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Pelvic Floor Strong Review: Discover The Shocking Fact Behind This Program!

There was a big reason that led me to write this review on Pelvic Floor Strong by Alex Miller. 

It all started with an email I received a few weeks ago:

“Dear Linkingo,

I am Cindy and now living in New Jersey. I have always been your loyal reader, but today I am writing to ask for pelvic floor dysfunction treatments.

My husband and I used to have a fantastic sex life. It did not change one bit even after I gave birth to our first child. I was not a shy type in bed. Not bragging, but I think the reason why my husband had an endless passion for me was my adventurous aspect. I did not feel afraid of experimenting with new concepts, especially when it came to sex. He once said that every time we made love, it felt just fresh and exciting, like when we started dating. 

However, after I gave birth to our second child, my pelvic muscles were frail. When the doctor told me that, honestly, those words did not bother me so much. 

They only hit me hard when I experienced what that meant. I could not enjoy shopping like I used to. On a few occasions, I had to run across the supermarket to find the restroom. To my horror, my need for wanting to pee kept increasing. Whenever I cough, sneeze, or lift something, my urine would leak out. I used to love holding family and friend meetings, but I could not do that anymore. It was always me who disrupted the fun by going to the toilet. Needless to say, how ashamed I felt. The humiliation made me not want to see anyone afterward. 

Worst of all is, this ruined my sexual desire. I mean, how can you still enjoy sexual intercourse when you are too busy worrying about your leaking? The more I tried to relax my body, the more I got scared that my pelvic floor dysfunction would wreck our moment. 

It’s not just that. Due to the dysfunction, my vagina was lopsided to the point that I could not feel the rubbing. Hence, it was impossible for me to achieve an orgasm. Even my husband said that my inside felt loosened than before, which freaked me out. “Where is my sexy, passionate wife? Where has she gone?”, the last time we tried to have sex, my husband ended up asking those words. On his face, all I saw were disappointment, frustration, and distress. Then, silently, he walked out of the room, leaving me there crying. He did not touch me at all ever since. 

Recently, my husband has been coming home later than usual.  I could see all of his attempts to pretend like nothing ever happened, but something was off. Something has gone wrong. I was horrified to think that he might seek another woman to satisfy his needs. I have to do something before my family gets ruined. 

That’s why I DESPERATELY need your help, Linkingo team. My doctor told me that this dysfunction could not be cured permanently, but as long as it is still here, I will lose my husband forever. My family will be ripped apart. 

Please, let me know if there is any way to get rid of this nightmare.

Thank you


Right after reading this email, Linkingo team knew that we had to do something. Pelvic floor dysfunction was, in fact, a prevalent condition where patients cannot relax and coordinate their group of muscles to urinate or have a bowel movement. While the condition is common, especially among post-pregnancy women, it causes many discomforts and even ruins patients’ daily life severely. 

One of the inevitable consequences this dysfunction brings is the loss of libido. In fact, scientists have not proven the direct link between pelvic floor disorder and sexual problems. However, the lack of confidence and diminished body image ultimately lead to this result. That being said, Alex is not the only woman who is struggling with her painful story. Many women out there are dealing with not only their health issues but also their sex life. 

As much as we would like to help Alex, Linkingo team could not be careless. Truth be told, finding a permanent cure for pelvic floor dysfunction was a challenging task. So far, this has been known to be very hard to cure. You can take some daily medications, such as MiraLAX, Colace, Senna, or generic stool softeners. However, they can only lessen the symptoms, and over time will lose their effect. 

After many hours of searching,  we finally find a program that claims to cure the condition holistically, without any risk at all. Is it trustable, though, or just a waste of your time? We will discover the truth in this Pelvic Floor Strong review. 

What Is Pelvic Floor Strong? 

Pelvic Floor Strong is an at-home educational program that surrounds the core of pelvic floor strengthening. It contains a set of videos, all of which focus on exercises to heal your layer syndrome and permanently stop your leaking problem. 

pelvic floor strong review

Pelvic Floor Strong Video Series

According to Stanford University professors, physical therapy has always been one of the potential treatments for the dysfunction. However, it often plays a supporting role besides medications. Pelvic floor dysfunction patients are advised to do some simple exercises while taking medicines and other treatments at the same time to stretch their pelvic muscles. The idea of curing it entirely by using exercises is relatively new and has not appeared anywhere. Therefore, our team is still pretty skeptical about Pelvic Floor Strong. 

