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Divine Locks Hair Supplement Review: The Most Legit Review

Welcome to Linkingo’s Divine Locks review! Hair loss (alopecia) is prevalent for middle-aged women. According to research, about one-third of our ladies suffer from hair loss at some time in their life. For postmenopausal ones, this ratio is as high as two-third. 

Though being a widespread condition, alopecia is still a nightmare. “You know, my husband and I loved to host house parties with our friends”, one of our readers wrote, “But ever since I turned 40, I don’t want people to see me anymore. From fine and wispy strands, my hair slowly becomes a group of cobwebs. Every time I take a bath, the scalp is more and more visible. Just a touch can break those strands as they are incredibly dry and damaged! My husband keeps trying to comfort me, that I look fine, I’m still beautiful, but the look in his eyes says that my hair is horrible. At the age of 43, he is still good-looking, but what have I become now…”

As a woman, I know this is not the story of one. Many ladies out there are suffering from the same issue, the same fear. Not only does hair loss destroy their confidence, but sometimes it also ruins their happiness. That’s the reason why I have been trying to look for a solution, and I stumbled upon a supplement called Divine Locks

An Introduction Of The Divine Locks Hair Supplement. 

divine locks review

Since Divine Locks is a new product, it was quite challenging to find its information on the internet. Therefore, I decided to go through the official website first. Have to say that the marketing team did an outstanding job: Their website is well-presented, very professional looking and straightforward. According to it, Divine Locks is a supplement that supports hair growth. 

“What’s so special here?”, you might think. The most crucial factor for a right hair growth product is it must be safe for health. I’m sure our ladies and gentlemen don’t want to consume any more chemicals. The reason is that some shampoo substances have been proven to be the direct cause of alopecia. Divine Locks claims to be 100% natural, consists of only nutrients from herbs and plants. That’s the reason why it has gained much attention from users worldwide. 

But well, we wouldn’t know if those advertisements are sugar-coated (yet). There is still a lot more to verify.

Divine Locks Review – About The Creator.

The mastermind behind this product is Kayla Rochin, who introduced herself as a cosmetologist. Kayla has spent her whole life studying and researching about hair trouble. According to the official website, she has styled the hair of celebrities and music producers. However, her ultimate goal was to discover a formula that can help folks rejuvenate their healthy strands. You can say the Divine Locks supplement is Kayla’s life-time achievement, and she gladly shares it with the world. She believes that everyone deserves to be beautiful, regardless of their age. 

Here comes the strange thing: Even though Kayla Rochin seemed to be “well-known” (she has worked with Hollywood stars!), I couldn’t find any of her information on the internet. Kayla does not have a social media account or a website as proof of her existence. It is weird because if she is that talented, many people would like to hear from her. Why doesn’t she have a website for booking like many famous cosmetologists? That makes me skeptical about the Divine Locks supplement.

Therefore, I tried to search for the manufacturer. As shown on the label, the manufacturer of Divine Locks is Inner Beauty & You Inc. However, Kayla Rochin is also the founder. So far, there is no exact address or phone number available on the internet. 

It looks like we cannot confirm the authorization of Divine Locks this way. Let’s check out another aspect: The science behind this product.

Divine Locks Review – How Does The Formula Work?

Most people assume that hair loss is an inevitable part of aging, and it is untreatable. However, Kayla Rochin has another approach. She raises a more profound question: “Why do our hair get thinner as we age?”

The creator explains that in our hair follicle (the part of your skin where hair grows from), there is a type of cell called the “Dermal Papilla”. They locate at the base of your hair follicle and provide essential nutrients for your hair to grow. Scientists have proven that as we age, our Dermal Papilla folds over and gets “pinched”. As a result, it cannot deliver enough nutrients for your hair to thrive. That’s the root cause of hair loss and thinning. 

The main purpose of Divine Locks is to use a unique combination of nutrients to “unpinch” the cells. Initially, the formula is used to repair wounds by producing new cells. Still, Kayla researched to prove that it can also create brand-new Dermal Papilla cells and “unpinch” the flow of nutrients in our strand. Even though Divine Locks’ formula is not acknowledged officially by scientists, what Kayla Rochin said about the alopecia’s root cause is precisely right. Though not so many people know about this, our Dermal Papilla cells are the real reason why we experience massive hair loss as we age. 

It proves that Kayla has indeed done much research to create the Divine Locks, so we have a reason to think she knows what she is doing.

Divine Locks Ingredients. 

To further understand how Divine Locks supplement can help your hair regrow, we have to look at the ingredient list. 

divine locks review

Devine Locks Supplememt Fact

Fo-ti has long been known as “the cure for old age”. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism discovered that it has “surprisingly high estrogen activity”. Hence, this herb can serve as an alternative source of estrogen for menopausal women. Kayla Rochin also cites research from 2013, indicating that Fo-ti can kickstart hair growth. In fact, it can create new hair follicles to fill your bald patches. 

These are three types of seaweed. All of them contain a variety of protective antioxidants and are useful for generating new cells. In particular, Harvard and Stanford both published studies regarding seaweed’s ability to create new Dermal Papilla cells. They prove that with this ingredient, your cells will be generated 169% faster. That’s the reason why Kayla Rochin adds them to the formula.

This ingredient is added to the Divine Locks supplement because Kayla doesn’t want to restore the previous condition of your hair. In 2017, the Journal of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology published an article showing that this herb can boost the size of Dermal Papilla cells. Hence, you can say that Gotu Kola can turn the flow of nutrients in your strand into a flood, helping you to get the most beautiful hair you’ve ever had. 

