the big diabetes lie review

The Big Diabetes Lie Review [UPDATE]: Is It Legit? Reveal The Truth Untold

Welcome to Linkingo. Thank you so much for your support over the past time. Our post today is The Big Diabetes Lie review.

Before walking you through every section of the review, let’s find more detailed information about diabetes. I know you already hear about this disease, but did you know anything about its types and the root cause? Or how dangerous it is to your health?

More specifically, diabetes is the result of the increased level of blood sugar in your body. There are 4 + 1 rare types of diabetes.

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Prediabetes
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Diabetes insipidus (the rare condition)

Each of the conditions has different symptoms, causes, and treatments. Following our review today, we will focus on type 2 diabetes. This chronic condition is a common symptom that most people have to deal with as they age. There is no cure for diabetes. The best way is to control your diet and do some exercises. However, if you are with type 2 diabetes, you should follow medical therapy or combine your daily routine with particular medicines. On the other hand, the long-term prescription can cause side effects that may weaken our internal organs and lead to other dangerous diseases.

the big diabetes lie review

As the number of people diagnosed with diabetes increases, I consider it an alert that rings people’s minds back on a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to a chronic disease, I would prefer a natural solution rather than having medicines every day. A product that caught my eyes by claiming that “reverse type 2 diabetes and normalize blood sugar without drugs, pills, or insulin injections”.

Hmm, the author’s words seem to catch the attention of those looking for a natural cure for type 2 diabetes. But does it work? And whether there are any potential risks and side effects? Get ready and stick with me on the diabetes lie review for the answer.

What Is the Big Diabetes Lie?

The first thing I have always done before doing a product review is to check on its official website. One of the most exciting things that I have figured out is that the website has two different versions. 

The first version includes a video and a list of table content. The second one is more detailed and full of information with numbers. The company has a good start in approaching customers’ needs by providing them with convenience. To me, I prefer the second version as they have more information as well as number and science facts. It is a better way for people to understand what type 2 diabetes is.

the big diabetes lie review

The Big Diabetes Lie PDF

About the form of the products, the full name of the book is 7 Steps To Health and The Big Diabetes Lie. You may wonder how many pages the book has? The big diabetes lie has 456 pages. I was shocked when I first saw the book because of its thickness. In case you prefer the paperback, you have to wait for 7-15 days to receive it.

But with the form of a digital version, you can instantly download and store it on laptops, phones, and tablets. The program claims to support people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to eliminate this chronic condition. According to the author, you can find useful tips to reverse chronic conditions or type 2 diabetes without injections or medicines in an all-for-one book. Apart from that, it also covers topics to change your daily lifestyle into a healthy one. 

The digital version is such a fast, convenient way for customers to settle down everything. However, according to scientists and doctors, you can only control type 2 diabetes and not escape from this chronic condition. Back on those incredible numbers, they sound too ideal for me. Therefore, I continue to dig in more detail about the product.

Who Is the Creator?

the big diabetes lie review

Dr. Max Sidoro

The author of the Big diabetes Lie involves Dr. Max Sidoro and ICTM. He is the team leader that leads other members of the organization to complete this e-book together. I researched Dr. Max and his team because I want to make sure that they are well-qualified enough.

It is claimed that he is an author, entrepreneur, visionary; he is also a nutritionist, fitness trainer. Since he has worked and experienced long enough to become an expert in human health, he and his team tried to complete this book. Max is also the person who organizes and leads ICTM (International Council for Trust in Medicine).

the big diabetes lie reviewI tried to search for more information about Max on social media; however, I got nearly zero data. It seems like Max has no activities on social media. I couldn’t find any of his accounts either. That would be a slight disappointment for customers who want to follow him and listen for his advice regularly. But at least, based on the truth that I found, it seems like he is a real person with specific knowledge. His writing and product have a foundation and create the right strategies for people to live a better life.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, Max started with the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. You can recognize it by yourself if you:

  • feel thirsty all the time
  • see things blurred
  • accidentally have a wound/cut, and it takes a long time to heal
  • …etc.

This disease can be a genetic one. Or even if you are obese, there will be a possible opportunity that you are with type 2 diabetes. Based on these symptoms, Max and his team determined to find the root cause, inflammation. 

As you all know, when harmful bacteria try to damage your cells, which is possible because of injuries or toxins, your body reacts to that and triggers the immune system to respond and speed up the healing process. If the response’s duration takes too long, it becomes a chronic inflammation that alerts you about your body state. You may wonder why a tiny wound can have a significant impact on your body like that? There is a science fact stating that inflammation is the beginning of many diseases, including type 2 diabetes. 

So what is Max’s conclusion on how to prevent inflammation from occurring? He claims that the untold truth of diabetes’s development is behind the food we eat and that we should not eat. If you follow a healthy diet, these minerals and vitamins will play an important role in attacking and reversing inflammation, bringing back a healthy internal system to your body. 

Therefore, Max and his team continued their research to find healthy food for healing and preventing inflammation. Moreover, diabetes is not just about genetic or obesity. I also figured out that inflammation does trigger insulin resistance and diabetes.

