the friends with benefits system review

The Friends With Benefits System Review – Legit Or Just A Fraud? 

Last few days, while I was browsing the internet, I bumped into a very intriguing post. It led me to write today’s The Friends With Benefits System review: 

“Small tip for all the guys out there, if you feel like you suck at flirting with girls, those freaking “pickup groups” on FB won’t do sh*t. Believe it or not, when it comes to making girls sleep with you, some online programs nowadays are giving 100x better advice than self-proclaimed experts. I suggest trying out The Friends With Benefits program, it really resurrected my sex life lol.” 

Being captivated by a random comment on social media is not like me. Still, something interesting about the program this guy mentioned. Many asked me how to get one, if not many, sex buddy, and while I could give them some tips, it is hard to find a complete, trustable, official guide on this.

The reason is simple: FWB is a relatively sensitive topic. Most men don’t want to admit their fantasy of having women to bend whenever they wish. Although there are guides that claim to help you f*ck women, they tend to have the same contents. They are something like “You have to communicate with her”, “You have to gain her trust before actually sleeping with each other”, blah blah. 

That’s why the title “Friends With Benefits” got me instantly for being so straightforward. Honestly, I did try to brush it off. Having checked many programs before, I didn’t want to be disappointed once again. Still, it was impossible to get my curiosity out of my mind. The next day, I ended up spending hours on the internet, trying to find everything I could about this program. 

Let’s see if The Friends With Benefits is can really take your sex life to a whole new level!

Friends With Benefits Meaning

According to Wikipedia, Friends with benefits (also called FWB or FWBR) is referred to as a sexual relationship without being romantic. FWB is the addition of sex to friendship, but not love, and there is no emotional bond here. It can be short term or developed into a serious romantic relationship.

So What Is The Friends With Benefits System?

Have you ever thought that your sex life is miserable? Perhaps you have walked down the street to see a drop-dead gorgeous girl walking by and think, “wow, I would LOVE to f*ck her senseless”. You can only dream about it, though, as she is way beyond your level, and there is no way she would sleep with you. 

The Friends With Benefits System claims to make your dream come true. Using psychology as the core, it breaks down women’s real sexual nature, reveals all the horny and naughty fantasies girls have, and helps you take advantage of this knowledge to get any girls to sleep with you. The system is a series of videos that you can access immediately after making the purchase.  

Wow, a very blunt description indeed! As I went through the product’s website, I became more and more curious. But think about this for a moment: Men out there have to pay millions for dating classes and sessions with relationship consultants just to know how to approach women. Having an online program to teach you everything about female sexual cravings and how to turn them into your sex buddies sounds too good to be true. It’s better to take a closer look and examine the truth behind The Friends With Benefits System, starting with its creator. 

The Friends With Benefits System Review: About The Creator. 

According to the product’s website, Michael Haines is the one behind The Friends With Benefits System. The extraordinary thing is, he is neither an expert nor a psychologist. A few years ago, Michael was just a normal guy with an average look and a not-so-interesting personality. As a result, he failed to get most of the girls he liked. “At that time, my only friend is those erotic sites”, Michael recalled. 

One day, while walking back home from work, he saw a gorgeous chick enjoying a sexual moment with an overweight guy on her window. At that moment, Michael realized how miserable his sex life was and tried to convince his friend Keira to be FWB.

After being turned down by Keira, he was furious to the point that he could kill somebody. Was it his fault? How could that guy from earlier get the girl that was way beyond him? For weeks, Michael didn’t eat or sleep. He bought all the magazines, skimmed through the internet, read all the articles, psychological reports, and even consulted relationship experts. He was dying for a method to pick up women and turn them on quickly. 

At last, Michael discovered the secret blueprint and used it on Keira. She gave in immediately, but that was not his only success. From an average guy to someone surrounded by all the hot chicks in the room, Michael’s life transformed totally. He decided to publish The Friends With Benefits System because he knew that many men are suffering just like he was.

Other than the official website, it is impossible to find Michael Haines anywhere. He does not have any blog, nor a social media page to prove his existence. Since Michael is not an expert and his work involves a rather sensitive topic, I can understand if he chooses to protect his privacy. There are still other ways to examine The Friends With Benefits system’s quality. 

