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Piano For All Review [UPDATE]: Is Piano For All Good?

Before getting to the main point, I would like to tell you the story behind this Piano For All review. 

Ever since we were kids, my sister Clara and I always adored the sound of the piano. At that time, we wouldn’t go to bed without listening to a piano song from my dad’s radio. “One day, I will learn to play my favorite songs out of my own hands”, my sister said to me. That’s one of the things I remember the most about my childhood. 

As we grew up, my sister, of course, didn’t become a famous pianist. Though I, too, really wanted to learn to play the piano back then, study and work filled my schedule, until I completely forgot that aspiration. Still, whenever I heard the sound of the piano, I was amazed, with a sense of nostalgia. Yet I assumed I never had time to learn it, and if it had not been for my sister, I would have still kept that thought until now. 

It was a windy Sunday when Clara called me over. “There is something I really want to show you”, she said on the phone. Her voice sounded, well, more enthusiastic than usual, which made me feel like I should see her as soon as possible. Therefore, I told her I would come right away. 

As soon as I came in, Clara excitedly declared that she had found something that might help her pursue the piano passion. Needless to say how surprised I was, of course. I thought just like me, and she had long forgotten about it. I didn’t know that she still wanted to learn all that time. It surprised me, but at the same time, I was touched. However, Clara was so busy as a paralegal. She hardly had any time to hang out with me, not to mention taking a piano class. What was it that could help her? 

My sister cleared my confusion by showing the page of Piano For All. It was a system that claimed to teach everyone to play the piano easily and improve their skill in a short time. Reading through the description, it seemed to be very suitable for my sister, and me, too, so Clara wanted to give it a try. 

The thing was, there was no way she could confirm the Piano For All system’s reliability, so she asked me to take a look at it before purchasing. I was more than glad to help her out.

Therefore, today, I present to you the most unbiased and comprehensive Piano For All review. Read until the end to know if this system is worth your investment or not! 

What Is Piano For All? 

piano for all review

The creator claims that Piano For All is a system for anyone to learn to play piano or keyboard easily. It is an online piano course, and its main target is beginners. However, Piano For All uses a different approach rather than other piano teaching programs. Users don’t begin with classic songs such as Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, or Jingle Bells. Instead, they will start with popular rhythm style piano such as Let It Be or Can You Feel The Love Tonight. It is one reason that attracts much attention, including my sister, and I could understand. Who wouldn’t want to play the songs we love and can sing along? 

The system comes in both PDF and video forms. For a piano learning program, this is a wise move. You can’t learn to play the piano just by looking at words and music sheets. With videos, the program will be much easier to follow along. 

It surprised me while searching for the Piano For All because this program was first released 7 years ago, and yet there are still many users talking about it until today. A question pops up here: Is it still relevant after such a long time, and what about Piano For All that keeps it on the market?

Piano For All Review – About The Creator. 

The system is the brainchild of Robin Hall, who claimed to be a renowned pianist. He started playing the piano from a very young age and had an endless passion for this instrument. By the time Robin created the Piano For All System, he already gained more than 20 years of experience.He taught many people, including some famous pianists around the world. Still, that’s not enough for him. He wanted to spread the love for piano to the community, so Robin created the Piano For All program.

As I searched for Robin Hall, I found that his information was hardly available anywhere other than the landing page of Piano For All. I’m not sure if the creator changed his name to protect his privacy or not. However, this is quite strange, especially for musicians, since they often publish their music on social media. Still, Robin has 4 piano courses available for subscribing to Udemy, the world’s largest selection of online courses, and also one of the most trusted online learning platforms. Only the top instructors can submit their courses on this site, so I think it is safe to say that Robin Hall is an expert. 

Piano For All Review – How Does The System Work?

