Neuro-Balance Therapy Review

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review: Is This Fall-Proof Program Legit?

Welcome to Linkingo’s Neuro-Balance Therapy review!

Are you aware that a simple thing can change your life, like tripping on a rug or slipping on a wet floor? A fall or losing balance can lead to more serious problems for older people, such as broken bones, injury, or disability.

Research shows that more than one in four older adults aged 65 and older will fall each year. Falls are the number one cause of injuries and death from injury among older Americans. This represents 29 million falls, 3 million emergency department visits, 800,000 hospitalizations, and 28,000 deaths.

The numbness of a nerve in the foot is the primary cause of tripping or falls. Generally, numbness, tingling, and other paresthesia symptoms result from abnormal nerve function. This problem is also regarded as peripheral neuropathy, where nerves outside the brain and spinal cord can malfunction. For the case of the foot, this will cause a lack of communication between the foot nerves and the brain.

Currently, there are several different procedures used to treat such neuropathy. Not all of them are effective, and some involve complex surgical procedures and several months of rehabilitation.

Recently, many people talked about a program – The Neuro-Balance Therapy, just released on the online market. The program claims to be a natural and effective way of reviving dead foot nerves with just a 10-second fall-prevention ritual. 

In this article, Linkingo will go step by step to reveal the truth behind this program. You shall take a closer look and see if it is worth your money or not. 

So, What Exactly Is Neuro-Balance Therapy?

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review

Neuro-Balance Therapy is a therapy program containing a series of coaching videos and guide books that are regarded as a 10-second ritual to awaken the dead nerves in your foot. 

According to the official website, this program has a series of balance strengthening exercises that prepare your body for unexpected trips and falls. You can exercise any time, and it does not require special equipment. You only need a small rubber spike ball to help shock and revive nerves in the foot back to life.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review – About The Creator

The mastermind behind Neuro-Balance Therapy is Chris Wilson. 

He claims to hold a prestigious reputation as a certified balance specialist in the US. He has tons of experience helping his clients overcome their fear of falling and improve their balance.

As far as I research, he is a strength coach with more than 20 years of experience. 

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review

He is also a member of the Critical Bench Team and features on some videos of their Youtube channel. He even has his coaching video series on balance and stability.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review

There are 15 videos in the series, with the most viewed video reaching nearly 70,000 views. This is quite impressive.

Moreover, he is also an active person on Instagram.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review

His posts are primarily about his days’ highlights or words of encouragement and inspiration to his followers. Although he doesn’t have a lot of followers, his unhesitating sharing of his private life sets him apart from others in the industry.

With the background, it is enough for me to place trust in the creator. Chris Wilson is a real person. He does exist, live and work. Also, Neuro-Balance Therapy was created by an expert in the field. 

How Does Neuro Therapy Work?

Chris Wilson shows that the main reason for falling or the fear of falling is the sleeping nerve in the feet. Specifically, it is the peroneal nerve.

The peroneal nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve, which supplies movement and sensation to the lower leg, foot, and toes. Peroneal nerve dysfunction is a type of peripheral neuropathy, which I have mentioned earlier. Meanwhile, this condition can affect people of any age.

The disconnection between the brain and peroneal nerve can cause numbness, tingling, pain, weakness in the feet.

If nothing is done to activate this nerve, you cannot prevent falls. Even if you do exercises like squats and one-legged holds, it will not help much. In short, the peroneal nerve is the missing link, which needs to be activated for you to increase your balance ability and prevent falling.

In Neuro-Balance Therapy, Chris uses a specially made spike ball combined with exercises to activate your peroneal nerve. As a result, the blood flow to your feet will improve. 

Doing the exercises frequently can supposedly revive the body’s natural ability to walk, run, and feel stable with each step you make.

After skimming through the official website, I did a little research. I found out that all Chris’s information and knowledge came from trustable sources. It shows that he was serious and knows precisely what he is doing with Neuro-Balance Therapy. Also, he does not hesitate to publish all of the program’s scientific evidence, making it more trustworthy.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review – What’s Inside The Program 

After collecting all the necessary information, we decided to buy the program and experience it ourselves.