On the other hand, though, using physical movements to cure pelvic floor dysfunction has a huge advantage: It does not pose any risk. If all you have to do to free yourself from the condition is doing exercises, you do not have to worry about any side-effect medical treatments often have. As a result, there will be no restriction, and even nursing mothers can apply the method. That’s the reason why Pelvic Floor Strong has gained a notable amount of attention from users. 

Pelvic Floor Strong Review – About The Creator. 

The mastermind behind Pelvic Floor Strong is Alex Miller. On the product page, she introduced herself as a fitness instructor and women’s health specialist from Vancouver, Canada. However, before becoming a successful woman like she is, both Alex and her mom suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction and leaking, which ruined her family life. Recalling that time, Alex said that she even thought her dream of being a mother was over. Still, she did not want to give up that easily. She went to the most expensive specialists, consulted the top doctors in the female health field, read all the research articles, and finally discovered the best way to cure pelvic floor dysfunction. 

After seeing the incredible result, Alex decided to share this method with the rest of the world. As mentioned, the disorder occurs mostly in nursing mothers and middle-aged women. Alex stated that she did not want patients to suffer just like her mom did, so she published the Pelvic Floor Strong program. 

Although Alex claimed to be a famous health specialist, Linkingo could not find much information about her. She did not appear on any online news, as expected of a well-known fitness instructor. Still, the name Alex Miller does appear on crossfitlondonuk, an authentic health and fitness website, as an active contributor. This alone could guarantee Alex’s knowledge as it is one of the biggest health educational pages in the UK. Moreover, she owns a Facebook page called Alex Miller – Pelvic Floor Strong: 

Though the page is not so popular (with only around 1600 likes), Alex often interacts with her followers, not only by posting but also by live streaming to share her daily health and fitness tips. Therefore, we can confirm that Alex Miller is a real-life expert.

Pelvic Floor Strong Review – The Science Behind This Program. 

The next thing we did was verifying the scientific evidence behind Pelvic Floor Strong. It is good that Alex Miller shared all of her research on the product’s website instead of hiding it. That makes it much easier for us to confirm these pieces of information and therefore gain more trust from users. 

Alex stated that kegel and all other exercises doctors often recommend focusing on your lower body. That’s the reason why those movements cannot change the situation much. The real culprit is a muscle in your upper body, around your chest and shoulders. It is called the diaphragm, or your “breathing” muscle. 

Without the pelvic floor dysfunction, when you inhale, your diaphragm presses down and pushes down your abdominal wall, reaching your pelvic floor. As all the layers descend, it relaxes your pelvic floor. However, if you have the dysfunction, your diaphragm, abdominal wall, and pelvic floor are no longer functioning as one. As a result, your pelvic floor cannot relax and contract automatically. Ultimately, it becomes weak and frail. 

Therefore, according to Alex, if you want to solve pelvic floor dysfunction from the root cause, you will have to work from the upper muscle. That’s why she designed the course containing all the exercises that work on both your upper and lower body part, helping users to regain their muscle balance and strengthen their pelvic floor. 

The condition Alex mentioned is regarded as “layer syndrome” by doctors and scientists. According to Harvard University research, layer syndrome is the leading cause of every pelvic floor dysfunction case. They also advised patients to do exercises as this method addresses the underlying muscle problem and relieve the pelvic pain. Still, there has been no official set of exercises being declared as the best method to cure pelvic floor dysfunction. Through scientific evidence and trustable research, we can confirm the authenticity of this program.

Pelvic Floor Strong Review – What Will You Find Inside? 

After making payment, users will immediately receive the link to the download page: 

In there, you have two options to choose from: Watch the exercise video or read the information manuals. If you are new to the program, I suggest you select the PDF file first since it will give you an overview of Pelvic Floor Strong. 

