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The Home Doctor Book Review – Practical Medicine For Every Household?

My sister-in-law called me yesterday, saying that her colleagues had recently introduced her to a book named “Home Doctor – Practical Medicine For Every Household.” She also requested a review of this book from me. As you may be aware, taking care of our health has become more vital than ever. For this reason, I’d like to do The Home Doctor Review to give thorough information to both my sister-in-law and my readers.

When it comes to health, most people immediately think of medical facilities. However, there are plenty of natural solutions to cope with health difficulties in the comfort of your own home. Surprisingly, the book is advertised to cope with common ailments without going to the doctor.

Therefore, I spent almost two weeks reading the book thoroughly and completed this review on The Home Doctor Book. It reveals all insight into the book you need to know. Please continue reading to decide whether it is effective and should be in your own household!

Let’s start!

What Is The Home Doctor – Practical Medicine For Every Household?

The Home Doctor Guide is a 304-page book by a group of doctors. It claims to be a comprehensive guide to cope with most health issues and first aid in an emergency. This book provides treatments for various ailments, including high blood pressure, burns, stomach discomfort, seizures, and more. According to the authors, the book provides practical remedies to all typical health issues that come unexpectedly at home.

the home doctor review

The book is available in two formats: paper and digital. Overall, the book has a clear and attractive cover full of author information.

The Home Doctor Book Review – Who Are The Authors?

The Home Doctor Guide was co-authored by Dr. Maybell Nieves, Dr.Rodrigo Alterio, and Claude Davis. Their information is clearly presented on the official website of the book.

Dr. Maybell Nieves is a frontline worker in Venezuela following the country’s economic collapse. She is the head surgeon of the Unit of Breast Pathology and a general surgeon at Venezuela’s Caracas University Hospital. Maybell has created tactics and strategies that have been used in conflict zones while working in a medically deprived Venezuela. These encounters equipped her with the information she needed to guide practical medicine for the general public. We also found her official Instagram with more than 2K followers. She usually updates her life and her work on social media.

the home doctor review

Dr. Alterio is a surgeon at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, working in the Oncology Department. He has served as the primary healthcare provider for people living in the Amazon rainforests. His time there taught him to research further and use nature as a pharmacy.

Also, he was a member of the Green Cross as a frontline paramedic. He ministered to injured protestors and law enforcement officers during the violent protests. All of his information is updated on his LinkedIn account.

the home doctor review

Apart from that, he is active on his Twitter Account and shares his daily life.

the home doctor review

Claude Davis is a natural remedy expert and a survivalist. He feels that our forefathers’ medical methods were years ahead of what we now believe. Besides, he has taken active efforts in educating people about crises and depending on nature to supply us in crises due to the Venezuelan crisis. Also, he is known for many books such as The Lost Ways (special edition), The Lost Book of Remedies, Deadly Virus, The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods.

As you can see from the information, the book’s authors are all medically certified. They were qualified and knowledgeable enough to write the book. Furthermore, they have an excellent profile and their information is freely accessible online. They could devote time to study and gather information for the book at this stage. Finally, we can be confident that the book’s writers are reliable and qualified.

The Home Doctor Review – What Is Inside The Guide?

I purchased the book from the official website to better understand and provide you with the most thorough evaluation possible. The purchase is simple to complete, and I can immediately download the digital edition.

Over 300 pages of graphics, step-by-step directions from specific diseases to general health protection are presented, such as dealing with a stroke, practical, healthy ideas, and general information on how to build your immunity, etc.

Home remedies for the common cold, headaches, neck and back troubles, and other ailments are covered in detail. This book will show you how to do a complete breast exam at home if you are concerned about a persistent bump or pain in your breast. From your brain to your feet and everything from your heart to your sinuses, the book covers them all.

Overall, the handbook includes three parts, not to mention the author’s introduction and table of contents: Introduction, Body, and Final Consideration.


The book starts with the story of Dr. Maybell Nieves in her work. She shared her views and feelings about prior medical situations with her patients. Next, she underlined the need to have and read this medical handbook. Finally, the author highlights the concepts you must learn to appreciate this manual, but it is not overly academic.

The concepts are the most critical aspects of the section, and I was surprised when I read it. The majority of us are somehow ignorant of typical health conditions. Yet, these are the most critical times to save lives. I’m sure that people know this, but you don’t seem to care.


the home doctor review

Before getting into the content, the author gives you a physical examination to do on yourself and others so you can see what’s going on and how to get closer to your “patient” and their diagnosis. You can get a quick solution and treatment based on it. The general check is critical in any circumstance, especially in a medical one.