Besides, scientists have shown that Gotu Kola also has a detox effect as it eliminates some toxins in your body.

Grapeseed is a rich source of Proanthocyanidins. Recently, the National Library of Medicines published a study showing that this compound can promote hair growth by 230%. It means if you have lost your hair for a long time, this ingredient can easily make it up. 

Scientists have proven that silica promotes significant hair growth for women between 20 to 70 years old. It is found naturally in some fruits, such as bananas. In the formula, the creator mainly uses silica extracted from leafy greens and beans. 

Selenium plays the role of a natural antioxidant. It helps the hair growing process by promoting free radicals from your body. 

I find it impressive that unlike other products where they only list out the ingredients on the label, you can find the full Divine Locks formula on its official website. Despite the lack of information regarding the creator, Kayla Rochin’s confidence makes it impossible to underestimate her supplement. She must have carefully researched before promoting Divine Lock. That’s why she has such a courageous attitude. 

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What Does This Supplement Promise To Deliver?

  • Tackle the root cause of hair loss after just a few days. 
  • Restore nutrients to each strand of hair
  • Make your strand thicker and shiny. 
  • You won’t have to feel embarrassed letting your hair down anymore. Divine Locks will give you brand new confidence. 

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Divine Locks Review – Dosage. 

As noted on the product’s label, the recommended dosage is two capsules per day. Kayla Rochin advises her customers to take Divine Locks continuously in two months for the best result. 

While some might want to accelerate the effect by taking more than two pills, please note that the Divine Locks team has done much research before deciding the best dosage. Overdose might create harmful effects on your body.

Divine Locks Review – Who Should Use This Product? 

Anyone who is above 18 years old and dealing with alopecia can use Divine Locks. While Kayla creates the product for the purpose of making women feel more beautiful, men can also benefit from it. 

This supplement can be the savior for middle-aged men and women, but if you are in your 20 or 30s and would like to have the most beautiful hair, you also should try it out. 

Divine Locks Review – Who Should Not Use It?

Please note that Divine Locks is not for those who are under 18 years old. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your physician before taking any supplement.

Please note that hair loss can be the symptom of some diseases, such as ringworm, thyroid disorders, or even cancer. Therefore, I recommend you find out the reason for hair loss first. If it comes with unusual weight loss or pain, you should seek medical help immediately.

Pros And Cons Of The Supplement. 

Here are the things I find intriguing about the Divine Locks supplement: 

  • It is a natural product, making it 100% safe without any side-effects. 
  • Divine Locks’ creator Kayla Rochin seems to have researched very carefully before creating the product. She only cites studies from trusted sources and has chosen the right direction to deal with alopecia. 
  • It doesn’t take long for you to see the result. You will see your hair starts growing overnight. 
  • It works for both men and women of all ages. 

However, the product is not flawless: 

  • The lack of information regarding Kayla Rochin and the manufacturer is a huge con. It is understandable if a creator wants to protect her privacy. Still, then there is no way to prove that Kayla is a famous cosmetologist, as she claims. I would send an email to the Divine Locks team to ask for more info. 

Divine Locks Review – Price & Purchase Policy. 

Initially, the price of Divine Locks was $290 per bottle. Since all the ingredients were specifically selected from the best sources to yield the most satisfying result, a high price is not surprising. Not to mention there are many hair growth products on the market with similar and even higher prices. 

But if you are reading this article right now, you are not paying $290.

Kayla understands that some women, as much as they are suffering from hair loss, can’t afford $290 each month. She does not want anyone to feel bad about themselves, to feel ugly and unloved. 

That’s the reason why for a limited period of time, there is an insane discount going on. Here is the new offer: 

divine locks review

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  • Sample Package: You get one bottle of Divine Locks for $39 each. During the special sale period, you can save yourself $251. 
  • Most Popular Package: You get three bottles of Divine Locks for $37 each, which means the full combo price is $111. During the special sale period, you can save $759 if you purchase this package. 
  • Best Value Package: You get six bottles of Divine Locks for $34 each, which means the full combo price is $204. During the special sale period, you can save $1536 if you purchase this package. 

As you can see, the more bottles you purchase, the more you can save. The purchasing process is easy: All you have to do is fill in the encrypted form, and Kayla’s team will process your order right away. It only takes five business days for the product to arrive at your door. You are only five days away from the most amazing transformation in your life – the one that will change your appearance forever! 

If you are still hesitating, let me remind you that there is a 180-day money-back guarantee. That’s right! You have 180 days to try the program 100% RISK-FREE! I have never seen any company that can give such a generous offer. If you are not happy with how beautiful and glowy your hair becomes within half a year, all you have to do is send Clickbank an email. They will process your refund request just as quickly as your order. 

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Divine Locks Review – Our Final Verdict. 

In conclusion, Linkingo thinks that the Divine Locks might provide you a good opportunity to show off your glowing, gorgeous hair. It is 100% natural, without any side-effect, and it comes with a superb refund policy! You don’t have to risk anything at all, both your health and money, so let’s grab a bottle and see what kind of miracle Divine Locks can bring! 

It comes to the end of my Divine Locks review. Your feedback is important to us, so if you would like to share your opinion, please leave a comment below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel and Facebook page for more exclusive posts! 

We look forward to seeing you again. 

divine locks review



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