deep belly detox review

Deep Belly Detox Review – Does Toxic Bacteria Really Affect Your Weight?

Hello, welcome to Our post today will be a review on Deep Belly Detox, a program that claims to help you get a flat belly with minimum effort.

Having a slim and lean belly is something that everyone desires. However, a desire for a slim body does not mean you can easily have it. Many people have trouble trying to lose weight. It is especially true for people over 40 who cannot do heavy workouts anymore. 

There have been many weight loss programs in the market. Each of them targets a different cause of weight gain. The guides advise to eat less, exercise more heavily, or other requirements. However, according to the author of the Deep Belly Detox program, these programs do not target what indeed causes weight gain. This program believes that the real reason you gain weight is toxic bacteria in the stomach. If the harmful bacteria are not taken into account, you can not lose weight regardless of your exercise or diet.

To address that problem, Deep Belly Detox offers a 15-day weight loss program that detoxes your stomach from toxic bacteria. According to the author, following this program can help you burn up to 20 pounds in 15 days without dieting or heavy exercises. It could also work for a lot of people. It sounds very promising, right.? However, can it do the things that it promises? We will analyze the program and answer that question in this review.

What Is “Deep Belly Detox”?

deep belly detox review

Deep Belly Detox” is a 15-day weight loss program. According to the creator, the program will focus on detoxifying your body of the toxic bacteria that cause weight gain. Once these bacteria are cleared out, you will regain normal gut health and metabolism, helping you burn fat better.

This program is a combination of multiple guides. First, there is the Deep Belly Quick Start Guide that gives you a general idea of the program. Next, you will move to the 12-Hour Deep Belly Jumpstart to begin the fat-burning process in 12 hours. The next guide is 4-Minute Deep Belly Detox Burners that includes a short 4-minute exercise protocol. Finally, you move to the 15-Day Flat Belly Blueprint guide, in which you learn about the 15-day fat-loss sequence.

It claims that if you follow it, you will lose up to 20 pounds in 15 days. Moreover, if you are over 40, Deep Belly Detox would be especially useful for you as it is easy to follow for people in their 40s who cannot keep up with heavy workouts anymore.

Deep Belly Detox Review – How Does It Work?

The author of the Deep Belly Detox program believes that not having healthy gut bacteria is the reason for weight loss. It explains that toxic bacteria in the body can cause a toxic imbalance. It hinders your metabolism, which slows down your fat-burning process. As a result, you cannot lose weight despite exercising regularly or cutting off food intake. Besides, toxic bacteria also cause bad moods and make you feel fatigued. 

The program includes an apple detox drink recipe that can flush the toxic bacteria out of our bodies to deal with the problem. The drink is easy to make and only requires 4 ingredients but can help burn fat very well. It allows the fat-burning bacteria in your gut to flourish and melt away your fat as a result. What is more, aside from the detox drink, the program also offers low-intensity exercises and food recommendations for weight loss. The light exercises, along with healthy foods, will support your weight loss process further.

Research showed that gut bacteria play a role in weight loss. Specific alterations in the composition and function of our gut bacteria can affect obesity. For instance, a study on mice indicated that obese mice had higher butyrate and acetate levels in their gut. And different diet intakes can influence gut bacteria to make us either fatter or leaner. 

As for the apple detox drink, studies have recognized the remarkable weight loss properties of apples. In a study, overweight women who ate three apples daily, along with a specialized fat loss diet, had lost 2.7 pounds after 12 weeks. Apples are also useful for detoxification and supplying good bacteria for your gut.

Therefore, I believe that this program’s approach has scientific evidence. However, we will continue to analyze the program for a steadier conclusion.

Deep Belly Detox Review – Benefits It Can Bring:

This program will be useful for you in these ways:

  • Detox your body and melt away your abdominal fat: Unwelcomed toxic bacteria in the gut can interfere with your weight loss. They make you pile on belly fat even with decreased calorie intake and heavy workouts. Deep Belly Detox will deal with that by using its special apple detox drink to cleanse your stomach. The detox drink can support good gut bacteria to speed up your metabolism for better fat-burning. Even without starving, you will lose fat steadily. 
  • Instantly increase your energy: Once you are over 40, you will slowly lose energy and become perpetually tired. It is also partly because toxic gut bacteria can result in chronic fatigue syndrome. However, the program’s detox drink can restore your energy. Since the drink helps increase healthy gut bacteria, you will better absorb energy from food and no longer feel fatigued. 
  • Make you look, feel, and move decades younger: A recent international research has discovered that healthy gut bacteria may slow down the aging process. Therefore, Deep Belly Detox can help you age slower and feel younger than you are. Reduce risks of type-2 diabetes: This program’s detox drink is proven to have anti-diabetic properties. If you are worried about your blood sugar levels, Deep Belly Detox can be useful for you.