I liked the way Robin Hall clearly explained how it works at the beginning of the program.  The creator believes in the concept of teaching piano from the simplest things. Therefore, users will start from simple harmonies and chords, which almost every song uses. In my opinion, this is what makes Piano For All unique, since most piano programs and even teachers will let students start with familiar songs instead. Some famous pianists acknowledged this method. They advise that starting from these steps instead of repeating Fur Elise or Happy Birthday, you can realize the harmonies and chords when hearing a new song and play it better. This makes your learning process quicker and you can see the improvement in approximately 6 weeks. 

After that, when users get to playing complete songs, the creator divided the songs into groups. We will go from Blues to Ballad style, Jazz, and Classical. With this, you will be able to know the principles of each category. Therefore, when you hear a new song in the same group, you shall know how to play it at ease. 

From this, I am sure that the primary purpose of Robin Hall is not only teaching users how to play the piano but also helping them grab the basics. As such, users can play songs they love, even when they are not in the guide. This idea should be appreciated because most people who learn piano started with the desire to play any song they love by their own hands. My sister and I are no exception. It is very understanding of Robin to acknowledge this desire. 

What Do You Get After Purchasing?

Since everything sounded very promising, my sister and I decided to purchase the Piano For All system. Once you complete the payment, you will have options to download the program to your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. It is pretty impressive for a program that was first released nearly ten years ago. 

Of course, you will need to have a piano or keyboard to start practicing. 

You will receive nine ebooks containing 200 video lessons, over 500 audio tunes, and exercises in the full package. Below, I will go into detail on each book.

1. Book One: Party Time – Rhythm Style Piano. 

The very first book plays the role of an introduction to both the program and the instrument. In the beginning, you will find a chapter that states the primary principle of Piano For All. It is crucial to set a foundation of chords and rhythms. Only when you have done that can you move on to more advantaged things, such as melody composition and sight-reading skills. 

After an introduction to notes on the keyboard, you will start playing basic three-note chords. You shall also learn about musical notation, like rests and basic rhythms, for example. 

The remaining book one shows you the family of chords, as well as rhythms popular music contains. You can combine this knowledge to play a song. 

Altogether, book one covers 10 rhythms and 11 basic chords. By the end of the book, you can play the chords and rhythms of some popular songs. 

2. Book Two: Blues & Rock N Roll.

The second eBook introduces blue rhythms to combine with the chords you already learn from book one. 

I notice that the creator keeps repeating in the book that you should pay attention to left-hand rhythms more than the right hand at this stage. In my opinion, book two is a bit briefer than book one, as it covers five blue rhythms and shows you the way to play a twelve-bar blues in any key.

3. Book Three: Chord Magic. 

As opposed to book two, the third book is where we will get to the hardcore part. It introduces you to the chords of all the keys, plus their inversions. 

To make things easier, you will also find “all chord memory tricks” that make them much simpler to handle. Moreover, this book includes the “cycle of fifths”, a concept that teaches you the relationship between all the keys. After finishing this book, you will have a firm knowledge of the structure of music. 

4. Book Four: Advanced Chords Make Easy.

You will still learn about how to play chords in book four. It introduces you to chord symbols that are often presented in songbooks. What I found most brilliant about the fourth book is a “magical formula” that bluffs some more advanced chords. 

“Manilow Mood”, a concept inspired by the famous singer-songwriter Barry Manilow, will help you write a Manilow-style composition by yourself. 

After that, you move onto diminished chords and cluster chords. It is quite a complicated part, and there are many practice progressions to help you master them. 

At the end of book four, there is something exciting waiting for you. It is a lesson on Beatles styling, and a long list of Beatles songs that you can play at ease with all the chords and rhythms you have learned. 

5. Book Five: Ballad Style.

Here comes the ballad style all of us love! You will find the step-by-step method to create your ballad song. 

It encourages your creativity, as you are told to keep experimenting with new patterns with left-hand chords. Along the way, you shall also learn ideas about melody and chord progressions. 

The next stage is applying the ballad process to familiar songs, such as Auld Lang Syne.

The book also contains the sheets for many beautiful ballads that can help you feel relaxed just by playing them. 