One thing Linkingo would like to compliment is the file’s design. Everything is so beautifully and professionally presented, giving a professional look to the whole program without making it too complicated for users to read. Let’s take a look at the table of content: 

As you can see, the information manual consists of nine parts. You can skip the first three parts (About Alex, Introduction, and Disclaimer) if you have checked the product’s website. 

The fourth part, “The Pelvic Floor”, contains everything you need to know about this group of muscles. First, you will get a comprehensive of what the pelvic floor is and how it works. The author then moves to the signs and symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and different types of it. Most importantly, in chapter four, Alex Miller also tells you how to know which type you are dealing with. From there, you will know the right exercises for you to apply. Users do not have to follow all the exercises mentioned in the program. 

The next five parts of Pelvic Floor Strong focus on the exercises you will be practising. “360 Breath”, the fifth chapter, teaches you the basics of correct breathing. Most people tend to breathe solely into their chest, which leads to a syndrome called “shallow breathing”. It is one of the most prevalent causes of layer syndrome. According to Alex, the right way to breathe is not only breathing to your belly but into your side and back, too. It turns on your body’s natural relaxing hormones, known as your parasympathetic nervous system. It also supports the connection to your pelvic floor and core. 

Chapter six, “The Core”, introduces you to a group of muscles in your body. It contains your diaphragm, your abdominal wall, and your pelvic floor. In this chapter, you will know how all of them work as a whole, how they affect each other, and how you can engage them to protect your pelvic floor. 

“Posture” is an exciting part of Pelvic Floor Strong. In the seventh chapter, Alex Miller talks about the two specific postures she often sees in women with pelvic floor dysfunction that can worsen their condition. Trust me when I say YOU SHOULD NOT SKIP THIS SECTION!. You would not know if you have been standing the wrong way or not unless an outsider tells you. The author then suggests a step-by-step method to find out the perfect posture; all of it surrounds finding your neutral spine. 

Chapter eight, “Diastasis Recti”, talks about the condition in which your linea alba (the tissues between your abdominals) becomes very thin. In this case, it can create either a dome or a gap on your belly. Why is it problematic, and how to avoid it? This part of the program will show you. 

The final chapter, “Movement Sequence”, will teach you three exercises that you can do within 3 minutes to improve your core muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor anywhere, anytime you want. 

As you see, though the name is “information manual”, this guide is not just a manual for the program. Though being a short PDF of only 40 pages, it is carefully laid out and contains precious information about pelvic floor dysfunction, and exercise instructions. I really like the way it carefully explains how each exercise affects your muscles and why it can improve your condition. Some users tend to skip the manual, but I suggest you should check it out. 

After reading the manual, you can go back to the community page to download the video. Inside the video, you will find all of the exercises you need to heal from pelvic dysfunction. While the program is introduced as a video program, I found it wise to combine reading and watching materials. You can read about the science behind each movement, then follow the video to do exercises without confusion. 

>>> Download All Video & PDF Files Of Pelvic Floor Strong => Click Here <<<

Does Pelvic Floor Strong Work? What Benefits Can The Program Bring? 

  • Stops your leaking, diastasis recti, and vaginal pulling once and for all. 
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor and put an end to pelvic floor dysfunction. 
  • Restore your sexual drive! You will be all passionate like when you were in your 20s. 
  • Tone your muscles, especially your hip. 
  • As a result, you will achieve a healthy body. 
  • Help you enjoy physical activities again without having to worry about leaking. 
  • Save you from embarrassment and humiliation. 
  • Improve your health in general. 

Who Should Use The Program?

The program is for women only. The author of Pelvic Floor Strong stated that she creates the program specifically for those who have to deal with the dysfunction after pregnancy and middle-aged women fighting against it. Hence, all the exercises in the program are light and made it easy to practice. 

Those who have tried many different methods and have not found one that works or those concerned about the side-effect of conventional medicines should also consider Pelvic Floor Strong. The program is also suitable for busy ladies since most exercises only take a few minutes a day to practice. 

And Who Should Not Use It?

Pelvic Floor Strong will not yield the best result for men, as a man’s muscles and organs are different from a woman’s. 

You should use Pelvic Floor Strong to treat pelvic floor dysfunction that is caused by layer syndrome. I suggest you consult your physician first since sometimes pelvic floor dysfunction can result from rectal prolapse. If this is the case, you should seek medical help immediately.

