The Acid Reflux Strategy Review

The Acid Reflux Strategy Review: Does Blue Heron’s Guide Work?

Welcome to my The Acid Reflux Strategy Review.

First, I want you to understand the reason why I decided to write a review about it. So, I will share with you guys my story. 

Last month, on a windy evening, I was having dinner when the phone rang. 

“Hi, mom”, I said through the phone.

“I am sorry to say this, but we have bad news, Mr. Erickson, our neighbor, you know…”, she stopped for a while. Still, I tried to keep calm and listen.

Then she continued: “He has suffered gastroesophageal reflux disease for years. But the situation became worse, and it developed esophageal cancer recently.”

“He has gone today. I just call to inform you of his funeral”, she sighed sadly.

My heart sagged, I bit my lip but then kept saying a response: “Yes, mom. I will come.”

Mr. Erickson was not only our neighbor but also my friend. I spent much of my childhood in his garden. Recently, when I came home to visit my parents, I sometimes talked with Mr. Erickson and heard about his gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).  

I know GERD. It is the chronic form of acid reflux. I never thought acid reflux was so severe that it could lead to cancer and take his breath away. But it does. It really shocked me.

After dinner, I started searching for the disease. I realized that acid reflux is much more dangerous than what people usually think about it. We tend to ignore symptoms like burning sensation in our throat or sour taste in our mouth. But they are signs of acid reflux. 

Honestly, I have had these feelings a couple of times. I even heard my kids complain about them before. But I thought it was just a digestive problem when we overeat. I knew that I was wrong.

So I decided to find a program to stop acid reflux before it is too late. There were many suggestions I could see on the internet. Still, I paid special attention to The Blue Heron Guide To Heal Acid Reflux program because a lot of people talked about it, many reviewers mentioned it as well. Then after a week of searching, I had my own experience with this program.

The Acid Reflux Strategy Review

However, I thought that many people might ignore the signs of acid reflux. That is how I came to write a comprehensive review on The Acid Reflux Strategy program. I ensure this will be the most detailed review of the product. So, let take a cup of coffee, read my review before you make your decision.

What is the product?

The Blue Heron Guide To Heal Acid Reflux is a comprehensive program designed for people with acid reflux problems and aims to help people stop their heartburn. The e-book of 53 pages includes only three steps the author wants us to take. 

The Acid Reflux Strategy Review


Only three steps? Honestly, at first, I thought that it seemed to be too short and easy to make changes. However, being one of the professional reviews of Linkingo, I was aware of my responsibility for unraveling whether the program is a scam. So I decided to find out more about it.

Let’s see. The title shows that Blue Heron Health News is the publisher. I have read many e-books of this publisher, so I find it physically similar to other programs. It’s neat and simply designed with a clear structure. It will help readers easily follow guidelines in the program steps by steps.

Then I went straight to its official website. The treatment method used in this product is simple and 100% natural. First of all, this e-book will figure out the adverse effect of drugs and medications on your health. After that, the program suggests some quick basic dietary rules to stop your acid reflux immediately within a day. Scott Davis then teaches us how to identify food combinations to avoid acid reflux. He proves the relation between our mind and our stomach, and shares techniques to get stress relief, address “knot in the stomach” as well. 

Moreover, the author is so thoughtful that he gives particular advice for people who are prone to acid reflux, such as pregnant women, infants, and children.

Who is Scott Davis – the creator?

Another thing I am always concerned about when researching a program is who created it. So I never skip searching its author. 

I am a little excited that Scott Davis is the creator of the system. It is because this author is familiar to me. I know him very well because I have read many of his programs before, such as The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy and The Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol.

As a doctor of Eastern Medicine, he has published several health guides and blogs to help his patients in overcoming their health problems and diseases. He is a movement therapist and a natural health researcher as well. That is why his programs usually mention natural methods. 

I saw a lot of positive feedback from readers because his strategies did not cause any side-effects. But I could not stop wondering whether a program with only three steps takes effect on acid reflux. I only got the answer until I bought the program and checked it out for myself. 

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How does the program claim to work?

The best feature of the program is the natural treatment method, with no prescription medication throughout the strategy. Not only does the approach help sufferers relieve their pain of acid reflux, but it also deals with the root causes to cure them permanently. You only need to follow three steps, as emphasized in the e-book.

The Acid Reflux Strategy Review

  • Step 1: Quickly stop acid reflux by taking the simple home remedy.