In a word, every theory and scientific facts they based on make sense, and I am slightly convinced right now. But before that, I want to make a quick review of the content of the program to make sure everything is safe and healthy for our health.

What Is Inside The 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie?

There are three parts, including part 1 and part 2 are the series of 7 Steps to Health, and part 3 is about Big Diabetes Lie. What you can find in this book is a general guideline for good health. Firstly, you can follow its chapters that help you realize diabetic symptoms, causes, and ways to reverse it. I will go into more detail about the content of the book. 

  • Foods to avoid

This part includes many topics about what should eat and what should not eat. The author also divided fats into two groups: healthy and unhealthy ones so you can decide what to eat for a day. The book also provides some substitute ingredients so you can pick up your favorite one and treat yourself.

  • Foods that are full of medicine

Max and his team already claimed that some specific foods with natural chemicals help stabilize the glucose level in your blood. They offer an adequate dosage and the right ways to cook them to preserve their vitamins and minerals at the maximum levels. 

Apart from foods used as natural remedies for diabetes, some recipes will help you ease and destroy inflammation from the inside of the body. 

  • Nutrition facts

Measuring a sufficient amount of nutrition is vital. You will find a lot of information about foods as well as vitamins and minerals. There are some tips to help you check what type of fats are good for your health when it comes to processed food.

  • Prescription warnings

The problem of taking advantage of diabetic drugs will be the mainstream of the part. You will also learn more about its side effects and have an appropriate dosage for your health condition.

As you can see, the full process of repairing your body with the seven steps to your health is not only covered topics related to diabetes but also other foods to reduce the chance of stomach cancer, heart attack, etc. With ten years of researching and testing, the author claimed to make your life change possible and with no side effects within 21 days.

In my view, the e-book covered every topic needed when it comes to diabetes. On the other hand, it even provides customers with different useful tips to apply to their daily routine and change their whole life. I think it is such an excellent book for everyone to understand more about their health. You might find nowhere a list of useful health resources that are already sorted out like this. 

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Who Should Use It?

There are three groups of people who should consider using this book:

  • Type 2 diabetes patient/ people with this chronic condition

The first group of people that usually lose hope from escaping this chronic disease or are tired of taking medicines every day can consider this book. They can understand their current situation more and figure out how to change their lives with tips from experts.

  • Obese people or people having a high sugar blood level

The second group of people is likely to need the program as they are quickly becoming a patient of this chronic condition. Since the program covers various health topics, you can determine the root cause leading to obesity or high sugar blood. Moreover, it offers some meal options to help you balance your healthy weight.

  • People that wish to live healthily

The third group includes those who want to learn more information about a healthy body. They can build up a healthy lifestyle and keep up with it in the long term with tips from experts.

So you may wonder what the appropriate age to use this book is? According to Max, if you are male or female from 20 – 90 years old, suffer from genetic diabetes, are in prediabetic time, or are diagnosed with diabetes for years, the compounded information is useful in normalizing your blood sugar level and reversing the situation.

Who Should not Use it?

Even though there is no mention of a particular group of people who shouldn’t use this book, the author already announced that the Food and Drug Administration had not evaluated its statements. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. And the author suggests that we consult a doctor before making changes in our daily routine or using any programs or supplements.

What I Like About Big Diabetes Lie

  • Proven natural remedies

Similarly, natural remedies do have their side effects. As mentioned, Max and his team spent almost ten years researching and testing to make everything safe and right for your health. 

  • Informative program

Many people don’t know much about their health. Some don’t even know that what they eat can be a potential risk to your health. As the e-book covers many untold truths about our health, you can now see things more scientifically and professionally to protect your life.

  • Very fast and convenient

After purchasing, you will receive an email with an instant link for download. You can store it in any electronic device that you want to.

  • 60-day money-back guarantee

To make customers feel satisfied, happy, and safe after purchasing, Max offers a 60-day money-back policy without asking any questions. 

  • No need to follow a strict diet

The e-book provides various meal options as well as a list of food to you. It doesn’t require you to follow a strict diet but eat selective vegetables and other food groups.

What I Dislike About Big Diabetes Lie

  • The thickness of the e-book

It wastes time to scroll to the right section of the book and read what you are looking for. On the other hand, 500 pages can take up a large capacity in your memory storage. Moreover, there are too many words on each page while small; it may be inconvenient for old people sometimes.

On the other hand, the book has three parts, but the diabetic section is listed in the Big diabetes lie. The other two include seven steps to health, which means older people with type 2 diabetes may find it challenging to select a suitable guideline for them. Moreover, the book shows only the tips and principles required to follow, not full-day meal plans for a specific time or similar things. I believe this book is more appropriate for medical students that want to do in-deep research on diabetes and human health.

  • Not an instant solution

Results vary from people to people. If you are looking for a quick fix, then you have to consider it again. Moreover, it also asks you to spend time thinking about what to eat for a day. It is also a disadvantage to older people that live alone and cannot take care of themselves.

  • Overloading information

The e-book offers mostly information for diabetic treatment and also other tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Too much information can make people difficult to read the right section.