About The Author:

The author of Deep Belly Detox is Meredith Shirk. According to the official website, she is a weight loss expert who has worked for more than 10 years to help people lose weight. She shared that she also had to go through weight gain due to hormonal changes and understood people’s frustration. Therefore, she created the program to assist more people in their fat-burning journey.

deep belly detox review

Meredith Shirk

I was pleasantly surprised by how well-known she is on social media. For starters, Meredith Shirk is the founder of Svelte Training, with more than 130,000 followers on Facebook. Customers reviewed her and her services favorably on the site. She also has a YouTube channel with more than 140,000 subscribers and at least 10,000 views on each video. 

deep belly detox review


She is even active on Quora, where she answers questions about weight loss and health in general. Therefore, Meredith Shirk seems very trustable. 

Deep Belly Detox Review – What Is Inside The Program?

Deep Belly Detox is quite a detailed program. Aside from the recipes for the apple detox drink, you will also learn about some harmful practices you may make that greatly hinder your weight loss process and how to avoid them. It is divided into an introduction and three main steps:

Introduction: Deep Belly Detox Quick Start Guide:

deep belly detox review

Quick Start Guide PDF

This guide is the introduction to the program. It is a quick guide that gives you a brief overview of your gut bacteria, how it can affect weight loss, and how the program can help you solve that problem. 

First Step: 12- Hour Jumpstart:

deep belly detox review

12-Hour Deep Belly Detox Jumpstart PDF

In this step, you will learn about the special apple detox drink that assists with fat burning.

One of the drink’s ingredients is apple cider vinegar, a popular ingredient that has been widely used in cooking and medicine. Evidence suggests that it has many health benefits, including lowering blood sugar, aiding weight loss, and reducing cholesterol. It is thanks to its primary component, acetic acid, which has been proven to have anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory properties. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can assist in weight loss in various ways. A study in rats discovered that acetic acid allowed muscles and the liver to take up sugar from the blood

However, as good as apple cider vinegar is for weight loss, you cannot lose weight drastically with it alone. It needs to be combined with other ingredients for the absolute best results. And that is why it will tell you about the recipes for the main detox drink. The unique thing is that the drink has two separate phases: the “flush” phase and the “burn” phase. The “flush” phase focuses more on getting rid of toxic bacteria, while the “burn” phase takes care of the fat-burning. Therefore, there are two separate shopping lists and recipes for each phase. 

Aside from apple cider vinegar, all the other ingredients are also easy to find and affordable. You can buy them from any available supermarket and follow the program’s instructions to create the detox drink.

This step also includes a “slimming-water” recipe that cleanses your body of harmful bacteria. Besides, you will know about 3 fat-burning spices that you should consume every day as well.

Second Step: 4-Minute Burners:

deep belly detox review

4-Minutes Deep Belly Detox Burners PDF

As the name indicates, this step has a 4-minute low-intensity protocol that strips away your midsection fat. The protocol will allow your body to reprogram itself to reduce belly fat and turn fat into energy. 

The creator promises that it works very well, and the protocol is not heavy or hard to do. As a result, it will not ruin your knees or joints and does not leave any negative impact on your body. It will be perfect for people over 40 that cannot exercise heavily.

Third Step: 15-Day Flat Belly Blueprint:

deep belly detox review

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The final step is also the most important part of the program. You will know about the exact 15-day sequence that can help you burn up to 15 pounds. This step does not require you to starve yourself but still helps you burn plenty of fat. 

Interestingly, you will also know about some sugar-friendly snacks to include in your diet. It can satisfy your needs of snacking on something and still maintain an ideal weight. 

Moreover, this step also tells you about the #1 fruit that burns fat and shrinks your waistline. According to the author, one of her customers ate this fruit daily and lost 10 pounds in 7 days. 

There is also a combination of fat-loss spices that you can add to any meal or even your morning coffee. The author promises that this spice combination can speed up your fat loss process even more.