With suggestions of 11 herbs available at our home, Scott David brings his readers a temporary relief of heartburn sensation. However, it is just his “quick fix”, and just takes away the symptoms. So we cannot skip taking the two steps. If not, the situation may even become worse. 

  • Step 2: Recognize the foods and food combinations, causing acid reflux and stay away from them.

The author claims that this is one of the most essential parts of the strategy. Whether acid reflux can come back or not depends on the foods we take in. According to the procedure, changing your diet plan is the way to heal the disease for good.

  • Step 3: Relieve stress and address “knot in your stomach” with simple techniques.

Last but not least, Scott Davis points out that pressure is the main reason that triggers acid reflux. After showing the relationship between our mind and our stomach, he claims that controlling stress can help control heartburn. But stress seems to be a part of our life, honestly. It’s hard to avoid stress. So the strategy provides you with 4 techniques for stress relief for help.

What will you get from The Acid Reflux Strategy?

This program commits that if you follow it, you will be able to get rid of acid reflux completely. But only when you take the entire strategy, without missing any steps, you can say goodbye to it. I want to highlight this because many of us may just read step one, and forget the two others right after the symptoms disappear. Remember, the first step is claimed to be a “quick fix” only. It doesn’t eliminate the root causes, but the second and the third do.

Besides, according to Scott’s strategy, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding the foods that trigger acid reflux and stay away from stress. The author will give you a guideline in detail about the lists of what you should eat, what you should be careful of, and what you shouldn’t take in. I found that the stress relief techniques are also helpful in case you have a headache or insomnia problem.

Readers can get advice for their relatives who are prone to acid reflux as well. The author spends two chapters in his program to specially guide pregnant women and children on how to treat their heartburn problem. 

The Acid Reflux Strategy Review – What is inside the program?

Overall, the Blue Heron Guide To Heal Acid Reflux consists of 10 main chapters as follows:

The Acid Reflux Strategy Review

 The Acid Reflux Strategy’s Download Page

Chapter 1: Introduction

As you can see in the name of this part, it will provide you with a brief overlook of the whole program. It also mentions some early symptoms. So in case you are not sure about your problem – whether you have acid reflux or not, the introduction will help you determine. 

Chapter 2: Myth Busting

In this chapter, Scott Davis focuses on unraveling the myth of acid reflux medications. Are they good or bad? How do they seriously affect your health? You will get the answer here.

Chapter 3: The Quick Guide – Beat Acid Reflux Now!

Moving to chapter three, Scott Davis starts to introduce his first step among the three ones. You will learn about the essential tools to heal your heartburn with 100% natural remedies. The point is that they take effect very quickly. For example, if you take the solution at your dinner, you immediately have a good sleep without acid reflux that night.

Chapter 4: Other Homeopathic Remedies

This part also supports Step one in Scott’s strategy. It is all about herbal remedies that everyone can easily find at home. There will be a list of herbs that can cure acid reflux. Of course, some of them may give you relief, while others may not work. But they are just natural fragrant and sweet herbals we use in the meal and not harmful. So, you can try it with nothing to lose.

Chapter 5: GERD Diets

This chapter includes information on diets that will cause acid reflux. Also, you will find some tips to avoid heartburn in particular situations like when you are on vacation, or at a restaurant. If you are too busy to cook at home or often have to eat out with your customers, these tips will be helpful.

Chapter 6: Food Combining

As being the second step in Scott’s strategy, chapter six is the longest one in the whole program. The author will guide you in detail about which types of foods you shouldn’t mix, give you samples of the GERD free diet. So we can learn the basic rules of combining foods.

Chapter 7: Stress and Acid Reflux

Chapter seven concentrates on reducing stress to cut down heartburn. It’s also the final foremost step in this program. Readers will find a couple of exercises to practice when they are under stress. I am now applying them daily, so I am sure that these exercises can help you feel relaxed and unfastened. 

Chapter 8: GERD and Pregnancy

As I mentioned, Scott Davis is so thoughtful that he wants everyone can follow his program. He spends a whole chapter talking about the best GERD treatments for pregnant women. These are also remedies experienced by his beautiful wife while she is pregnant.

Chapter 9: Acid Reflux in Infants and Children

In this chapter, symptoms of acid reflux in infants and children such as vomiting, difficulty feeding will be given. The author also goes deep into the causes so that parents can avoid them. Then he suggests the detailed treatment and meal preparation for each group. I applied his advice and found that my kids almost no longer feel nauseated after meals anymore.