The Friends With Benefits System Review – How Does It Work?

To explain the central idea of the program, Michael Haines first points out a myth about women that 99.99% of the men get wrong: They don’t like sex. According to him, most guys miss their chances because they think that girls only want attachments and just have sex with their boyfriends. Indeed, you will never hear a girl admit out loud that she craves a cock inside of her. No girl wants to be labeled the local slut, but they get turned on just as much as men in reality. Here is the shocking part: They can be as horny as men, and their sexual desire is just as strong.

Right after reading this, I had to stop to do a little research. It turned out psychologists proved this statement. Astonishing, doesn’t it? 

So, do our ladies love the idea of friends with benefits? In fact, they do. Michael said that he did an anonymous survey, and around 70% of women love the idea of having a man they can come for something casual, rough, and dirty. This idea sounds even more intriguing if their FWB can take an active role and become dominant in this connection. In short, as long as you express your desire and become the alpha male, you can get any girl to have sex whenever you want. She will make any kinky fantasies you have come true, at her own will. 

With this idea as a foundation, The Friends With Benefits system breaks down the female biological drive and their subconscious thinking about sex. From there, it shows you how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. When it comes to sexual attraction, many things can draw girls without them even realizing it. This program will introduce words, phrases, and body language you can use to psychologically plant the idea of sex inside her mind, making her crave for you within a few hours. 

Though it is still too early to say whether The Friends With Benefits system is useful or not, what I like is that the creator only cites research from trusted sources. Experts have confirmed all of the psychological theories he uses, and all of them come with proper references. Michael Haines discovered and developed his own method. Still, we can see he spent a lot of time researching before the publication of the program. 

The Friends With Benefits System Review – Inside The Program. 

The main program is a series of videos and consists of nine chapters. As someone who prefers to read, I was a bit disappointed to find out that there is no transcript to come. Still, the video format can be exciting and convenient since you can watch or listen to them anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. Just make sure to have an earphone when you are in public! 

Let me walk you through each chapter of The Friends With Benefits system: 

the friends with benefits system review

Chapter 1: The F*ck Buddy Bible. 

The creator begins chapter one by giving users a brief introduction about himself and the main contents of this program. Then, he begins to list out and categorizes girls that can be your sex buddies: It can be your co-worker, a hot chick in your circle of friends, a friend for years, but it can as well be a complete stranger. 

According to Michael, most sections of the program is about how to pick up a girl you don’t know. Why is that? Once you know how to get a total stranger to sleep with you after an hour or so, other girls will just be an easy game. Approaching a girl who you’ve never known before is also an excellent way to boost your flirting skill, provided that you have little to no experience. 

If you already go through the official website, the first few minutes of chapter one is not necessary. You can skip the introduction part and jump straight to the 6:00 minutes, where Michael starts to share the real tips. 

Chapter 2: Attraction. 

To make a girl want to sleep with you, you have to attract her first sexually. The second chapter deals with this question: What is sexual attraction? Michael breaks down the factors of attraction using the “Law of State Transference” – a psychological term in which a person redirects emotions and feelings from them to another unconsciously. Once you understand the concept, you will know what can draw all the girls to you, beyond appearance and wealth. No matter how you look or how much money you have at all because this is the only thing that determines whether a woman will go crazy about you or not. 

It is the fundamental pillar of the whole program and the most important thing you will learn in the system. Everything else about getting a sex buddy flows from your understanding of what really creates attraction in women. Therefore, you should watch this second chapter closely without missing a single word! 

Chapter 3: Female Psychology. 

The attraction is fundamental. However, it is not the only thing you need to make a girl follow all of your sexual orders. In the third chapter, you will learn about something that all the ladies desire, which is “compliance”. Why do girls crave compliance, and how do you create this? Again, it is all about female psychology. The answers lie all here.

Chapter 4: Emotional “Hot Buttons” That Make Hot Girls Chase You, No Matter How You Look Or Age. 

Chapter four of the Friends With Benefits system reveals 7 secret blueprints to make a girl chase your approval. If you ever find yourself chasing after a girl, this chapter will help you turn the table. She will now become the one who tries to please you, to satisfy you, and to obey you. All you need is these seven “buttons” in your hand. 