Deep Belly Detox Review – Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to understand: The program is designed very systematically and comprehensively, so you have no difficulty following-up and practices. 
  • Easy to make detox drink recipe: The apple detox drink does not take too much time to prepare. The ingredients can be found easily and are affordable as well. 
  • No starving yourself or restrictive diets required: The Deep Belly Detox program shows that starving yourself backfires because your good bacteria will not receive enough nutrition. Instead, it offers a list of various foods that you can choose from without adding more fat. 
  • Easy and time-saving workouts: The second step provides a light 4-minute protocol for you to follow every day. As it only takes 4 minutes and does not require additional equipment, you can practice it everywhere and anytime. This protocol is also suitable for busy people who do not have much free time.
  • Reliable author: Meredith Shirk is a famous weight-loss expert with many devoted followers. You can be assured that this program is written by someone who knows what she is doing.
  • Suitable for both men and women: The program is useful, especially for people over 40. However, anyone who wishes to have a simple but effective method to have a flat belly can use it. 
  • A 60-day refund guarantee: If you do not enjoy this program after buying, you can get your full refund anytime within 60 days.


  • Digital format only: Deep Belly Detox is only available in digital format. You can print it out if you prefer traditional reading.
  • Your results may vary: The author has tried her best to make the program work for as many people as possible. However, there is still a chance it does not work for you.

Deep Belly Detox Review – Who Needs This Program?

In general, if you are wishing to lose weight with a program that does not require cutting off meals or heavy exercising, Deep Belly Detox will be a good fit. It deals with the toxic bacteria that are preventing you from weight loss in your gut. Besides, the apple detox drink and recommended foods also have other benefits aside from weight control. With this program, not only will you lose weight, but your gut and general health will also improve. No matter what your age is, you will benefit from this program.

If you are over 40 and wish to lose weight, this program is ideal for you. The light workouts and non-restrictive diets are meant for older people who cannot exercise heavily or cut off on foods. Using this program will both manage your weight and make you feel younger and more energetic. 

And even if you do not need to lose weight but are looking for a detox method to cleanse your body, Deep Belly Detox is also useful. The apple detox drink will flush harmful bacteria and other toxins out of your body.

Who Does Not Need It?

If you are currently satisfied with your weight and diet, you might not need this program. And this is a slim possibility, but if you suffer from an apple allergy, it is better to avoid this program. Its apple detox drink may only worsen your allergy.

Deep Belly Detox Customer Reviews and Feedback:

Aside from the feedback on the official website, I managed to find feedback on other sites, too. Probably thanks to its well-known author, the program gathered very positive feedback. The customers reported that this program worked well, and they attained their desired physique in a month. Some others said that they lost up to five pounds thanks to the apple detox drink. In general, they agreed that this program would work if you follow it correctly. It received lots of positive ratings.

deep belly detox review deep belly detox review deep belly detox review

(Source: Goodreads)

Surprisingly, I could not find any negative feedback. While this means that Deep Belly Detox is good enough to try, I expect to have a more objective customer view. If you have experienced the program, it would be great if you share your feedback with Linkingo! Your comments will make this review more objective and detailed.

Deep Belly Detox Review – Price & Purchasing Policy:

Despite being a good program, the price of Deep Belly Detox is very reasonable. If you purchase it from the official website, you only have to pay $15.

That price includes the 15-day blueprint as the primary guide and the quick start guide, the 12-hour jumpstart step, the 4-minute burner step, and even a special bonus of 100 weight-friendly smoothie recipes. I find it a bargain. When you compare it to other weight loss programs that averagely cost at least $35 or more, you are getting a good value from Deep Belly Detox. However, this is a limited time offer. The author said that she might change the price back to its original price of $147 if it becomes well-known enough. Therefore, you might want to buy it soon to secure this special discount.

And even if you are not satisfied after purchase, you can contact customer support for a refund within 60 days anytime. They will process your request quickly without any questions asked.

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It comes to the end of my Deep Belly Detox Review. The weight loss program is worth trying. The method is based on scientific evidence, and its apple detox drink has worked for many people. The 4-minute protocol is light, easy to do, and very time-saving. Its price is really affordable, as well. Deep Belly Detox will be great for people over 40, or everyone in general, who wants to lose weight without any strict diet or workouts.

You can make your purchase on the official website. I recommend that you buy it soon to secure the discount of $15. In case the program does not work for you, you can contact customer support for a refund.

deep belly detox review

deep belly detox review

Thank you for reading my Deep Belly Detox Review. I hope you find it useful. If you have any queries or comments, we are happy to hear from you. Until next time.



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