strike pen review

Strike Pen Review – A Small But Tactical Pen? Get It FREE Today!

Hi guys, I am going to do a review on the Strike Pen Black product, a tactical pen that sounds really interesting. 

You must have heard of the camera pens, spy pens but the definition of Strike Pen may be a little bit unfamiliar to you. 

In this review, I will take a look at this pen to give a full perspective on whether it is a purchase-worthy product or not.

Now let hop into our protagonist today.

Strike Pen Review – What is Strike pen?

strike pen review

Strike pen is a small pen that has an ordinary appearance but can serve as a protective or self-defense gear. I mean, on the outside, the Strike pen looks exactly like a normal pen made of stainless, rust-proof and solid alloy. However, in the emergencies, it can be your savior as it is integrated with a variety of other functions. It sounds so amazing, right?

In dire situations such as murders, terrorist attacks, robberies, when you are panicked and in front of is a bad guy who is likely to harm you, and you don’t know what to do, you don’t have with you a gun because it may be illegal, this tiny little pen can save your life. 

And of course, this pen can really work as a real pen; you can use it to write just like a conventional pen without drawing any attention from the curious people. 

Thanks to the coat of a pen, it is very lightweight for you to carry with every day. That is also the reason why it is promoted to be an EDC (Everyday Carry) tool. 

Strike Pen Review – How Does It Work?

Strike pen is a tactical pen. It is lightweight, powerful and deadly. 

It is small enough to fit in your pocket, it is tough enough to last a lifetime of abuse. It can be both a self-defense gear and a regular pen at the same time.

In hand-to-hand fights,  this pen can be knife to stab the enemy and protect yourself. It can be a glass breaker to help you escape from a room. It can also be a blade, a bottle opener or a crewdiver. In darkness, it has a light for you to see thing clearly. 

Everything you need in emergency is here in a pen. 

Strike Pen Review – Who is the creator of the strike pen?

Strike pen is a creation of a company named APE Survival. With their head quarter situated in Colorado, United States, Ape Survival is a community of like minded people that share ideas on bush craft, urban survival, prepping and family protection. 

Ape Survival was founded in 2014 with its emphasis on survival, self-defense products, tips and news. They desire to bring affordable, high quality outdoor products to customers in Australia, USA and Canada.

Ape Survival has a website in which they sell their products and post the latest news and blogs about Self-defense, prepping and survival skills. Those blogs are updated on a 3-day basis.

strike pen review


Besides, they have a Facebook account with over a thousand of likes and followers.

strike pen review

And they got a Twitter account, too. But as I see, this page is not as active as their Facebook page and official website. 

strike pen review

Also, according to Zoom Info statistics, Ape Survival Company has 26 employees in total with average revenue of $5 million. I personally think that is an acceptable number for a small business.

So in my perspective, this is quite a reliable entity because first and foremost, we can easily find their information online. It seems that they are quite favored by the netizens. 

Secondly, they are very active on the official website. As I observe, a new blog about self-protection in general is posted every 3 days. That means they still have the business well-operated; and they are still taking good care of it. 

Furthermore, I have an appreciation for the design of their official website. Honestly it looks simple yet no less elegant and user-friendly. Each and every category is presented in a clear and well-organized fashion. Its layout facilitates shoppers and visitors in getting the information about products or just reading their posts only.

Strike Pen Review – What are there in a strike pen?

strike pen review

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 A “complete” Strike pen will include of:

  • A ballpoint pen

Of course, it’s a pen! The very first thing you get will be the ballpoint pen. When there is no potential danger around you, the pen will just remain nothing more than a conventional pen.

  • A tungsten steel striker/glass-breaker.

At the other end of the same body with the ball point pen is the Tungsten steel striker. The special thing is that you can also use this tip as a glass breaker. Just have a quick imagination. If unfortunately you were kidnapped, and the kidnapper kept you in a tight closed room, the only thing you can see is a glass window, this pen would definitely help you out of that room by breaking the window then. 

Also, I have seen this pen breaking a granite tile in a YouTube video, and I was so shocked to see that? How could this little pen break such a solid material down? It’s amazing. 

  • A LED flashlight.

There is always a mini light for you whenever you want some illumination. This pen has a bright LED emitter that in my opinion is a smart and convenient design.  Plus, the LED emitter can be small but it is totally a powerful guy. LED light has a long lifespan of approximately 50 to 100 thousands hours and even more. Moreover, it is extremely energy efficient compared to other lighting solutions. It also operates well in both hot and cold temperature conditions. The above things mean your pen’s light is very enduring. So it’s a thumbs-up for the LED flashlight.

  • Batteries and replacement ink 

Don’t worry if your light runs out of battery or your pen has no ink because the pen will come with extra batteries and refilled ink.