Chapter 5: How To Put Her On The “Slippery Slide To Sex”.

Imagine yourself sitting on top of a slide in the playground, and someone suddenly comes to pour grease, or baby oil, all along with the slide. What will happen? You slowly fall down the slide, and before you can realize it, you find yourself sliding to the bottom. It should be how you get a girl to sleep with you, but how can you start the process? How do you interact with her needs to flow? That’s what chapter five will help you with.

Chapter 6: From “Hello” To Sex In Under An Hour, Step By Step.

In the previous module, you get to know some of the core principles and communication techniques to attract a woman, make her chase after you, and invest in you. Now you will get to the specifics of what to do, step by step. Chapter six consists of one introduction and eight small videos and can guarantee you a sexy night as long as you follow all of them: 

#1: The Rejection-Proof Approach. 

#2: Hook Her Interest. 

#3: Pass Her Tests. 

#4: Chat (How To Avoid Running Out Of Things To Say).

#5: Escalate Sexually.

#6: Pull Her Home.

#7: The Bedroom To Sex Funnel. 

#8: Sex. 

Chapter 7: How To Turn Her Into Your Friend With Benefits + Managing Open Relationships.

So you had sex with a girl, now you want to keep her around and keep hooking up regularly? Chapter seven is for you. It would tell you exactly how to manage the relationship whether you want to maintain the “FWB” status or make her your one and only girlfriend. 

Chapter 8: From Friends To F*** Buddies.

All of the time, we have been discussing how to make a stranger your sex buddy, but how to bang a girl you already know? The eighth module is precisely for this. The tips and tricks in this part can apply to any girl in your circle of friends, even if you two have any pre-existing relationship or not. 

the friends with benefits system review

Chapter 9: Places To Meet Bang Buddy. 

Just as the name implies, chapter nine lists out all the places you can find a sex buddy: Bars & clubs, Tinder & dating apps, workplace, and many more. Moreover, Michael will tell you what the best approach is in each situation. 

Just exactly like my first impression about The Friends With Benefits System, the way Michael Haines explains his method is very straightforward. He does not use any fancy word to cover up the idea of sex, but instead jump straight to the point and explain everything as straightforward as possible. I know many guys out there have been bottling up their sexual desire, as they are afraid of scaring all the ladies away. In that case, the way Michael addresses the FWB topic directly might satisfy any of us. Remember, though; some girls will not like what’s inside The Friends With Benefits System, as it reveals all of their sexual fantasies. Please keep it away from them!

the friends with benefits system review

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The Friends With Benefits System Review – What You Will Gain From Using It? 

The Friends With Benefits System promises to: 

  • Provide you with all the knowledge regarding female sexual psychology, help you understand women’s deepest fantasies. 
  • Make you become the man that can hook up any girl in the first meet. 
  • Provide the “magical” words, phrases, and body language that can tap right into a woman’s brain and make her helplessly desire you. 
  • Build you a rotation of girls.
  • Boost your confidence, not only with girls but in general, and turn you into the ideal “alpha” male. 

The Friends With Benefits System Review – Who Is This Program For? 

According to the author, there is no age restriction for this program. Whether you are a teenager or in your 60s, the Friends With Benefits System can make you the man every woman would go crazy for. 

Most parts of the program are about hooking up a girl you have never met before. However, there is a whole section talking about turning a normal friend into a friend with benefits. No matter what situation you are in, you would still find the Friends With Benefits System useful. 

The Friends With Benefits System Review – And Who Should Not Use It?

Although there is a section called “getting out of the friendzone”, Michael does not mention how to get back with an ex. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to make your ex-girlfriend have sex with you again, you might need to adjust the tips a bit to fit your situation. 

The Friends With Benefits System Review – Pros And Cons. 

