The Tao Of Badass Review

A Honest The Tao Of Badass Review: A Controversial Program


Being able to win the heart of any hot ladies is every man’s dream. Unfortunately, this dream seems to be unreachable for many guys. That’s why when Joshua Pellicer declared that his program held the power to make it happen, we have received numerous request to make a The Tao Of Badass review. Pay attention to this article and find out the secret lies beneath this product with us!

Before we continue to this The Tao Of Badass Review, let’s have a small talk.

As a guy, you might have wondered at least once: What trait does the man over there possess to be considered “attractive” by all women that you don’t have?

Especially when you are the introvert types of guys. Yes, he seems to have all the luck when it comes to women. He can steal women’ heart just by using words. As someone who finds it hard to communicate with ladies, it is something you are lacking.

Is it your dream to become just like him?

The good thing is stealing women’ hearts is something you can gain just by practicing. You don’t have to be born with an outstanding appearance. Once you have learned the art of communication, every girl will find themselves hopelessly fall for you. With The Tao Of Badass as your company, you too shall be able to do that in no time.

Designed specifically for guys who find it rather troublesome to start a conversation with women, this program contains a wide range of tips and tricks for you to raise your confidence and boost your attractiveness. After completing the program, you will have the power to get every ladies around.

Are you still in doubt? Then, I guess the first thing we should find out about is the author of The Tao Of Badass.


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Who is Joshua Pellicer?

Joshua Pellicer is one of the leading experts in relationship and female psychology field. If the author’s experience is proof for the program’s reliability, then you can totally place your trust in Josh’s works. Not only does he hold a psychology degree, but he is also a familiar guess on TV and radio shows. He is often invited to talk about the art of flirting and offer dating advice.

An interesting fact is, just like every normal man, Josh was not an expert from the beginning. He started off as a shy guy who struggled a lot with dating. He has a normal appearance, like, truly normal, the kind of guy you can find everywhere. The thought of communicating with ladies used to freak Josh out as he didn’t know what to say. He decided to improve it by researching women’ mind and worked hard to find a way to communicate with them properly.

The result came out even better than his imagination. Just after a few days, Josh noticed that women around started seeing him in a new light. That’s when he realized that being attractive isn’t all about look. Instead, it is more of creating trust and making women feel safe around you. He is dedicated to helping guys around the world achieve happiness using his ability and experience.  



What is The Tao Of Badass all about?

It’s time for us to get to the main point in this The Tao Of Badass Review. Unlike most dating and flirting programs for guys that are all about picking up random ladies, this 150 – page eBook is more of a communication guide. Its purpose is to provide you step by step guide to attract women, create a bond and earn their trust. But guess what, it doesn’t only help you find a girlfriend. Instead, The Tao Of Badass shall help you improve in many aspects of life with your newly gained confidence.

The interesting point is, Joshua Pellicer doesn’t focus on female psychology alone. He explains you the differences between men and women in order to build the most useful communicating plan. After reading The Tao Of Badass, you will be able to have a deep understanding of the way women think. You might even be able to read your girl’s thoughts just by watching her expression.


The Tao Of Badass Review


All these pieces of information are covered in 10 modules. Before the price was $97, but after the discount, it only costs $47 to get this program. When you think that you are purchasing an expert’s priceless advice, this price is really reasonable. Moreover, you shall also receive a number of useful bonus PDFs and have the chance to join the community where Josh and his team share love and relationship advice and experience.

What you will get from this program?

As mentioned above, The Tao Of Badass consists of ten chapters:

    • Introduction
    • Gender Roles
    • Confidence
    • The system
    • The approach
    • Tests
    • Reading body language
    • Creating love
    • The biggest mistakes you make
    • Conclusion

From chapter one to chapter seven, the program focuses on the differences between men and women’ points of view. Based on that, it shows you the most effective way to build up your confidence and approach ladies. But what really sets The Tao Of Badass apart is the eighth chapter, which to my surprise, is actually useful for both genders. It pays attention to how to strengthen the bond and give the relationship a huge boost. I think it is really considerate of Josh to include a chapter for both sexes in a program that was designed just for men.