The package we purchase includes:

  • Combo of physical Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD and a special-made spike ball: These two items will be shipped in a few days.
  • And an instant digital download version. Right after payment, I received an email from the creator with a link to download this version of the program. The manufacturer provides users with a downloadable copy of the DVD containing all the training videos and 2 support books. The 2 books are a Handbook and an Exercise Guide Book.

At a glance, I am impressed with how the website layout is arranged, which is very user-friendly and straightforward.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review

>>> Neuro Balance- Therapy Download Page <<<

Now we will go through each section in greater depth: 

Neuro-Balance Therapy Videos

This part has 4 videos in total: 

  • The first video is the introduction video. Chris introduces the overview of the program, its goals, and detailed guidelines. 
  • The next 3 videos are training videos for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each video is about 17 minutes long and includes 10 exercises suitable for each group. 

After watching all 3 videos, I found the video quality very good. Chris chose a friendly shooting setting with equipment like a physiotherapy room. You only need yourself, a chair to sit on, and the spike ball itself to practice with the videos. With each move, Chris and his simulator guide specific posture, correct posture, and give tips so you can avoid injury during exercise. In addition, each movement has a timer in the corner of the screen. It helps us easier to follow the video without feeling that time goes by slowly.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Books

Other than these 4 videos, the creator also provides users with 2 books in PDF files for you to easily download and read anywhere. It is a Handbook and an Exercise Guide book.

  • The Handbook contains 9 chapters with 35 pages. 

This Handbook provides readers with practical knowledge, such as the impact of nerves to balance, the dangers of neuropathy, how to prevent fall accidents, and so on. Reading through, I found the book relatively short and sweet. Each chapter provides a wide range of helpful information described in a straightforward approach. Chris also uses alternate illustrations to keep readers interested. 

The last 3 pages of the book are references. With years of experience in product reviews, I can see that those sources are legit. I highly appreciate this action of Chris because it shows that the information he used has proof, and he took time researching them.

  • The second book is the Exercise Guide.

This book has 3 chapters specifically about training. 

The first chapter is the program overview. The author also provides readers with a suggested daily exercise routine. In addition to the exercises in the program, users can also combine it with a gentle walk from 10 to 15 minutes, depending on their health condition.

Chapter 2 is the workout charts for each lever. Each movement is designed with each set and reps individually to bring the best effect to users.

The last chapter is illustrated with pictures and instructions for each movement.

The author has specific instructions for each movement and pictures for illustration. Personally, this book will be handy for people who are not good at using technology to watch online video tutorials. But it is best when you can combine 2 methods in your daily routine.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review

>>> Click Here To Download The Neuro-Balance Therapy Handbook & Exercise Guide <<<

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review – Benefits Of The Program

  • Help you achieve excellent mobility and flexibility, which reduces the risk of injuries. Above all, you will no longer live in fear and anxiety of falling.
  • You can quickly move your bones and joints regardless of your age and condition.
  • Your dead nerve endings that feel numb or stingy will be taken care of.
  • It helps you restore your body’s neurological functions and systems.
  • It promotes your blood flow and circulation to the nerve endings that require activity.
  • The program also treats various nervous system diseases and pains.
  • It’s simple to work into your hectic schedule, and it helps you alleviate inflammation and toxicity in your nervous system.
  • And most importantly, it can help you get rid of occasional falls. You will become free and active as you are younger.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review – Who Should Use This Program?

This program works best for:

  • People from 30 years old who have nervous system problems.
  • People who want to improve their balance and reduce nerve pain.
  • Older people want to be more flexible and have a body like when they were younger.
  • Young people often have to sit a lot to work and do not have much time to exercise. If you find your feet begin to show signs of numbness or difficulty moving, you can refer to this program. It will help you prevent nerve-related diseases in old age.
  • People who don’t have much time and money to go to physical therapy or surgery can persevere in the program.

And Who Is It Not For?

  • For people with severe neuropathy, my advice is to consult your physician or doctor before doing this program. It is necessary for your health and safety as well.
  • This program is not for you if you want to see immediate results. Every exercise program requires persistence for at least 1 month to get the best results.