6. Book Six: All That Jazz & Blues.

My sister and I both agree that the content and practice in book six is heavy. However, as you finish it, you will have a firm foundation of jazz and blues. 

You will start with the blue scales, blue chords, and other tips to achieve a “bluesy” sound. Then, you move on to jazz with four distinct keys. Many tips and tricks for jazz improvisation are here for you to acquire. 

7. Book Seven: Advanced Blue & Fake Stride. 

Book seven is created on the foundation of book two. You will add your advanced chord knowledge and new right-hand chords to blues rhythms. 

Another thing book seven will teach you is stride piano. I was surprised to know that there are “fake” and “real” stride pianos. The difference is how long the “stride” your hand is taking. 

8. Book Eight: Taming The Classic. 

The eighth book starts by recalling musical notation. It then gives you a brief introduction of key signatures, symbols, and musical language. Once you grab all of these, you will get used to playing classical sheet music, like Beethoven, Chopin, and Bach.

9. Book Nine: Speed Learning.

This final eBook is all about scale, triads, and arpeggios. We haven’t reached this part yet, but according to famous piano teachers, they are essential to improve your way of playing, hence the name “Speed Learning”.

The book will extend your knowledge of key signatures, triads, seventh chords, and melodic patterns. 

All of the lessons are accompanied by videos and audios, making the process very comfortable to follow. I was more than surprised as I went through the Piano For All system because it enables users’ creativity to the maximum. At first, I only thought that the program would help you to play any songs easily. However, I quickly realized that it also encouraged you to experiment and create a melody of your own. It is the most brilliant thing about Piano For All if you ask me. 

piano for all review

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As to further highlight that point, the program also comes with a bonus eBook:

Bonus: The Practice Of Mindfulness.  

This small bonus is not entirely about the piano. However, it shows you tips for creativity, focus, and how to add more mindfulness into your daily routine. It also provides some beneficial practices not only for learning musical instruments but also for learning any form of art. 

Piano For All Review – Benefits It Claim To Bring.

Below is the list of benefits you can get if you use the Piano For All system:

  • You will get to start learning piano right at your home, using an easy to follow method. 
  • Piano For All teaches you the basics of music. You will learn from rhythms and chords to the principles of various types of music, which are the things even piano tutors won’t always tell you. After finishing the course, you shall acquire a firm knowledge about piano and music in general. 
  • The program encourages you to get creative and create your own composition.
  • You get to play popular songs that you know and love. That way, learning will become a fun and exciting journey.

Piano For All Review – Who Is This System For?

  • As stated by the creator, Piano For All is created specifically for beginners. Robin founded the system, hoping that those who have a passion for piano can have an exciting and straightforward approach to this elegant instrument. 
  • Provided that you already have knowledge but what to improve, the program is for you as well, since book 5 to 9 contain advanced lessons. 
  • Piano For All is a great gift for those who want to play by ears. 
  • It is also great for those who want to learn the basics of composing music.
  • If you want to find a unique approach to the piano instead of repeating familiar songs over and over again, the system is for you. 

Who Should Not Use It?

  • Please note that the course is suitable for young kids, as it uses a different approach, so it might be a bit too complex for young children to follow. However, parents can use the program to help and practice along with their kids.
  • Unlike other piano teaching programs, the course will also show you how to play blues, jazz, and ballad, not only classical music. Therefore, if you only like to play classical piano, this course is not suitable for you. 
  • Though it uses a simple approach, Piano For All still requires you to practice every day to get the best result. If you expect to see the progress in just a few days, you shouldn’t purchase the program. 

Piano For All Review – Advantages & Disadvantages Of The System. 