Pelvic Floor Strong Review – Pros And Cons.

Below are the things I would like to compliment the Pelvic Floor Strong program: 

  • A comprehensive and easy-to-follow program.
  • The program has a clear and convincing scientific backup that scientists and experts have approved. 
  • The program is a combination of video and text, which is very smart. Not only will you do exercises, but you will know why you are doing each movement and how it will affect your body. 
  • Aside from telling you how to cure pelvic floor dysfunction, you shall also get much valuable information regarding the condition and female health in general. 
  • Reasonable price compared to most online programs. 
  • Alex Miller interacts with her users frequently through her Facebook page. She also encourages them to send her a message if there is any question. 

However, the program still has a disadvantage: 

  • You need to have a smart device such as a laptop or a smartphone to access the program.

Is The Program Affordable?

The regular price of the Pelvic Floor Strong program is $150. However, Alex Miller wants to help all other women not to miss out the program just because of the price, therefore, she decided to reduce it to $37. Truth be told, when I first saw this price, my eyes opened wide in shock. $37! The price sounds like a bargain. It is even less than a t-shirt or a pair of shoes! In comparison with other online programs, this is already a very inexpensive cost. 

However, it can be even better when you compare with other forms of treatment. In most cases, doctors will prescribe muscle relaxants to deal with the symptoms. They include Antispasmodics, Cyclobenzaprine, and Clonidine. The price for these can range from $40 – $68   per prescription, costing a large amount of money in the long run. Not to mention they may come with side-effects such as dizziness, headache, nervousness, and low blood pressure while standing. Since its primary purpose is to ease the symptoms, they cannot help you cure pelvic floor dysfunction for good. Another way to treat the condition is surgery. Not only will it cost you a fortune (around $3000 – $5000, depends on where you live and your health insurance), but it will also be a painful and tiring process. 

In contrast, the methods you will find in Pelvic Floor Strong are painless. What kind of side-effect doing exercises can bring you? You can get rid of pelvic floor dysfunction permanently, free yourself from all the embarrassment and humiliation. You can enjoy all the physical activities again, can run and jump again without worrying about leaking. Most importantly, you can now enjoy hot sex and get all passionate again! The program offers to help you get rid of the dysfunction while improving your health and body shape at the same time. All of those benefits are now in your hand at such a low price, so choose wisely! You would not want to lose such a great opportunity. 

Great Bonuses

Along with the main program, customers will also receive three bonuses for free:

Bonus 1: Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist.

pelvic floor strong review

The first bonus is handy, as it allows users to check their checklist throughout the program. You will never have to worry about getting off track with this!

Bonus 2: Flat Belly Fast.

pelvic floor strong review

It is a guide full of abs exercises for those who want to achieve the sexiest hip. What’s more, most of them are proven to alleviate back pain and cure diastasis recti. That means you can shape your body and improve your general health at the same time.

Bonus 3: Back To Life.

pelvic floor strong review

The third bonus is a series of three stretch pain-free videos. It shows you how to get rid of lower back pain and neck and shoulder pain immediately using some simple movements.

In case you still hesitate, don’t forget that you have the 60-day money-back policy as to your backup. That means if you are not happy with the program for any reason, you can always request a refund! 

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Pelvic Floor Strong Review – Our Final Verdict. 

It comes to the end of my Pelvic Floor Strong review. After carefully checking the Pelvic Floor Strong program, we have concluded that this is precisely the solution Cindy needs. This program is one of the best for treating pelvic floor dysfunction, and indeed the one with the best price. 

So Cindy, and any those who are suffering from this dysfunction out there! If you want to stop leaking, strengthen your core, tighten your muscles, and restore your sexual drive, you should give the Pelvic Floor Strong a chance. There is nothing to lose here since you will be protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Just go ahead, grab this chance to be confident and passionate again, because you deserve it! 

pelvic floor strong review
pelvic floor strong review

Thank you for your time reading our Pelvic Floor Strong review. Should you have any questions, please comment below and let us know! We look forward to hearing from our readers and will work hard to deliver more quality reviews.


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