Chapter 10: The GERD Grocery List

Finally, chapter ten presents the GERD grocery list basics to help you start your healthy shopping habits. It is recommended in the program that you should print or copy the list. Then take it with you whenever you go to the grocery store.

The Acid Reflux Strategy Review

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The Acid Reflux Strategy Review – What are the Pros and Cons?


After research, I find many things fabulous in the Blue Heron Guide To Heal Acid Reflux. Now let’s see the good points:

  • The program is neatly presented so that everyone can follow step by step. As I mentioned in my Blue Heron Guide To Heal Acid Reflux review, this e-book is quite short with only 53 pages. I even was confused and nearly jumped to the conclusion that it was just a scam. But after experiencing, I am confident to say that it is a simple but handy program with steps in detail.
  • The author uses a natural treatment method only. Therefore, until now, no hazard or harmful impact is reported. The fact that we are often worried about the unwanted side-effect of medications. So natural remedies always sound reliable to us and are our priority choice.
  • It helps acid reflux sufferers stay away from the pain for good because the root causes are well treated. Instead of focusing on easing the heartburn – the symptom, this program directly deals with acid reflux causes. 
  • The 60-day refund policy protects all readers. If you are not happy with the outcome, you can contact the publisher to get a full refund immediately. No questions asked. So you get a chance to try the Blue Heron Guide To Heal Acid Reflux for free.


Though there are some drawbacks to this strategy, I have to note down in my review. They are:

  • The program is available in e-book only. You will need a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection to access it. 

However, I got new information for you that now you can get a book in paperback shipped to your home (just with a small printing fee of $ 2.9). I am sure that it would be good news for those who love to own a book in their hands.

  • It will take time and need your patience. As mentioned, the program can quickly heal the heartburn after a few hours you take the remedy. However, the acid reflux sufferers have to follow the complete three-step program to stop the disease permanently. Heartburn will come back if you forget the hard times and skip the remedies.

Who should use this product? 

After days of examining and experiencing, I came to the conclusion that this is a must-follow program for everyone with the symptoms of acid reflux (both men & women). Pregnant women and children can use the program as well because there are particular parts for them (Chapter 8 and 9).

Who should not use it?

However, the Blue Heron Guide To Heal Acid Reflux is a three-step strategy. So for those who want it to take effect immediately or guys who cannot stick to a specific diet plan, the program is not for you. Also, you might not achieve the expected result if you forget to take the remedies daily.

What are the comments on the product?

It’s fair to say that this program receives almost positive feedback from the readers with a rating of 4.33 on Goodreads:

The Acid Reflux Strategy Review

When searching about review on the Acid Reflux  Strategy, I also found many comments people left in “Digital product – Database” follows:

The Acid Reflux Strategy Review

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How much does the  Acid Reflux Strategy cost?

The one-time-charge for this strategy is 39$. It is much cheaper than thousands of dollars you might spend on prescription medications.

If you or your beloved have ever suffered acid reflux or heartburn, you might be familiar with some commonly prescribed classes of medication like Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). You know they cost thousands of dollars per year while they may cause life-threatening side effects, right? If you don’t believe, you can have a look at the article of to see the cost of many different types of PPIs. 

So what do you think when comparing the exorbitant price of medications to a 100% natural three-step program that only costs you 39$ once and forever? 

Well, Scott Davis’s program is affordable for everyone, and I, without a doubt, can make sure that it works well for every member of your family. None of your beloved has to suffer acid reflux in the future. 

Furthermore, the money-back-guarantee policy makes the program much more reliable for us. So, let’s think about the value you receive. I believe you can make your own smart decision. 

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The Acid Reflux Strategy Review – Final Verdict 

To sum up the Acid Reflux Strategy review, I can bet you that this program is really worth trying. 

Fortunately, it helped my kids and me to take away the early symptoms of heartburn. But I think about Mr. Erickson whenever someone mentions acid reflux. I wish I would have realized the severe effect of the GERD and found the Acid Reflux by Scott Davis earlier. 

Remember that you have the 60-day money-back guarantee, so why don’t you take this three-step strategy and follow to say goodbye to acid reflux and keep your body healthy right now, before it’s too late.

By the way, I hope that my review will help you guys and your relatives in making the right decision. If you have any questions or opinions about the program, feel free to share it with me by leaving a comment below. Thank you and see you next time with more useful updates.

The Acid Reflux Strategy Review

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