In the first two chapters, the authors focus on the parts of our body that are influenced by the environment, including mental health and skin.

Mental Health

Mental health is a state of psychological and emotional well-being that is easily influenced by the environment. We adjust our conduct daily based on the circumstances we encounter during the day. Consequently, we can feel pleased, furious, and sad on the same day without it indicating a mental health condition.

Do you have a good understanding of the four most frequent mental health issues?

This section will go through what they are and how they impact you. Following that, the author will demonstrate how to relax and treat them. However, they suggest some practical online tutorials or procedures for you to take that are beneficial and safe. Here’s an example of how they’ll present you with various online training courses. The courses are 100% free and once you read the book, you can access the courses by scanning the QR code.

What impresses me the most is how they educate us on solving problems every day in the simplest and quickest possible manner. They contain easy methods and step-by-step instructions.

The health concerns are listed in order of severity, from least to most serious, so that you may become more aware of them.


Scientifically, skin is the body’s biggest organ and serves as the body’s first line of defense against microorganisms and injuries. Because it contains nerve endings that let humans communicate with the environment, it is classified as a neurological organ.

In contrast to the preceding section, the writers supply you with methods and products for protecting and preventing the skin from environmental contaminants first. They also suggest dermatological products that we should keep at home.

You will also learn about skin disorders, their symptoms, and how to treat them naturally and academically. In this section, the author uses real-life images to depict the disease so that the patient may grasp it and realize how severe it is. The author advises that you have careful precaution and methods before going to the hospital for critical ailments.

In reality, if we aren’t aware of it, specific common issues can lead to various dangerous ailments. Furthermore, the steps to cure a wound or any other process, for example, will be offered to us with instructions and illustrations to follow them appropriately.

The next sections describe the diseases from the head and neck to the systems inside our body, including the Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Nervous, and Immune Systems. Below are some highlights that impressed me very much:

10 Medical Supplies You Should Have at Home

Medical supplies run out quickly in an emergency. Rather than waiting until it’s too late, get medical supplies now to guarantee you have them when you need them. China and India supply most medical supplies and pills on shop shelves. It might be challenging to locate medical supplies when supply lines are disrupted. In In-Home Doctor, you will learn about 10 medical items that you should keep on hand. The team explicitly advises Naproxen, an over-the-counter pain reliever that is more effective than ibuprofen.

The Worst Things You Can Do During a Blackout

Blackouts have the potential to plunge the entire globe into chaos. Blackouts can be terrible whether you reside in Venezuela or Texas. The guide book will discover the most severe medical mistakes made during a blackout, as well as how to deal with life-saving drugs like insulin or Humira during a blackout.

What to Do If You Have a Heart Attack

Early detection of a heart attack might save your life. Pressure in your chest; discomfort or pain in your jaw, back, neck, arms, or stomach; shortness of breath; and cold sweat, nausea, or lightheadedness are all early warning symptoms of a heart attack that can be discovered with the Home Doctor book. You should contact an ambulance if you have even two of these symptoms. The authors of Home Doctor propose a very ordinary aspirin with surprising results in such a time point before getting help. You must maintain these items in your home for them to be accessible and valued.

What Happens If You Take Expired Medicine

Taking expired medicine might be dangerous. Other outdated medications are entirely safe. What happens when you take expired drugs, as explained by the Home Doctor. Dr. Mabel and other doctors in Venezuela have direct experience with the effects of expired medication. They are frequently obliged to utilize the expired medication for years after it has expired. You can find out which drugs are safe and not in the guider.

You will find four antibiotics that you can legally store without a prescription

Antibiotics that people stockpile include: Antibiotics are lifesavers, preventing an ordinary cold from progressing to fatal pneumonia. They save a minor wound from turning into a potentially fatal infection. These natural antibiotics include various chemicals that attack bacteria in different ways. You’re unlikely to come across microorganisms that can withstand all four. You may offer yourself the best chance of survival by having these microorganisms at home.

A natural pain-killing herb may be found in your garden

After their local pharmacies ran out of medications, many people in Venezuela turned to this plant. Fortunately, it is not easy to find the plant growing wild across North America and Venezuela, making it simple to stock up on the natural pain reliever before it’s too late.

How to Stockpile Insulin and Other Prescription Medications

In an emergency, stockpiling medicine might be the difference between life and death. Securely stockpiling drugs, on the other hand, cannot be accessible. You may learn a great approach to stockpile prescription drugs like insulin in Home Doctor. This technique may be used right away for insulin and other drugs that are difficult to stockpile.

