Meridian Health Protocol Review

Meridian Health Protocol Review – Is It Healing Program Legit?

Are you searching for an honest Meridian Health Protocol review? If so, you should read this post.

We are all aware that today there are an increasing number of incurable illnesses. According to Statista, a famous research page, the top 5 health problems people face as of 2021 are Covid-19, Cancer, Mental health, Stress, and Obesity.

I have a friend whose mother had a large tumor in her chest. What a surprise it was when I met her last month and heard that the tumor had entirely vanished. That tumor was gone in only one year, without the necessity for surgery, a bunch of medicines, or a daily visit to the doctor.

She told me about a miracle product that her mother has been using since. It is called Meridian Health Protocol.

I was intrigued and quickly researched this product since many readers sent questions on finding a cure for cancer.

Meridian Health Protocol is an at-home natural healing technique program influenced by traditional Chinese healing techniques. The method claims to help users cure any health conditions naturally without pharmaceutical drugs.

Is this acclamation trustable, though, and is this product worth your time and money? We will find out right now in this comprehensive Meridian Health Protocol review!

What Is Meridian Health Protocol?

Meridian Health Protocol is a self-healing program that comes in books and videos. 

Meridian Health Protocol Review

With this program, users will follow the techniques described by Master Lim, and it can all be done without help. 

The best thing about this program is that it does not involve any pills, supplements, or diet. Instead, Meridian Health Protocol requires only simple adjustments in your daily routine with 5 minutes a day. Your energy is enhanced when you press and massage the given points for the stated problems. You can live a longer and healthier life by simply following the massage schedules.

It sounds too hard to be true. Therefore, I decided to take a more in-depth look at Meridian Health Protocol to see how this program can help you.

The Scientific Evidence Behind This Program

Meridian Health Protocol uses a healing mechanism called the meridian.

Meridian therapy is better known as acupuncture, derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM, meridians are channels that form a network in your body, through which the body’s vital energy known as “qi” flows and that connect the body’s acupuncture sites.

According to the Chinese meridian theory, there are 12 primary meridians or channels (also called Principal Meridians) and eight additional meridians, each following a particular directional course along the body. A vital energy known as “qi” flows through these meridians and participates in the homeostatic regulation of various bodily functions.

Meridian Health Protocol Review

The meridians are approximately 360 points that serve as pathognomonic signs of disorder and as loci for acupuncture treatments.

When the normal flow of energy over a meridian is obstructed (e.g., due to injury or a tumor), pain or other symptoms result. 

Meridian therapy aims to normalize energy flow, thereby relieving the symptoms by stimulating the meridians’ specific sites (acupuncture points). 

During a meridian massage, several acupressure points on your body are massaged with different hand techniques such as kneading, tapping, and cupping. These techniques target the tissue underneath the skin to stimulate the release of tension to cause a state of relaxation throughout the body. 

By following Meridian Health Protocol, you can give yourself a meridian massage at home without visiting a therapy clinic or seeing an expert.

Meridian Health Protocol Review – Benefits It Claims To Bring

Meridian Health Protocol will provide you with the following health benefits:

  • Stimulate white blood cells production, which will improve your immune system to fight diseases.
  • Destroy harmful viruses, germs, bacteria and eliminate all the toxins that have entered your body
  • It will also increase the efficiency of antioxidants to slow down the aging rate and keep your skin firm by preventing collagen breakdown.
  • It increases interferon that destroys all cancer cells. Interferon is a chemical created in your body to fight cancer cells and prevent them from multiplying.
  • Acting on the relevant meridians boosts cognitive abilities and enhances memory function while avoiding migraines.

About The Creator 

Meridian Health Protocol is the brainchild of George Bridgeham. He closely worked with Master Lim, an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

George’s baby girl was diagnosed with a bean-sized brain tumor which turned out to be a blood vessel tumor in nature and could not be removed. Desperate to save his daughter, George started searching for alternative medicine to cure the disease. He came across many procedures, including electric shocks, freezing the tumor, and so on. Since these modern procedures furthered the growth of the tumor, George saw her daughter choking to death.

After one of his friends advised him to visit China for traditional Chinese medicine, George didn’t think for a second. Optimistic George took his daughter to the medical center in China, where they said it was possible to cure. A miracle happens within a month. The tumor started shrinking within 24 days of her daughter receiving treatment. Saving her daughter’s life was the biggest challenge to George, and he successfully did so.

With that said, George has done meticulous research on traditional Chinese medicine and created the Meridian Health Protocol by George Bridgeham with the help of Master Lim.

George’s story is persuasive. Since meridian therapy could help his daughter eliminate cancer, he could understand its effects. 

However, George is neither a doctor nor a health expert makes it hard to verify his story. He does not own any social media profiles. Everything we know about him is from the Meridian Health Protocol website.