Pros And Cons Of This Program

Below are the things I really like about Neuro-Balance Therapy:

  • The trusted creator, Chris Wilson, has nearly 20 years of experience in the field. His information is out in public with daily updates on his social media.
  • In addition, the program has firm scientific evidence. The author states clearly how it functions on the product website. And he only cites research from authorized sources.
  • Usually, physical therapies would require one or more expensive electronic assistants. But Neuro-Balance Therapy is not going to cost you a penny on those. Only you and a spike ball are enough.
  • The video length is also relatively short. With just 10 minutes after waking up in the morning, you can turn on the video and practice in bed or on the sofa to kickstart your day.

Still, the program has some cons:

  • It is not an overnight solution. You will have to practice daily to see the expected results. Hard work always pays off.
  • Because it is an online program, it might be hard for older people to catch up and can be dangerous with no supervisor around.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review – Where To Buy?

So far, Neuro-Balance Therapy is only available for purchase on the official website.

Initially, the real-world value of this entire program, along with the bonuses, was $420 if you buy separately. However, if you buy right now, the whole program and the free bonuses are available only for a stealing deal of $47.

The creator also offers 2 packages to choose from:

  • The 1st package with the price of $37

Get instant access to the digital version only, plus free bonuses. You can download it using your phone, tablet, or laptop for $37. However, this package does not have the spike ball or a DVD.

  • The 2nd package with the price of $47

The second package is the best seller. It includes a physical copy of Neuro-Balance Therapy at $47, and it comes with the DVD and spike ball, which will be shipped directly to your doorstep. Furthermore, you will get an instant download of the digital version for free.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review

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Research shows that treatment for neuropathy can cost $50-$350 per session, or a total of hundreds or thousands of dollars for physical therapy. It can cost $1,000-$5,000 or more per year for epidural steroid injections or anticonvulsant medications prescribed to treat nerve pain. Similarly, surgery can cost $20,000-$90,000 or more, depending on the facility and the type of surgery.

You see, treating neuropathy can cost a fortune, and not many people are willing to spend that much money. But if not treated in time, this disease can lead to even more terrible accidents. Therefore, Neuro-Balance is a great natural solution, and you will get more in return for only $47.


All the packages of Neuro-Balance Therapy come with a bonus, Top 20 Tips To Fall-Proof Your Home.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review

This guide will help you create a checklist of the top 20 tips that can help you avoid deadly trips or falls. Some essential techniques to enhance safety and security within the home are mentioned in this guide. 

Some tips in the book that I find interesting are checking your eyesight, choosing the best shoes, or redecorating your house to avoid objects that can cause you to fall, etc. In other word, this book will come in handy when you want to optimize your safety. In addition to exercising your legs, you also need to pay attention to the minor things around you and always be prepared.

Remember that all the bonuses might no longer be available after the promotion ends.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If it is not enough to make you decide, then let me remind you one thing: You are protected with the 60-day money-back guarantee. However, if you are not happy with how fast your balance improves after following the program, you can request a full refund at any time, no questions asked. It means that you can get Neuro-Balance now and experience it 100% risk-free.

>>> Claim Your 100% Risk-Free Trial Of Neuro-Balance Therapy Here <<<

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review – FAQs

Is it easy to follow the program?

The program is divided into 3 levels, from easy to complex: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Watch all 3 videos and choose the level that best suits your situation.

Do I need to buy the spike ball separately?

No. When you purchase the 2nd package, the DVD and spike ball are already included.

Are there any recurring fees or charges?

There are no recurring fees or hidden charges. It’s just a one-time payment of $47.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review – Our Final Verdict

So should you get the product? Of course, you should. It might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance for those suffering from losing balance and the fear of falling. The program is comprehensive and user-friendly. It can help prevent any early neuropathy symptoms and give back the blissful life you once had.

Is it worth spending all your time and money on medical bills? With Neuro-Balance Therapy, you only need to pay $47 and make a small change in your morning routine. Plus the 60-day money-back policy, you will be 100% risk-free. 

We have come to the end of the Neuro-Balance review. Thank you for your time. Feel free to leave Linkingo a comment if you find any problem. It is our pleasure to support you. See you in our next posts.


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