How to Recognize and Stop a Stroke Quickly

Time is vital when dealing with a stroke. Early detection of a stroke can help you avoid long-term consequences. With the help of the Home Doctor, you can learn the quickest method to spot a stroke – and the one thing you must do right away to increase your chances.

What Happens If You Don’t Take the Right Probiotics

The popularity of probiotics has never been higher. On the other hand, taking the incorrect probiotics might be harmful to your health. They can, for example, cause allergies and alter your gut flora. With the Home Doctor guide, you can learn the difference between good and harmful probiotics – and how to choose the right ones for you.

Flu and Other Respiratory Problems

The Home Doctor provides a section on treating the flu and other respiratory ailments at home. The author describes this treatment plan as “a basic protocol” that you may employ at home if you don’t want to or can’t go to a hospital. The strategy focuses on high fevers, coughing, and other flu symptoms.

How to Manage Skin Injuries and Disorders

The section covers skin and skin appendages, and how to manage skin conditions without seeking professional medical help. Corns, warts, athlete’s foot, burns, scalds, dermatitis, fungal infections, insect bites, stings, abscesses, ulcers, and open wounds are all covered in this study. Egg whites are one therapy option for second-degree burns. A section includes how to manage an open wound at home.

Symptoms that Go Unnoticed but Could Indicate Internal Inflammation

Internal inflammation links to an increased risk of illness. You’ll learn about “little-known body signals” that suggest if you have concealed inflammation in your body right now with Home Doctor.

1-Minute Stretch for Back and Neck Pains

Most back and neck discomfort may be relieved within 1 minute, according to the Home Doctor. You may release muscles, regain mobility, and resume a happy and healthy lifestyle by completing this stretch at home.

How to Do a Breast Exam at Home

The book explains how to have a breast exam at home. You’ll receive a comprehensive collection of diagrams and instructions to put your mind at ease. Dr. Maybell devised this breast inspection technique while working at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy.

Leeches Have Medicinal Uses

People employed leeches to treat diseases hundreds of years ago. “Leeches are a highly efficient and easy-to-use cure for keeping a wound from festering,” according to the writers of the Home Doctor. Leeches might help you recover faster if you utilize them correctly. They can also help reduce blood pressure by reducing blood flow and artery stress.

People Throw Away Eggshell Remedy and Other Home Remedies

You toss away items that may be used as treatments every day. Home Doctor is a collection of 25 home medicines built from everyday household items. For example, eggshells may be turned into calcium tablets, which can be valuable in an emergency.

When you can’t go to the dentist, Dental Care Without the Dentist

Home Doctor has a section on treating toothaches and mouth infections. A tooth infection may swiftly escalate from a nuisance to a life-threatening situation. With the help of the Home Doctor’s guide, you may learn how to treat your tooth infection properly.

How to Tell Whether a Heart Arrhythmia Is Dangerous

Heart rate and rhythm changes might signal a significant condition. They might also be a precursor to a heart attack or stroke. You may find warning indicators that separate benign arrhythmia from severe arrhythmia with Home Doctor.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Nails

Getting rid of an ingrown nail might be difficult. The guide can help you find a treatment plan to get rid of an ingrown nail.

Venezuela’s top ten most sought-after bartering items

Money may become less valuable during a pandemic. You may have to barter for stuff. Some objects are worth more than others. In-Home Doctor, here are eleven non-medical items you should have on hand right now. Following the fall of the economy, these commodities were precious, “and you could swap them for nearly anything you needed – including medication,” according to the Home Doctor team.

Interesting Grandparents’ Home Remedies

Our grandmothers utilized home remedies to heal common diseases.. You may find 40 home cures that physicians still use or recommend in Home Doctor. You may learn how to cure insect bites with toothpaste, how to decrease a fever with vinegar, how to detoxify while sleeping by placing half an onion in socks, and how to prepare cough syrup from black radish, among other home treatments.

A Natural Antibiotic Plant Near You

If you know where to look, you may locate a natural form of doxycycline in your garden. Usnea is a plant that the Home Doctor educates you about. The plant, sometimes known as an older man’s beard, is native to North America. You may transform it into an antibiotic tincture with a bit of work to boost its efficacy and extend its shelf life.

Keep Listerine in your medicine cabinet for the following reasons

Listerine is more than simply a mouthwash. It can also be quite helpful in natural cures. Listerine was created in 1879 to be used as a surgical antiseptic. Using in Venezuelan hospitals, it is to treat bacterial and fungal infections, wounds, gangrene, and diabetic foot.

