might ignore how you text the girl you like, but this bonus will show you that a small text can transform the way she thinks of you forever.

Furthermore, The Obsession Method offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means if you are not happy with how confident and attractive you become after 2 months, you can contact Kate Spring and ask for a full refund. This policy makes the deal risk-free. 

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The Obsession Method Review – Worth Trying Or Not?

Though it is not yet perfect, The Obsession Method is a few relationship programs I find interesting. It completely strays from the norm and does not contain boring advice such as “you need to be friendly and helpful”. Instead, the program is very dynamic with practical methods and examples that will really help you win the heart of the girl you like. 

No matter who you are, you deserve to be loved and happy. Just go ahead and give it a shot! You have the 60-day money-back guarantee, so what are you afraid of?

the obsession method review

the obsession method review


My Gift To You. 

In case you are still not yet ready or in doubt, we have a gift for you. It is “The Female Mind Control Handbook”, a mini eBook by Kate Spring. You can download it HERE.

the obsession method review

The book will give you some tips and tricks to understand female psychology, and how to utilize this knowledge to make any girl go crazy over you. By checking out this free eBook, you will have a firm idea of what you will learn in The Obsession Method!


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