Here is the list of things I like about The Friends With Benefits System: 

  • The program has a straightforward approach. Using The Friends With Benefits, you can make sure to acquire all the useful tips and tricks to get a (or some) FWB. The title is not there for attention only! 
  • All the theories in the Friends With Benefits System are supported by psychological research. 
  • Since it comes in video format, you can watch or listen to it anywhere. You don’t have to carry a book with you. 
  • Even if you don’t have any experience dating girls, you can still understand all the points Michael Haines implies. Though the program is based on psychology, he explains everything in the most coherent way possible.
  • The author explicitly designs all the methods for users to apply right away, without any difficulties. 
  • He addresses a wide range of situations. No matter whether the girl you want to hook up with is a stranger or a friend, you will find the right approach here. 
  • Men of all ages can use the Friends With Benefits System, from teenagers to 60 years old and above! 

However, it still has some cons: 

  • Some of the topics in the program can be a bit too kinky, such as a threesome. 
  • A stable internet connection is required to get access to the video. 

Where To Purchase? Is The Program Affordable? 

So far, you can only find the program on its official website. With just $69, you will gain immediate, permanent access to the Friends With Benefits system. It is a one-time payment, and since you buy a digital product, there won’t be any shipping fee or tax. 

After checking all details about the Friends With Benefits System, I would like to say that you will get a lot more than the price. As a guy, I bet you had at least once seen a jaw-dropping gorgeous girl on the street. You couldn’t help but fantasize about holding her in your arms, grabbing those tits, smashing that damn hot ass until it turns red, and of course, banging her senseless to the point that she can only scream your name.

The chance to make that fantasy come true is now right here in front of your eyes. Since you are now capable of hooking up with any woman passing by, you won’t have to go home jerking off to porn and regret not making a move. With just $69, you are not getting one girl, but your own harem. Would that be worth the price? I’d say, yes, definitely!  

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The Friends With Benefits System Review – Bonuses. 

There is another reason I say you get a lot more than the price: The Friends With Benefits System comes with plenty of bonuses: 

Bonus 1: Two Girls, One You – Secrets Of Setting Up Threesomes. 

This bonus is the secret blueprint of finding a bisexual girlfriend. You will find this small guide very useful, as it satisfies your deepest fantasy of having threesomes every night of the week! Imagine how jealous other men will be when you show up at the party with not one but TWO hot-smoking ladies in your arms… 

Bonus 2: Daddy’s Girl – How To Sleep With Women Half Your Age?

The second bonus is mainly for users who are 40 years old and above. You will learn tricks to make younger women desire you more than guys their ages and beg to be your bang buddies. With this bonus, you will never have to worry about aging again. No matter how old you are or how you look, beautiful girls will still be surrounding you.

Bonus 3: How To Get A F*ck Buddy TONIGHT – The Need For Speed (Quick Start Video). 

You want someone to have sex with immediately? It is a simple, intuitive method to apply that will 100% get a girl in your bed. 

Bonus 4: The “Done For You” Texting System – How To Turn Numbers In Your Phone Into Naked Babes In Your Bed?

Never again will you lose a chance with a girl thanks to an “opps” text! This guideline shows you everything you need to say to get her to come over for sex. It also includes words for words lines you can copy and paste right away. 

Bonus 5: Doggystyle On The First Date. 

Getting a girl horny is a thing, but keeping her wait until she is desperate to bang is another thing. This bonus allows you to make the girls begging to sleep with you on the very first date. 

Bonus 6: Boyfriend Assassin. 

Here is the “diabolical” persuasion technique. It can make any girl you talk to lose interest in her boyfriend and start viewing you as her ideal model! 

Bonus 7: Get Her Horny With Humor. 

With this guide, you will never be afraid of running out of things to say again. These are some simple tips to make any girl laugh and turn her on with your humor. 

Oh, another thing: Michael Haines protects his users with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with how many girls you get to sleep with after two months, you can request to have all of your payment back. What are you scared of? C’mon, be a man and grab your chance? 

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My Conclusion – Worth Trying Or Not?

If you have been striving to improve your sex life and see no success so far, I highly recommend the Friends With Benefits System. For being practical, straight to the point, and comprehensive, this program is a terrific choice for men of all ages. 

All the drop-dead gorgeous girls out there can beg to feel you inside them, just after one click. Ready to change your life? Grab the copy now, and you will be shocked with how wonderful it can be, I assure you that! 

the friends with benefits system review

the friends with benefits system review

It comes to the end of my review on The Friends With Benefits System. Have some questions or just want to share your experience? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! We value all of your feedback!


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