irresistible texts review

Irresistible Texts Review: Can Attract Any Man You Want Just By Texting?

I started my Irresistible Texts review after a random, seemingly – pointless question:

“Have you ever heard about the Boring Girls’ Mistake?” 

Ever since we were still in college, my friend Abby has always been asking me this kind of question. She is the type of girl that would read all the magazines like Cosmo and Seansheant. Surprisingly, she tries to remember all of the dating tips mentioned there and spends all her free time searching for ways to attract men. Sadly, none of her efforts seemed to yield results: Her longest relationship only lasted for 3 months. Once in a while, Abby would bring up some strange definitions about love that she picked up on those articles; most of them don’t make sense at all. However, there was something about this “Boring Girls’ Mistake” thing that clung to her brain longer than usual. My friend insisted that it was the reason why all of her previous relationships failed miserably.

At first, I was about to shrug it off. You see, none of those articles Abby read could improve her love life at all! Still, as she kept mentioning this strange concept about the “Boring Girls’ Mistake”, I became curious. After a week or so, I tried to search for it on the internet. “So what kind of tabloid is she reading now?”, I thought to myself.

The search led me to a relationship program called the Irresistible Texts. 

So What Is The Irresistible Texts Program? 

irresistible texts review

Irresistible Text PDF

Have you ever had a wonderful text conversation with a guy, filled with laughs and flirting … but quickly, all the passion died out, and it all got boring?

Why does this happen? How to keep the momentum and make texting become the ultimate secret to win his heart? The Irresistible Texts program claims to be the answer to all those questions.  It shows users the most effective way to text men, making them uncontrollably attracted to you. 

With this description, well … The Irresistible Texts failed to convince me at first. There were so many relationship programs that offer the same thing. However, as I looked deeper at it, several factors set The Irresistible Texts apart from the others. Firstly, the author stated that he created this program using psychology. Therefore, it works in 99% of the cases and can be used on almost every man. Secondly, users can not only learn the secret to text men but also communicate with them well. You don’t have to worry about being a girl that only sticks her face to the phone – Irresistible Texts promises to turn you into a glamorous lady more than ever! 

Here comes another question, though: Who is the creator of Irresistible Texts? Since the program uses “psychology facts”, whether it is trustable or not depends on the author.

Irresistible Texts Review – Who Is Behind The Program? 

After just a few clicks, I found out the one behind Irresistible Texts. His name is Matthew Coast. Living in Denver, Colorado, this man is a dating coach with more than a decade of experience and the founder of the Commitment Connection forum. Since 2005, Matthew has helped thousands of people, both men and women, from all over the world.

irresistible texts review

Matthew Coast

Verifying these claims was not difficult for me. Unlike other online programs’ authors, this man did not hesitate to reveal himself on the internet. Aside from the forum, you can easily find him on other social media channels such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. Notably, Matthew’s Youtube channel, where he frequently chats with his fans and shares dating tips, has reached 200K subscribers! All of these are proof of him being a qualified expert.

What Is The “Boring Girls’ Mistake,” And How Does The Program Work? 

Still, to place your trust in an online program, the author is not enough. There is another thing I need to check out, which is the underpinning of the Irresistible Texts. 

Are you curious what the “Boring Girls’ Mistake” my friend had been mentioning was? According to Matthew, there is a thing all of us, as human beings, desire in a relationship. This factor is often overlooked, but it can kill the love in an instant. It is even more critical for a man, and they are hard-wired to be longing for this one thing…

That’s right. It is “variety”. Variety is why all of us love to travel, why we have so many clothes, and why men lose interest in your texts. In fact, experts have confirmed that this is one of the things guys want the most in a relationship. Yet there is one thing women do not know: Texting only makes that need worse. 

Why is that? No matter how much you try to keep the conversation light and attractive, and no matter how funny you are, your man will read your text using the same tone. Eventually, the whole thing becomes boring for you. That’s when he starts to pull away. 

Well… such bad news for Abby, who prefers texting over any means of communication.

So how can you turn the table and make texting become an exciting experience? Matthew Coast has spent months creating text formulas that trigger the chemical reaction in five areas: Testosterone, dopamine, androgen, endorphins, and oxytocin. Altogether, these hormones will psychologically make a man feel responsible and attracted toward you. It means that with the Irresistible Texts, all of your texts will look inspiring to him, no matter how long you two have been knowing each other. 

If you care about psychology, perhaps you already know that words and phrases can indeed trigger your brain, making you feel certain emotions or manipulating your behaviors. Therefore, we have a reason to believe that it is possible to draw the attraction of a guy using texts. How exactly one can use this knowledge to their advance in texting is still unknown, though. Immediately, I purchased a copy from the official website. I was curious to check out the real deal! 

