revolutionary sex review

Revolutionary Sex Review: Is It Really A Complete Guide About Female Orgasm?

Welcome to Linkingo’s Revolutionary Sex review! According to a study, one-third to two-thirds of women admit they have faked their orgasm at least once. There are many reasons for them to do that: They do not want to hurt their partners’ feelings, they would like to avoid accusations of inadequacy, or they simply just want to end the sex. 

However, girls tell each other everything. “Even if your girlfriend says that the whole thing is wonderful, you would never know if she does make fun of you about how she could not get off when she was with you”, username Daniel P. said. That thought traumatizes many men, making them obsessed with the desire to improve their sexual skills. 

That’s the reason why when Revolutionary Sex was first released, it caught the attention of many male users of all ages. The program claims to “reveal the deepest secret about female orgasm” and explain how to “make women go crazy in bed”. Is it true, though? I have experienced the real product and am here to deliver an honest review on Revolutionary Sex. Sit back, relax, and let me uncover everything you need to know about this program! 

Firstly, What Is The Revolutionary Sex? 

revolutionary sex review

Revolutionary Sex PDF

Created by Alex Allman, Revolutionary Sex is an online program that introduces all the progressive repose techniques during sexual intercourse. According to the product description, the program covers many aspects, including the best way to foreplay, obtain a firm erection, eliminate impotence, and find her exact G-spot. All of these topics tap right into men’s desire to satisfy their partners. That’s why Revolutionary Sex has gained much attention ever since it was first published. For now, the program is only available in digital form. 

Skimming through the official website, I could say that the marketing team has done an excellent job: professionally designed and well-written. The introduction was also very inviting, making Revolutionary Sex seemed like an encyclopedia about female orgasm and sex. However, could an online program cover that many topics? Since the author promised a tremendous amount of information, I was skeptical. “Who is this Alex Allman guy anyway, and is he exaggerating everything?”, I thought. Hence I went on to find more information about him. The result, though, totally shocked me.

Revolutionary Sex Review – Who Created It? 

As mentioned above, the mastermind behind this program is Alex Allman. He claimed to be a relationship expert who spent over twenty years studying the psychology behind relationships and sexuality.  Alex owned a counseling office in Las Vegas and had helped countless men worldwide to mend their love and improve their sexual skills. 

Of course, you cannot trust everything the product page says! That’s why I processed to search for this Alex guy on Google search engine. To my surprise, he does not try to remain anonymous like most online program authors. Instead, Alex is very active on the internet. He owns a website where he shares his tips about life and relationship. Folks can also contact him quickly through this page for booking. Moreover, he has a Youtube channel with 38000 subscribers! 

revolutionary sex review

revolutionary sex review

The fact is that he is willing to appear and host live sessions with the fan on the channel, indicating that Alex is a genuine expert, not a scammer. What’s more, the author of Revolutionary Sex was invited to be a guest in some podcasts. Not only is he a sex and relationship specialist, but he is also a well-known one. 

As I confirmed the authorization of Revolutionary Sex, I felt like I had to see the program for myself. Before we get to the main program, though, I will break down the explain the way the program works in my Revolutionary Sex review. 

Revolutionary Sex Review – How Does The Program Work? 

To explain how the program works, Alex Allman first points out the biggest two mistakes men often make in bed. Firstly, while every TV show and magazine stated that men should be open to asking their women what they want from sex, none has ever mentioned the right time to ask. According to Alex, nothing kills her attraction more than receiving such a question in bed. You can talk about that while you two are sitting with each other, not at the beginning of the act. It will force her brain to think and hence pull your woman away from the passion.  Psychologists also acknowledge this as one of the reasons ladies can not stay focused in bed

Secondly, some men find themselves unable to get hard, even when they have no sexual dysfunction. Alex states that it is all because they are too busy thinking of what to do to please their partners. That’s also the biggest cause of male cognitive distraction during sex. Therefore, to perform well in bed, you have to gain confidence in your manhood. 

Using these two things as a foundation, the program will teach you to understand your girl, like how to discover her deepest fantasy about sex, the way to figure out her liking without words, and how to find out her G-spots. To do that, you have to build a strong spiritual connection with your partner. Besides, it will show you how to get over the fear buried deep inside your mind and become the most confident man in bed. 

I like how Revolutionary Sex uses psychology to address two main problems both sexes have to face. Both of these are acknowledged by psychologists and relationship experts, and yet there is hardly any relationship program that deals with them directly. 