In The Tao Of Badass, Joshua clearly declares that attraction isn’t necessarily based on appearance or wealth. Instead, women are often drawn to the guy who is considered attractive by many ladies around. Using this as the key, the program teaches you how to be the man that many women would desire.

So how do you become that type of man? In the title, you already see the word “badass”. That’s how the author describes the ideal guy that most ladies would hopelessly desire. By understanding the gender roles, you will eventually know how important it is to show off your masculinity. This is VERY important because if you fail to do that, there is a very high chance you would just end up becoming the “nice guy” that always get friend-zoned.

Many guys would hesitate at the next part. Scary as it sounds, the next thing Joshua will teach you is how to approach a girl. But don’t worry. With the proven psychological methods that you shall find in the program, slowly you will nail it.

Last but not least, The Tao Of Badass introduces you the way to know if a girl is interested in you. How is it possible, though? Well, just as you expect, women’s mind is complex. Nevertheless, you can read her thoughts just by watching her body language. Surprise? This way, you can process things without worrying that you will get rejected.


The Tao Of Badass Review



One thing that makes The Tao Of Badass worth buying is despite coming with quite a lot of bonuses, none of those is useless. Each of them has its own value and is more than an addition to the main PDF. Here are some bonuses you will receive after purchasing the program:

    • Escaping The Friendzone: I actually think that many of you will find this PDF interesting. Being friend-zoned is a common problem, especially for shy guys. If you find yourself in this situation, the bonus will definitely become your savior.
    • 5-week body language mastery course: In this series of videos, you will learn how to communicate more effectively with the one you are interested in using body language. They will also show you some frequently encountered mistakes and how to avoid them.
    • Breaking up like a man: If you want to be a true gentleman, you should as well consider breaking up an art! Saying goodbye is even harder than finding the one for yourself. In this bonus, you will learn how to break up without hurting her too much. I’m sure it is something you won’t be able to find anywhere!


In case you still wonder if The Tao Of Badass will work for you…

… then you should know that this program is specifically for any man who wants to get women’s attention. From young and inexperienced guys who have no idea about how to communicate with women properly to older men who find themselves a bit slow with the dating game, you will find this eBook useful as long as you want to draw the affection to yourself.


Advantages and disadvantages of The Tao Of Badass

In this part of our The Tao Of Badass review, we would like to sum up all the pros and cons of this product:


    • This program teaches you how to be confident. Not only does it help you a lot in finding your other half, but it is also useful for your life in general.
    • You shall become a true gentleman, which is the kind every woman can’t resist.
    • The Tao Of Badass was created by an expert. You won’t have to think twice about whether it is trustworthy or not.
    • Though based on science, the eBook is very easy to read and to make use of the pieces of advice. That’s because it is well organized.
      • You don’t have to pay for the shipping fee and can get access to it the moment you purchase.
      • Joshua Pellicer and his team are very supportive. You can even ask for personal coaching if you don’t find your problem in the eBook.
    • You will be able to receive your money back after 60 days if you don’t find it useful. Literally, it costs nothing to try.


      • The main PDF and the bonuses contain many pieces of information. You might have to go through them more than once to fully grab every piece of advice.
    • You will have to put in a lot of effort, especially to boost your self-confidence. We suggest that you spend more time in chapter 3.



At the end of this The Tao Of Badass review, we hope that you have found your answer after reading this article.

Getting a lady’s attention is never an easy task. It becomes even more challenging when you are a shy guy. Nevertheless, when you have achieved a brand new level of self-confidence, you will also boost your attractiveness. That’s exactly what The Tao Of Badass will offer you. Therefore, we highly recommend that you give this program a try.

The Tao Of Badass Review



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