Personally, it would be much better if George had a Facebook page or a Youtube channel to share more about his story.

What Is Inside The Meridian Health Protocol?

Here is a list of things that you will get in the Meridian Health Protocol program when you buy it:

  • A Manual: All of the essential meridians are included in this handbook, along with instructions on how to activate them. It will show you how to treat diseases by teaching you all of your body’s most critical meridian points. Here you may learn the technique of self-healing through meridian treatment, which simplifies problems from their root causes and produces strong effects in your body.
  • A Workbook: It will assist you in developing a regular regimen and keeping track of your recovery progress. It will also help you identify the ailment you wish to reverse, isolate the meridian points you need to concentrate on and create a plan for working on them. The workbook also includes a list of foods to eat and full-body exercises to complete to boost your immune system’s power. This notebook will help you write down minute details and facts. When you utilize the Meridian Health Protocol, you may keep track of your progress.
  • A set of videos: You will also receive a collection of DVDs that will graphically educate you on how to locate your meridian points, identify blockages, and conduct exercises on them. As a result, you may attentively study the videos to learn and comprehend how to do the exercises for yourself. You will not have to question if you are doing things correctly since they will explain in detail and step by step.

Meridian Health Protocol Review – Who Is The Program For?

Meridian Health Protocol works best for: 

  • Anyone regardless of age or gender can follow Meridian Health Protocol.
  • Even if you don’t have any diseases but still want to relax every day, you can apply this to your daily routine.
  • You can combine Meridian Health Protocol with other treatments without leaving any side effects.
  • Meridian Health Protocol is also for those who do not want to spend too much money and time on expensive therapy.

And Who Is It Not For?

  • The program is not for those who do not believe in the healing power of TCM. Mindset plays a vital role in the treatment of diseases. If you don’t have an open mind, it will be challenging to follow Meridian Health Protocol.

Meridian Health Protocol Review: Pros And Cons 

Below are the advantages of Meridian Health Protocol:

  • Since this is physical therapy, you won’t have to take any pills or follow a diet.
  • Saving you from a from a fortune of medical fees.
  • The program takes up only 5 minutes of your day, so it’s suitable for busy people.
  • You won’t have to make an appointment a week in advance or pay a fortune for a session like you would at a clinic.
  • It can be uncomfortable for some people to be touched by strangers. If you’re one of them, Meridian Health Protocol might be suitable for you. You can easily follow the instructions and do it all by yourself.

But, there are still some cons:

  • It is not an overnight solution. You will have to practice several times before you can witness the result.
  • Meridian Health Protocol is not available in digital form. So you will need to carry the manual with you every time you want to practice.

Meridian Health Protocol Review: Pricing Policy

So far, Meridian Health Protocol is only available for purchase on its official website. According to the author, the original price is $97. 

But there is a surprise for you. Since George takes pride in building this program, he does not want to use Meridian Health Protocol to make money. He is very confident that this program can help a lot of people. 

Hence, he decides to run a special discount. For a limited period, the price of Meridian Health Protocol is only $39.95.

Meridian Health Protocol Review

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As many of you know, the price for a physical therapist is very high. Let me give you an example. A clinic acupuncture session will typically cost between $45 and $400 depending on your condition, and the meridian therapy is the same.

Meridian Health Protocol works just like a private physiotherapist. You can be flexible in training every day and in line with your condition. You are the only one who knows what is best for you. I also think that a price of $39.95 might be much less than what you earn from the program.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are still wondering, then let me remind you one thing. You are protected with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you feel like this treatment does not work for you, you can request a full refund at any time. 60 days will be enough to see whether the program works best for you or not, so what are you waiting for?

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Q: Does It Really Work? How Long Does It Take? 

A: Yes, depending on the individual, you may experience effects after 3-6 months of use. Remember, this is a healing method, not a medicine, so be patient and practice daily for the best results.

Q: Will It Hurt When I Press On The Meridian Points?

A: There are some rare situations where a point on your meridians has been blocked for a very long time. All you have to do is to be more gentle with those points. You’ll find that the pain goes away very fast.

Q: Is Meridian Therapy A Replacement For A Doctor-Ordered Regimen?

A: Not at all. Users that have a prescription regimen should seek their medical professional for advice.


In Western nations, meridian treatment is still uncommon. However, based on our extensive research into Meridian Health Protocol, this is a product worth trying for people seeking this sort of treatment.

Meridian Health Protocol will not only help you relax, but it will also boost your interferon and assist in fighting cancer cells with just 5 minutes of your daily routine.

Instead of solving all our health problems using chemically formulated medicines and harmful yet expensive supplements, we should try something natural and harmless. Most importantly, you don’t have to take any risk as you purchase the program!

It comes to the end of our Meridian Health Protocol review. If you want to share your thoughts, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We look forward to seeing you in our next articles.

Meridian Health Protocol Review

Meridian Health Protocol Review


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