Revolutionary Sex Review – Inside The Program. 

Right after making the purchase, I received the link to download Revolutionary Sex. That’s a great thing about digital products: You do not have to wait days for them to be at your door. Since the program packs much potential, I was so excited to see what’s inside. 

Revolutionary Sex consists of three chapters. I cannot show you everything due to copyrights, but I can guide you through each, so you know what to expect from this product. 

Chapter 1: You. 

That’s right: You are concretely the core of the whole program. First, Alex Allman will talk about the law of attraction. Everyone knows that attraction will lead to sexual arousal, but how to be sexually attractive? That’s the first thing you will find out. To defeat sexual anxiety, men should be confident and be patient with themselves. Revolutionary Sex will give you small practices and things you should tell yourself to quiet the worries inside your head. Besides, you will receive tips to stand hard for so long, to the point that your lady has to beg for mercy. 

At the end of chapter one, Alex points out some of the bad habits men have while jerking off, affecting their sexual performance. He then reveals the “Kegel” exercise, the one that works with your muscles, allows you to quickly get an erection and maintain them for the longest time. 

Chapter 2: Her. 

This chapter is all about women’s secrets. Not only will you learn about women’s orgasms and all the stages of female ejaculation, but you shall also know about different types of ladies. Some of them come pretty easily, while some have never experienced an orgasm. However, it is not something you need to worry about. Chapter 2 introduces you to the key of giving a woman the best sexual experience, from foreplay, small touches, conditional rhythm response to how to read their body language and figure out what she desires. To cover-up, it shows you 5 unique sex positions you have never seen before that allow you to make your partner come quickly. 

This chapter is the longest in the Revolutionary Sex program. The amount of information might be a bit overwhelming. However, since it talks about all the types of female orgasm and shows you from A to Z how to make her come, you shall be able to make her reach orgasms at will. You should not miss a single word if you want to gain total control of her body. 

Chapter 3: Together. 

“The most crucial thing for great sex is mutual understanding”, the author states on the official website. That’s why he creates chapter three, which combines both advice for you and her. This part points out that healthy sex life is essential for a healthy relationship. However, to create lasting love, there is much more than that. You two have to give each other trust, kindness, affection, and communication. Revolutionary Sex will provide you with small tips to keep your relationship full of passion. 

At the end of this chapter, there is a little surprise for you. Have you ever wished to make her come just by saying a word? Here, you will get to know that spell to give any woman an orgasm immediately!

As you can see, the program is very logically structured. The author makes it clear that you have to work with yourself first before making any progress. Alpha men are often the most attractive inside women’s eyes, so if you change your mindset into an alpha one and become dominant in bed, you are half-way done. Doing this not only helps you attract ladies, but it also makes you more confident in your daily life. Most online programs focus only on the girls, so I was very pleased to see one that focuses on the man first. 

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Benefits It Claims To Bring. 

The program promises to help men:

  • Conquer their anxiety, gain confidence, and become the alpha male that all the girls dream about. 
  • Please her regardless of your penis size. 
  • Give her as many orgasms as you want, and might even make her squirt. 
  • Have a total understanding of female orgasms.
  • Be able to read her body language and know what she wants. 
  • Tighten the bond and create a lasting relationship. 

Revolutionary Sex Review – Who Should Use The Program?

The program is specifically for men. Unfortunately, ladies cannot apply most of the tips in Revolutionary Sex. Still, they can read the last chapter with their partners to build a healthy, lasting relationship.

Since the program focuses heavily on boosting confidence and getting rid of sexual anxiety, it is most suitable for men with little to zero experience. Men who are already good in bed can skip chapter one and go straight to chapter two, though, as it contains knowledge about female orgasms that is very hard to find anywhere. It is never too much to take your sexual skills to a new level and please your woman even more!  

And Who Should Not? 

In fact, there is no restriction. Men of all ages can benefit from Revolutionary Sex. However, please note that the program deals with impotence that is caused by anxiety. If your impotence results from  any physical disorders, you should seek help from a physician instead of using Revolutionary Sex. 

Revolutionary Sex Review – Pros And Cons. 

Here are the things I really love about Revolutionary Sex: 

  • The author, Alex Allman, is a real expert in relationships and sex. You can place your trust in this man, as he has worked with countless couples and totally knows what he is saying. 
  • Since the program is a digital product, it is available immediately after you make the purchase. You don’t have to wait until the program is delivered. Instead, you can begin to transform your sex life right now. 
  • Revolutionary Sex has very strong scientific evidence. The author has spent years of research and only cites trusted sources. 
  • It has a very clear structure. You can grasp the content and figure out your way right after looking at the table of contents. 
  • The program will guide you from A to Z, from boosting your confidence to making girls surround you and pleasing them in bed. Even if you don’t have any experience, you shall find what you need in this program. 

However, it still has some cons: 

  • There is not any physical version available. If you prefer the traditional way of reading, you can print it out for a better reading experience. 
  • As the program guides you through all the steps, you might find the amount of information a bit too much. 

Revolutionary Sex Review – Customers’ Feedback. 

Though it just appeared on the online market not so long ago, Revolutionary Sex quickly receives many positive feedbacks from users. The program holds a rating of 4.13/5 on Goodreads. Many people said that it totally transformed their sex life:

revolutionary sex review

On another page, Regionvavid, Revolutionary Sex also has a relatively high rating of 4.8/5. Users like it for being comprehensive and well-researched, even though the amount of information might be a bit overwhelming: 

revolutionary sex review

revolutionary sex review

So far, I could not find any negative comments regarding this program on the internet. It might guarantee that the product can satisfy most users. However, if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! Your opinion is very important for Linkingo to complete our Revolutionary Sex review further. 

Where To Purchase? Is The Program Affordable? 

The Revolutionary Sex program is only available for purchase on its official website. It might be inconvenient for some people, but it keeps users’ chance of being scammed at the lowest. 

Initially, the price of this program is $263. However, if you see this article right now, you are the luckiest one: For a limited time, you can get the full Revolutionary Sex program at the price of $47. 

Compared to other relationship guides, this is already a low price. Remember, though, you will get much more than that. Right in front of you is the secret blueprint to make just any woman scream, sheet-soak, and go crazy. With less than a pair of shoes’ price, you will gain the power to make all the girls want to have sex with you, no matter how hot they are. Female orgasms will no longer be a mystery anymore as you can give your lady a mind-blowing orgasm any time at your will. 

Keep in mind that countless men out there are willing to spend millions of dollars on sex booster. They will die for the secret in Revolutionary Sex, and yet it is here in your palm. Would you grab this once-in-a-lifetime chance? Well, any smart man will know what to do in this case. 

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To make your sexual experience even more fantastic, here are some bonuses you will get in the full package: 

  • Revolutionary Sex Audio Book. 

The author understands that not everyone has the time to read, and not everyone is happy to read a wall of text. Therefore, he has included an audio version of Revolutionary Sex. With this bonus, you can use it every time: On the bus, before going to bed, or even during the morning walk. It has never been more convenient. 

Previously, you would have to purchase this audiobook separately at the price of $47. However, during this special discount, you will get it for free. 

  • How To Get Your Woman To Act Out Your Wildest Fantasy?

The second bonus is a powerful eBook that shows you how to subtly plant your fantasies into her mind, making her act it out without having to say a word. Using innovative psychological knowledge, you shall be able to read her thoughts and control them – in a literal way! 

The Revolutionary Sex team plans to release this as a separate program and sell it at the price of $97. Before the official release, though, they want to test out customers’ reactions. If you purchase the program now, you will be the first one to get your hand on this incredible guide for free! 

  • How To Initiate Sex Without Ever Being Rejected? 

This guide is perfect for inexperienced guys. If the fear of being rejected prevents you from approaching the girl of your dream, then worry not. With this as your bible, no woman in this world can resist your charm. 

This eBook’s initial price was $19.25, but you are getting it for free in the Revolutionary Sex pack. 

If you still hesitate, then let me remind you that there is a 2-month money-back guarantee policy. It means that if you are not happy with how fast you can make your lady come in bed, you can request to have all your payment back within 2 months, simply by contacting support. You are taking no risk at all! 

revolutionary sex review

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Revolutionary Sex Review – Our Final Verdict. 

Although many programs have explored this topic before, Revolutionary Sex still manages to stand out due to its unique and practical approach. For anyone, especially beginners, it is a must-have guide as it breaks down the mistakes most people are not aware of. With the program as your mentor, you can take your sex life to a whole new level. 

The best way for you to see how amazing Revolutionary Sex can be is to give it a shot. There is no reason for you not to, though, as you have the 2-month money-back guarantee as to your backup. After every orgasm your lady experiences, you will see what I mean! 

revolutionary sex review

It comes to the end of our Revolutionary Sex review. We will come back with more engaging topics, so please stay tuned! Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to keep up with the latest news. 


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