  • A knife and a stainless multi-tool 

Oh, there is a bonus. On your purchase, you will get a knife and a stainless multi-tool which you can use as a bottle opener, a hex wrench, a blade or a flat head screwdriver. 

I am quite taken aback as the knife is offered as a bonus. Conventionally, a knife is the most common thing to protect our lives. For that reason, I think a knife should have been included in the main parts. But that’s no problem as long as we still have a knife in it.

What do you use this for?

This pen serves as a personal defense tool for you. There are a number of circumstances in which you may need this pen namely:

  • Some stranger suddenly attack you, use this pen to strike the attacker with the discreet knife.
  • You need to break glass to escape, the glass breaker tip will be useful.
  • The bad guy lock you in a dark room, you need a light, the LED emitter is always ready. 
  • And finally when you need to write, this pen can help you with its ballpoint pen tip, too.
  • Besides, with the multi-tool bonus, you have a bottle opener, hex wrench, blade and flat head screwdriver, all in one tool. So good!

Strike Pen Review – What are the pros and cons?


  • Discreet design

Strike pen is genuinely a design for those who want to secretly keep themselves safe. The clever design of the pen can be a perfect camouflage for its real intention. It is small enough to carry with you everywhere. It doesn’t take up too much space in your bags.  Also, thanks to its appearance, criminals and bad guys and even people around you cannot predict your self-defense w.eapon, which makes you safe and confident at the same time because you have something to protect yourself, and you are not going through public scrutiny. 

  • Multi-functional gear.

You do not always encounter threats, right? If so, what is this pen for when there is no risk? The answer is many things. The pen can be a little knife to cut things. Or it can be a glass-window breaker when you accidentally lock the door and leave the key inside the house.

It’s a light for you, or a bottle opener, a blade, a crew diver to fix your computer. The pen will never have its spare time.

  • Cool look 

We cannot overlook the artistic and cool outer of this pen. Made out of milled alloy, it is stainless, rust proof, and gives a very solid feeling when we hold it. Moreover, it looks so chic compared to the other ordinary pens. If it’s not a personal protective w.eapon, it can be a fashion item. Do you think so? 


  • Only available online.

You cannot find this pen in any stores. It is currently sold on the official websites and some online shopping platforms only. That means you cannot touch it before your purchase.

  • Risk of being sued.

You’d probably get in troubles with the law if:

You’re caught using the pen for attacking or threatening purposes.

You bought it not for a self-defense purpose.

It can be a your safeguard. But it can also be your enemy at the same time.

Strike Pen Review – Do the customers like it?

Probably the shoppers mostly buy Strike pens from the official website so that I can find a very little amount of feedback on this product on community’s review sites. Or it is still a newbie to the stirkepen market, thus, hasn’t got much attention from the consumers. 

About the feedback from the purchasers, they vary slightly. 

On the one hand, there is a positive comment on the effectiveness of the pen, saying it is very easy to use. 

strike pen review

On the other hand, the product stumbles on two complaints. The blade and the multi-tool don not attach to the pen. It causes inconvenience every time the users want to switch the pieces. 

Additionally, the light and the bottle opener are a bit small. As a result, the LED cannot light things in a far distance, and the opener cannot open a beer bottle.

strike pen review

How much is a Strike pen? 

It took me no less than three times to look over and over again at the promotion of the product on its official page.

Yes, I am serious. It’s being offered for FREE at the moment. All you have to do is paying shipping fee. You will receive it after a few days. Normally, it costs $54.95 for a strike pen. But Ape Survival is trying their best to make Strike pen into as many customers as possible right now. 

strike pen review

Apart from a free tactical pen, you’ll also have a chance to own a case for the pen, and Ape Survival will provide you with a guide of instructions to make sure you can take advantage of every single feature on this pen. Read it carefully!

With all the beneficial offers above, I think this deal is worth a try. You can get your free pen on their official website. Quickly before the giveaway ends!

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Who should use the Strike pen?

The answer is those who prioritize their safety should have at least one Strike pen. You can never predict when you would be in a dangerous situation, so better be safe than sorry. 

Who Should Not Use?

However, adults who buy and use this pen would better keep it away from babies’ reach. For children over 6 years old, you should really show them how to protect themselves with this knife to avoid unexpected injuries for them. 


In my personal opinion, a strike pen is a must-have item in everybody’s bag to be always ready for the worst and unpredictable scenarios. And for those who are still so skeptical and doubtful about the effects of this gear, this is a good chance for you to try it for free. You won’t lose anything so don’t worry. 

Take your chance as soon as possible. I hope this review will be helpful to you. If you have any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave me a comment down below.


Thank you for reading those words. Until next time!


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