How to Make an Inflammation-Relieving Cabbage Wrap

Inflammation may be reduced by wrapping cabbage around your body. Cabbage leaves are “a superb anti-inflammatory,” according to the writers of the Home Doctor. They include chemicals that can help a wound heal faster by drawing out poison or pus. It is a natural medicine taught in medical colleges, not a folk cure.

the home doctor review

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After extensive reading, I was so impressed that the necessary health knowledge and the logic presented by the authors. The book is such a truly encyclopedia that provides you with knowledge and steps to neither treat many diseases at home nor have quick first solutions for an emergency. Most methods are natural; however, the results are surprisingly effective. Not only do the methods help us treat the diseases actively, but they also propose practical ways to save a life promptly.

The Home Doctor Review- Benefits

  • When emergency medical treatment is not accessible, you may help save lives.
    Assist your family in being self-sufficient and making their own decisions on dealing with sickness or accident until expert assistance comes.
  • Teach you easy ways that you may use at home to avoid future health concerns like high blood pressure without having to go to the doctor for frequent examinations.
  • Teach your family how to manage medical crises at home until professional help comes to keep them safe.
  • Educate you on handling common diseases and injuries at home with natural therapies or simple self-care to help you save money on medical bills.
  • Your family will feel more confident in their skills to confront challenges if they have The Home Doctor Guide download.

The Home Doctor Review – Pros and Cons

Here are some advantages:

  • Certified medical physicians authored the book.
  • It is available in both digital and physical formats.
  • Instructions are in a straightforward way to follow.
  • The book includes illustrations of how to do medical procedures.
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days
  • Reasonable cost

However, there are still disadvantages:

  • Even while the book outlines how to manage specific conditions, in some special cases, you still require medical assistance.

The Home Doctor Review – Pricing

Both physical and digital books cost $37. If you want to get the paper book, you must pay $37 plus $8.99 shipping and handling.

the home doctor review

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The cost of a meal for a handbook full of knowledge and measures to treat a common ailment at home, and recommendations to live a healthy lifestyle is much cheaper than its genuine value. Furthermore, you can treat certain simple disorders at home, which saves you much money and time with the complete guide and steps in the book. More significantly, knowing how to provide first aid before seeking medical treatment can save lives, which is invaluable.


Apart from the main book, two other goodies await you if you place a copy of Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household on your shelf now.

the home doctor review

Bonus 1:Wild Edibles You Can Forage or Find in Your Own Backyard:

This book will teach you how to utilize your backyard and make the most of it effectively. What your garden plants can do for you is valuable. This supplement will teach you about the beneficial fauna of North America.

Bonus 2: Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans:

This book contains all of the indigenous’ medicines. For hundreds of years, people have relied on nature to provide for them, and they do so now. As a result, plant knowledge, which we today take for granted, was very important a few hundred years ago.

Apart from the main book, which can help you treat many diseases at home, the two bonuses will support you to grow the natural plant and take them as natural and safe medicine. Furthermore, the bonuses are also practical and easy to do for anyone.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

In case you are still doubtful, let me assure you. With the affordable book, you have a 60-day money-back policy.

If you find the book unhelpful, you can raise the request to get a full refund within 60 days. You have nearly two months to check and practice the instructions in the book or get your money back.

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The Home Doctor Review – FAQs

Is the book just concerned with current medical practices?

Not only does the book present knowledge about medical practice, but it also provides information on painkillers, antibiotics, and herbal remedies for common disorders.

Is it hard for me to understand the content in this book if I don’t have much knowledge about medications?

No, prior medical expertise is not necessary to utilize the information in the book. Instead, the book’s focus is on practical knowledge in a logical and easy-to-understand language for everyone.

The Home Doctor Review – Final Verdict

Recent times have demonstrated how much we suffer when the medical system is overloading. Sometimes, it becomes increasingly difficult to assist your loved ones; having basic medical supplies and accurate knowledge might save a life. We must acquire critical medical knowledge to protect the community’s health. This e-book will provide you with the answers to all of your medical concerns.

The Home Doctor Guide teaches individuals how to identify and cure health issues and conditions using basic medical knowledge. Certified medical experts prepare it, so it is confident to say that the information is accurate. Besides, there are two attractive bonuses for you. And, you can request a full refund whenever you want. Therefore, you can have the book and practice some of its steps to certain health problems at no risk in 2 months. So, it’s definitely worth a try!

Hopefully, this review on The Home Doctor will help my sister decide whether to buy the handbook or not and you, my readers, to make your own decision. If you have any questions or want to share your experience, please give them in the comments section below! We would be happy to hear from you. See you soon.

the home doctor review

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