master wang drawings review

Master Wang Drawings Review: Can It Reveal Your Future Soulmate? 

Hello and welcome to Linkingo’s exclusive Master Wang Drawings Review! Throughout my teenage years, I always fantasized about my soulmate. More than once, I questioned myself, “what would the love of my life look like?”. I even made a list of personality traits that I hoped my future partner should possess. However, as I grew up, those fantasies eventually faded away. After many separations, it is safe to say I gave up on finding true love. 

Still, many men and women out there are not like me. They still haven’t given up. Some people spend their life looking for the right person. That’s good but distressing at the same time. With 7.6 billion people, your other half must be somewhere in the world, yet you wouldn’t know how long it will take before you meet him/her. 

What if, just what if, though, you could tell someone is right for you the moment you lay your eyes on that person? In that case, there wouldn’t be any heartbreak, and no one has to worry about missing the chance with their soulmates anymore. That’s exactly what Master Wang Drawing service offers. 

It sounds like a dream, isn’t it? However, the internet is full of fake websites that offer false promises, and only a few give legitimate results. Worry not, because Linkingo is here with you! Today, we will reveal the truth behind the Master Wang Drawing service. