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Ultimate Small Shop Review [UPDATE]: Why People Called It A Scam?

Many people have the dream of opening a workshop. However, not all of them know ways to set up and choose the right tools for their shop. Due to this, some readers have requested us to do a review on The Ultimate Small Shop.

There are plenty of mistakes people can make in the process of building a workshop. One of the most common is buying the wrong tools. Either they spend too much money on unnecessary tools or pay too little to get the desired ones with good quality. Another is assuming that they must have a large space for the shop. They then spend more time trying to widen whatever space they have, rather than focusing on the shop. The Ultimate Small Shop program claims to solve those mistakes by teaching the way to build a complete shop on a budget.

This program promises to help you utilize the small space you have and still have a complete workshop. It also claims to guide you on how to buy tools without wasting money on low-quality ones. However, whether it really can do what it claims shall remain to be seen in the rest of this review.

What Is “The Ultimate Small Shop”?

The Ultimate Small Shop is a 246-page digital book that guides you on how to create a workshop. Specifically, a small workshop on a lack of space and a budget.

ultimate small shop review

How To Set Up A Complete Shop On A Budget PDF

In this program, you will learn how to choose the best tools for your shop. It shows you the best tools within your budget and where to buy them with the best possible price. And then it teaches you how to design your shop in whatever space you have, so your layout can fit nicely within the area. Besides, there are tips to maintain the workshop after building it, such as tips on electricity and lighting. It also gives you safety advice to prevent fire in the shop as well.

The Ultimate Small Shop Review – Benefits:

The Ultimate Small Shop program makes sure that you can build a workshop with the best tools, regardless of space and budget. Because of this, it promises to benefit you in these ways:

  • Let you know what tools to buy and where to buy them with the best price: The program shows the importance of choosing the right tools. It is wasteful to either buy tools that end up being unnecessary or bad-quality tools that need fixing all time. This program promises to help you save time and money by giving instructions to buy the tools you need for a reasonable price.
  • You can build a complete workshop on a small space: The Ultimate Small Shop notes that area is the main problem for many who want to open a workshop. However, it assures you that it isn’t and shouldn’t be a problem. There will be instructions to plan the layouts suitable for the space you have, regardless of its modest size.
  • Help you set up a workshop with a small budget: It is noted that money is also an obstacle to achieving your desired workshop. But this program already set the maximum cost for you: if you follow its advice, it should cost you $1,000 at most.
  • Help maintain your shop in the best conditions: Simply finishing with building your shop isn’t enough; you also need to maintain it. The Ultimate Small Shop offers advice sustaining the shop by setting up a good lighting and electrical system, keeping the air clean of dust, ensuring safety in the shop, etc.

The Ultimate Small Shop Review – Who Is The Author?

According to the official website, Ralph Chapman is The Ultimate Small Shop’s author. He has been interested in woodworking for more than 25 years. Despite having owned a large shop, financial trouble in 2008 forced Ralph Chapman to move to a smaller house and lose said large shop. Not giving up, he tried many ways to utilize the small space he had, and eventually came up with this book.

However, when I did extensive research on the author, I couldn’t find any of his information on the internet. He doesn’t even have a social media account. The most surprising thing is, after a while of research, I found his true identity. It turned out that he wasn’t Ralph Chapman, but a hired actor who specialized in being a spokesperson. His real name is MJ Wolfe.

ultimate small shop review

(Source: Fiverr)

Therefore, we can see that it’s not right for the man in the video to claim that he’s Ralph Chapman. I wonder if the actual author behind this program wasn’t proficient in technology or making presentations, so other people helped him market this program and hire someone to present? We will not ignore this possibility, as many people with particular skills and talents can’t commercialize their products. Or sometimes, they don’t want to appear in public to protect their privacy. However, no matter what the reasons are, this information should be clear to avoid misunderstandings. It is also why some websites and readers called this program a scam.

I am still willing to give the program a chance to see if it genuinely works. However, I must say that the issue with the author is not something I can gloss over.

The Ultimate Small Shop Review – What Is Inside The Book?

This book’s 246 pages are divided into six main modules:

Module #1: Tools Selection

This section shows you what tools you exactly need so you won’t buy any that ends up unused. It also tells you the difference between woodworking with hand tools vs. power tools. You will know which tools work better for a particular project you are handling. And to make it more convenient, there are two hand-tool shopping lists for either a $500 or $1000 budget. These lists include direct links to buy the tools at the best price. Other information such as a 5-second trick to keep your tools and machinery in good condition, and the source for purchasing tools at massive discounts.

Module #2: Space Selection

ultimate small shop review

This section covers the ideas and layouts for all sizes of workshops. It helps you consider the strategies to set up a workshop in your garage, basement, attics, home spaces, etc. You will discover that there are ways to fit your workshop into whatever space available. And if you have limited space, you may learn how to divide it into different areas in the house.

However, that doesn’t mean you can pick a space carelessly. This part also advises you against choosing a particular first choice for setting up a workshop, which actually causes more problems in the long run. Another is that you shouldn’t select this spacious space in the house, which would be the worst possible workshop area.

Module #3: Shop Layouts

ultimate small shop review

After choosing a suitable place, this section proceeds to teach you how to design your workshop to fit in that place nicely. It’s important to note that this part won’t risk sacrificing the vital tools and machines despite the modest space.

The illustration above is an example of a complete small workshop design in a small space. Even with the limited space option, there are enough necessary tools and room to move in. And there will be more layout options for different areas.

Additionally, you will learn “the doorway trick” to make a small space look like a larger one and a tool that you must modify to be as movable as possible to preserve your workspace.

Module #4: Electricity, Lighting, and Sound Proofing

Once you complete the layouts, you should consider these three elements carefully for a superb woodworking experience.  This section shows you an affordable circuit type that can power many things, yet doesn’t risk a blown breaker. As we all know, fire in a workshop is a complete disaster, so this circuit type is worth thinking of. You will then learn about proper lighting to make sure you can always see clearly in the shop.

However, we certainly can’t forget about soundproofing. If your workshop isn’t adequately soundproofed, you may bother the neighbors. This module teaches you how singers soundproof their studio while recording and apply it to your shop. It also includes a separate low-noise tools list that sets you back $1000 altogether.

Module #5: Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Dust

We might not think much about these factors when building a workshop, but they have a large role in whether we can work comfortably. In this module, you will learn a $3 trick to ensure clean air and have recommendations for good heaters for shops. It also advises you against making a humidity mistake that could ruin your wood stock.

Module #6: Safety & More

This final step is probably the most important. If you don’t want a fire to destroy your hard-earned workshop, you must regularly maintain proper safety. This module teaches you how to avoid tripping over cables and a habit that might prevent 90% of workshop fires. It also includes a 10-item checklist for shop safety and warns you about 4 items that may set your shop on fire very quickly.

Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to understand and follow: This program is written very comprehensively. A beginner or even someone who has never known about building workshops can read and follow its instructions with no problem.
  • Illustrative: The Ultimate Small Shop program has lots of illustrations to make the steps clearer for you.
  • Convenient: This program’s digital format makes it easy to store in your device and bring it with you everywhere. And if you want a printed version, you may print it out for more convenience.
  • Well-designed plans without leaving out any step: As a beginner, you do not have much experience with workshops yet, and might leave out a few essential steps. This program makes sure to cover every step necessary and consider all the steps vital for the best workshop. You will not have to worry about forgetting to do anything with the program’s guidance.
  • 60-day money-back policy: The Ultimate Small Shop allows you to request a refund within 60 days if you do not find the product satisfactory. It may help you feel more assured.


  • Unreliable author: As I have mentioned, the person supposed to be the author is just a hired actor. Therefore, despite many tips and advice, we cannot wholly trust the program.

The Ultimate Small Shop Review – Who Needs It?

  • Those who want to create their shop, but could not be able to due to limited money or space.
  • During the time of COVID-19, it may be useful for those who want to work at home. They can follow the instruction and build the workshop for home income.
  • People who want to improve their house’s safety can make use of this program as well. It has tips to prevent fire and avoid tripping over cables. If you are paranoid about a sudden fire, it will be useful for you.

Who Doesn’t Need It?

  • People who are not interested in creating a workshop. Even though $1000 for a workshop does not seem unreasonable, it is still a lot of money. If you do not want to build a workshop, there is no need to spend your money on this program.
  • People who already have vast experience in managing a workshop. While The Ultimate Small Shop has tips that experienced woodworkers can use, it’s still mostly meant for beginners. You might become bored with this program if you already knew everything about workshops.

Ultimate Small Shop Customer Reviews & Feedback

The feedback for this program is mixed. On the one hand, despite the author’s issue, Ultimate Small Shop gathers many positive reviews on Goodreads and other community review sites. The customers said that they were satisfied with the advice the book offers. They also enjoy the item checklists that saved them time and money finding where and what to buy. Some also said that they had succeeded in building their own shop thanks to this program.

ultimate small shop review

ultimate small shop review

ultimate small shop review

(Source: Goodreads)

ultimate small shop review

ultimate small shop review

ultimate small shop review

ultimate small shop review

(Source: Sitejabber)

However, there are negative reviews as well. Some reported that they got charged additionally for the printed version. When they tried to apply for a refund, there was not a response. One customer in particular even said that he had been waiting for 2 weeks to no avail for an answer. Meanwhile, another said that this program had little information and was a waste of money.

ultimate small shop review

ultimate small shop review

ultimate small shop review

(Source: Livingmoreworkingless, Goodreads)

If you do not feel satisfied with the program after buying and want a refund, you can contact the retailer, ClickBank, instead. They will process your request quickly. If you also had issues with the refund or other feedback for the program, please leave a comment below.

Price & Bonus:

Initially, the program’s price was $285, because according to the author, he had spent a lot of time and effort to complete it. However, he then decided to reduce the price to $39  to be more affordable for the general audience.

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When you order this program, you will get two bonuses:

Bonus 1: The Workshop Cheat List

ultimate small shop review

It shows you how to get free lumber from stores and make others deliver tools to you every month. This book would cost $50 if sold separately, so you are getting a $50 value here.

Bonus 2: Deal Alert Members Card

ultimate small shop review

This is a free lifetime subscription where the author notifies you of the discounted deals he finds on tools and supplies. However, as seen in the feedback above, emails to buy other products are sent to you every day. It can bother you as much as being spammed.

The program also has a 60-day money-back guarantee. In case you are not pleased with what it has to offer, and considering that Ultimate Small Shop’s support policy is not very good, you can contact ClickBank directly. You may send an email to support@clickbank.com, or call 1-800-390-6035 (for people in the US) or 1-208-345-4245 (outside the US). They will process your request quickly.


It comes to the end of my The Ultimate Small Shop Review. My final verdict is that more or less, the program provides certain valuable information on building a complete small shop on a budget and limited space. Therefore, it might be an ideal reference, especially for the beginners.

Although many people have found the program useful and succeeded in building their shops, the fake author’s issue is not something everyone can accept. Another problem is with customer support. Its lack of responsiveness will be quite an annoyance to many.

Whether you want to buy this program or not is ultimately up to you. If you believe that purchasing this program can help you despite its author’s issue, please do. Think carefully before making your decision. In case you want to try Ultimate Small Shop, you can order from the official website to get maximum discount. If you don’t feel satisfied with the program, you can contact the above-provided hotline or email address for a refund within 60 days.

Thank you for reading my The Ultimate Small Shop Review. I hope you find it useful. If there is any question, we are happy to hear from you. Until next time!


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