  • Lacking photos of results 

As mentioned, the Big Diabetes Lie program has successfully helped over 70,000 people with type 2 diabetes, reversed the situation, and normalized their blood sugar. What most customers consider are the results that have made an impact on these people. If there were some photos showing people who had used it, it would be more convincing.

Big Diabetes Lie Customer Reviews & Feedback

As I looked for customer feedback, there are some arguments between positive and negative reviews on Big Diabetes Lie. Let’s have a quick check with the negative ones.

Here is a customer review found on Quora. It seems he doesn’t have much trust in the credentials of Max. On the other hand, he believes that we cannot cure type 2 diabetes and suggests using prescription medicines.

the big diabetes lie review

Another customer shows his agreement following the review of the first customer. We can only control weight loss and sugar blood levels in some people. If you want to change anything, always ask your doctors first.

the big diabetes lie review

Now, let’s turn to positive Big Diabetes lie reviews from customers. Ruth is satisfied with the full comprehensive guideline of the book. He loves the part of showing meal options with a tremendous amount of food.

the big diabetes lie review

On the other hand, Marvin loves reading the part where the author shows statistics of pharmaceutical companies. He also found it very useful to know the appropriate dosage of medicines and insulin needed to heal this chronic condition.

the big diabetes lie review

For Lela, she put great effort into reading the book and following steps in the guideline. Her average glucose has improvements within a year, and she is quite pleased with that.

the big diabetes lie review

I also came up with many customer reviews. They did not share detailed thoughts about the e-book. If you look at the star rating in the photo below, they feel safe and happy to read and follow this online guideline.

the big diabetes lie review

How Much Does It Cost?

Max claimed that diabetes could cost you over $4,000 every year. Based on these numbers, I tried to find a more detailed cost of the average medical expenditures for diabetes. You have to consider health care services at the hospital and money paid for medicines, necessary supplements. The final number is up to $9,000 a year. 

the big diabetes lie review

So, understanding the pressure of cost, Max and his team tried to balance and came up with a reasonable price of $37 for the e-book.

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But that’s not the end. Since the e-book covers many health topics, the author also offers similar free guidelines to let customers make astounding results. They include:

  • The Miracle of Sleep

the big diabetes lie review

Getting enough sleep is a crucial factor that keeps your health on track. When you age, it is much more important to maintain a sufficient amount of sleep. What you find in this bonus #1 is the role of sleep playing in our life. Moreover, you will figure out how effective it is if you get your body sleepy enough.

  • MSG and your health

the big diabetes lie review

You should find the advantages and side effects of MSG or monosodium glutamate. If you add an excessive amount of MSG into your food, it causes harm to your body. With this guideline, you can lower until the exact amount of MSG to seasoning your meals

  • The Secrets Of Antioxidants

the big diabetes lie reviewAntioxidants have many health benefits. If you provide your body with enough antioxidants, the process of fighting against harmful bacteria and protecting the body’s cells will be more optimal.

  • Amazing health from water

the big diabetes lie review

People tend to drink little amounts of water every day. Water plays an essential part in transferring vitamins and minerals to the right place in our body. Understanding the health facts of water can help you be more cautious and improve your health.

  • The Danger of Microwave radiation in your home

the big diabetes lie review

You will find how dirty and dangerous your microwave at home is by reading this guideline. Of course, you can use it to heat food, yet please consider its dangers before using it.

the big diabetes lie review

To make sure everything is secure and safe, Max and his team offer a policy of a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with your results, you can get a refund without being asked.

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FAQs of Big Diabetes Lie

I cannot find any emails for customer service.

If you have any inquiries or concerns, you can contact them at

Is it only for people with type 2 diabetes?

According to Max, the main content of the program focuses on diabetic symptoms and treatment. However, it also covers a wide range of information on other diseases such as heart attack, chest pain. You can find natural remedies to ease inflammation and protect your cells from damage.

Is the author a scammer?

As mentioned, Max is a real person. He and his team spent almost ten years testing what they had written in the book to make sure everything is safe. In the case of customers’ trust, they also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee to secure your payment and trial.

Final verdict of the Big Diabetes Lie review

Thank you all for keeping patience and attention to read the complete Big Diabetes Lie review. Please spend a few more minutes and read until the last words of my conclusion for it.

Regarding the author, it seems like Max is a real person who has experience and progression in human health. Since he is not so active on social media, it can be seen as a disadvantage that makes people quite hesitant when checking his product.

Regarding the content of the book, it is an excellent resource for type 2 diabetes people. It also contains a variety of new information that most people have never discovered. Plus, the 60-day money-back policy can make the level of trust higher. These policies help you feel safe about using the program. The cost is quite reasonable and offers five different bonuses that are good for health, too.

So, is this ebook legit or not? I would say it is not a scam. Instead of that, I feel happy because people can have a significant health resource to understand type 2 diabetes better and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe people don’t want to take medicines every day. If they figure out a more natural and adaptable way, it can improve their mental health and physical health. But whether you make a change in your daily routine that may have an impact on your body, please always consult your doctor to make sure everything is safe and secure.

the big diabetes lie review

the big diabetes lie review

I hope the provided information is sufficient for your decision. If you need us to review any product, please send your inquiry to us.


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