Irresistible Texts Review – Inside The Program.

As I got access to the copy, I realized that appearance was not a strong point of The Irresistible Texts. On one hand, it is easy for users to follow up. On another hand, I think for a relationship program, a basic, uninspiring look is a huge weakness. The design team of Irresistible Texts should really work more on the layout. 

The program consists of five chapters, each representing the “love hormones” you need to trigger. Of course, in my Irresistible Texts review, I can’t reveal everything due to copyrights. However, I can give you a brief description. 

Chapter 1: Testosterone. 

Testosterone is a sex hormone that contributes to a man’s ego, his psychological response and overall health. Little do women know, though, that the increase of this hormone results in men pursuing women more than usual, and trying a lot harder than they usually would. Testosterone gives a man the spike of courage, even if his instinct tells him to play it safe. That’s the reason why boosting this hormone is the first step to make him interested in you. 

What is the ultimate rule to keep his testosterone level high every time you two talk? Particularly, how do you do that using just texts? That’s what you will find out in chapter one.

Chapter 2: Dopamine. 

The second step to winning a man is, of course, to get him addicted to you. To do that, it is crucial to boost his dopamine level. According to research, dopamine release is specifically involved in affecting our ability to feel happiness, motivation, focus, and alertness. When it comes to love, though, the effect of this hormone is slightly different. The pattern of romance starts with lust, and dopamine pursuits lust

That’s why triggering dopamine in texting is a must. Not only are you triggering lust and attraction, but you are also feeding his fantasy and make him obsessed with the idea of being with you.

Chapter 3: Androgen. 

In chapter 3, you learn the third step: Keeping him coming back. You do that by tapping into his androgen. Androgen is the hormone that helps with the development of sexual functions and sexual characteristics in men. Experts show that androgen deficiency leads to sexual dysfunction and a general health decline in men. When a man is healthy, his prostate glands sex functions and help with sperm production, resulting in a higher libido. 

New research suggests that a man releases more androgen when he feels socially dominant. How to make him feel that way? The answer is right here in chapter 3.

Chapter 4: Endorphins. 

Do you wonder what the next step is? For the 4th phase, you are learning how to increase his endorphins. Endorphins come from your nervous system. This chemical is released more after you’ve done something pleasurable. It is like a “feel good” natural drug for the human body. Not only does it reduce pain, but also boosts happiness. 

Therefore, if you want to keep him invested in you, you will have to boost his endorphins level. This hormone makes him feel “rewarded” whenever he is with you and motivates him to do more things to please you. How do you trigger endorphins by using text messages? Chapter 4 will tell you right away.

Chapter 5: Oxytocin. 

According to most scientific hormones, Oxytocin is the “bonding hormone”. The level of oxytocin doesn’t only rise after sex, but also more platonic bonding moments. The love between parents and child, and even among friends, can produce more oxytocin.

Interestingly, some research indicates that oxytocin-rich bonding can have an anti-social effect on men. It strengthens relationships with the “in-group” and decreases their need for talking to outsiders. If you wish to have a lasting relationship with a guy, chapter five is a MUST to read. 

One thing I appreciate is that the program comes with references from trusted sources. This shows how much time and effort the author invested in his research: He cited many famous studies. At the end of each chapter, you will find a list of example texts, which you can send right away or modify according to your situation. With that, Irresistible Texts becomes a no-brainer for any girl to apply. 

irresistible texts review

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Irresistible Texts Review – Benefits It Claim To Bring. 

  • The program helps you understand male psychology, especially when they are in love. 
  • It turns your texts into charming little messages and keeps him interested. You will never have to worry about being ignored anymore. 
  • You can apply the psychological knowledge in a real-life situation as well, making you become the most attractive woman both in texting and meeting face-to-face. 
  • No matter whether this is a guy you just met or your boyfriend who seems to lose interest recently, Irresistible Texts will make him devoted to you. 
  • It shows you how to heat up the relationship and make it last.

Irresistible Texts Review – Who Is This Program For?

Since the program surrounds male psychology, it is specifically for women. No matter what situation you are in, you will find Irresistible Texts useful. The author states that the program works for all stages of the relationship. So you have never talked to your crush before, or you two are on the brink of divorce? The program can solve it all. 

Though anyone can use Irresistible Texts to strengthen their love, this program is a must-have for those who are in a long-distance relationship or those who want to find a guy from online dating platforms.

Irresistible Texts Review – Who Is It Not For?