Here is the list of things I really like about Piano For All: 

  • A trusted creator founded it. 
  • The method of teaching is stated clearly on the official website and at the beginning of the program.
  • The program covers a wide range of information, giving you a firm knowledge not only about piano but also music in general. 
  • It comes in both PDF and video, making it easier for users to practice along. 
  • Though it has been released for a long time, the developer team keeps up with the technology. It gives different options that are suitable for many devices. 
  • The program is comprehensive and easy to follow. Thus, you can practice at your house without any further assistance. 
  • The creator provides permanent customer support. You can even share your progress with him through emails. 
  • You get to play the piano right from the first book.

However, it still has some flaws: 

  • You will need to have a device such as a laptop, tablet, or phone to start practicing. 
  • The program might be a bit complicated for small kids to follow. Parents can use Piano For All to tutor their children, though.
  • Since it is an online course, you won’t be reminded to fix your hand posture, and wrist and finger movements. It is something piano teachers will help you improve. 

Piano For All Customer Reviews & Feedback.

When it comes to Piano For All, most people share the same concern. Can the program catch up with newly released piano systems when it was published for quite a long time already? Luckily, reviews by actual users on the internet prove that Piano For All can. On Amazon, the program received a rating of 3.8 out of 5, with a 40% 5-star rating and a 31% 4-star rating. Many customers said they were new to the piano, and the system made learning very comfortable. The fact that it includes popular songs made the process much more exciting: 

piano for all review

A user commented on the customer service, saying that the creator was very helpful to answer her questions: 

piano for all review

On another site, Udemy, the program received a rating of 4.6 out of 5. People said that the course was well-organized and very comprehensive, covering a large amount of knowledge. It indicates that Piano For All might give you more than what you pay: 

piano for all review

However, some users also showed dissatisfaction with the course. One of the critical comments said that the system processes too fast. Still, Robin Hall was there to reply to most of the comments and to give instruction. He said that it might be hard for beginners at first, so to get used to practicing, you should go through the video a few times before moving forward: 

piano for all review

On the other hand, users with some basic knowledge complained about the course being too fundamental. Robin stated that since Piano For All was explicitly designed for beginners, advanced ones can skip the first few eBooks and jump straight to book 5: 

piano for all review

More Customer Feedback On The Piano For All 

Piano For All Review – Is It Affordable?

Though it is available on other online markets, I highly recommend you to purchase Piano For All on its website for the best customer support. The regular price of Piano For All is $79. However, on the official site, a special discount is going on. If you purchase on time, you can get the full package with a one-time price of $39. 

Before purchasing the program, Clara and I had done a bit of research about the average price of piano classes. Accordingly, it costs around $50 – $60 for a one-hour piano lesson. Compared to that, the price of Piano For All is really a bargain! You get to learn all the basics right in your house. You shall be able to understand the principles of different musical styles, which is a thing even professional piano courses might not always show you. 

Most importantly, you learn in a creative way that enables you not only to play any song you like but also to create your own melody! All of that comes at only $39. After realizing that, we decided to purchase the Piano For All right away. 

The price of Piano For All is reasonable even when being compared to other online piano courses. From what we found, most of its counterparts will have you charged every month. The price ranges from $29 to $60 per month. With Piano For All, you will only have to pay once. What it offers is more than almost all of the online piano courses available on the internet. 

To make the deal even more promising, Robin Hall also provides unlimited support for those who purchase his program. If you have any problem regarding Piano For All or simply want to show him your process, you can always send an email to him via contact@pianoforall. According to what Robin said, he loves to hear how students are getting on with the course and will try to motivate everyone to continue practicing. 

Moreover, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the outcome, you can contact the creator to receive a full refund. There is no question asked. Could it be better than that?

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Piano For All Review – Conclusion. 

Since I was thrilled with the Piano For All, I would like to recommend it to all of you who are looking for a way to start with this musical instrument. Of course, there are still some flaws, but Piano For All is still one of the most trusted programs if you want to find a unique and exciting approach. 

With the provided method, practicing has become a way for my sister and me to relieve stress. We are not learning, but we are literally playing, for real! We get to play the songs we love by our own hands. You should give it a try, too! 

piano for all review

piano for all review


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