Unfortunately, men cannot use it to capture the girls they like, as men and women’s brains work differently. 

Some of the sample texts can be a bit bold for shy girls, but you can always modify them according to your situation.

Irresistible Texts Review – Pros And Cons. 

Here are the things I like about Irresistible Texts:

  • An expert creates it. Matthew Coast is a real relationship expert with more than 10 years of experience in the field. He puts all his heart and soul into this program, so you can place your trust in it!
  • Anyone, regardless of age, can make use of Irresistible Texts. According to the author, male psychology is right for all guys, irrespective of whether your husband or your school crush. 
  • The program comes with a comprehensive list of references. Matthew only cites from trusted sources. It is safe to say that Irresistible Texts program is based on scientific facts. 
  • It shows you step-by-step so you can follow easily. 

However, there is still a small disadvantage:

  • The program does not look so eye-catching, which is a minus point for a relationship eBook. 

Price & Purchase Policy. 

So far, the program is only available for purchase on its official website

The original price of Irresistible Texts is $47. This is reasonable in comparison to other relationship programs on the market. To make this become more of a bargain, you should look at the price of relationship coaching: The cost for an hour can range from $50 to around $300! My friend Abby once wanted to consult a local coach, but she had to give up on that idea due to that excessive amount of money. 

But if you are reading this line right now, right at the moment, you must be one of the luckiest girls in the world…

For a very limited time, Matthew Coast has an insane idea: He wants to CUT OFF THE PRICE BY 86%! What does that mean? You are one of the few people who will get the COMPLETE program at the price of $7! 

You can almost say he gives you his entire work for free. Matthew does that because he knows every woman loves to text, and he wants to spread this to as many of them as possible. 

So if you are just like my friend, you no longer have to worry about the price of relationship coaching anymore. A real expert is here placing his 10 years of research in your palm. He will guide you to make the man of your dream text you back almost instantly. He will turn you into the woman any man will brag with his friends, saying “this is the most interesting girl I’ve ever met”! All of that comes at less than a price of a t-shirt…

Of course, you can choose not to spend this $7. You can be skeptical. You can let the opportunity pass right before your very eyes, and let another woman win your dream man’s heart… That’s your choice, and I’m not going to interfere with it.  

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Irresistible Texts Review – Bonuses. 

Shhh… This is a secret you should not share with anyone. Although the author does not mention it on the landing page, this program comes with three special gifts:

Bonus 1: 4 Steps To Make Him Chase You Over Texts Video. 

Unlike women, men are not so keen on texting. It is almost impossible to hook up with a man just by using text messages. That’s like a miracle… and with this video, you are the one who possesses that miracle! Learn the tip to make him grow addicted to you even when you two have never met face to face right here! This bonus is extremely useful for those who wish to find a man through a dating platform such as Tinder. 

Bonus 2: Texts That Make Him Chase Video. 

The second surprise gift is a collection of text that will make him desire you immediately. Warning: Some of them can be extremely bold! 

Bonus 3: What To Do When He Ghosts You? 

Disappointment? Embarrassment? Worry? You will never feel those emotions again. The third bonus will help you grab his attention again immediately and make him focus on you alone.

Matthew does not want his users to think of the bonuses as a way to boost the sale. Hence they are not mentioned on the official website. Another reason he doesn’t reveal them is they won’t be here for long. Perhaps Matthew is planning to sell a set of dating videos, aside from Irresistible Texts, and these bonuses are just a special market test. I think you are smart enough to understand: Grab them this instant, or you will never have a chance again! 

If that’s not enough for you to make up your mind, then let me tell you: You have no risk to take. The author let you try out the program for 60 full days. For any reason (or maybe for no reason at all), you can request to have all of your money back. Of course, you can still keep the copy of Irresistible Texts, in case you find it useful in the future. That’s how confident Matthew Coast is with his program. 

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Irresistible Texts Review – Our Final Verdict. 

After checking out the full program, I immediately picked up the phone and called Abby. I told her the program was perfect for her. Then, I processed to write these Irresistible Texts specifically for my dear readers. 

As my review is published, Abby is full of happiness with her crush for one year, Wilbert. He had never shown any interest in her, but since Abby started using the program, his world is now surrounding her. The way he looks at her as if she is the only girl left in this world makes me feel heart-warming, so I’m sure it is right to let more girls know about the program. Overall, Irresistible Texts is an authentic relationship program that will really spark your love life. You won’t regret investing in it. 

irresistible texts review

irresistible texts review

It comes to the end of my Irresistible Texts review. If you have any comments or would like to ask about the program, please leave a comment below and let us know! Thank you and see you in our next post with more interesting information.



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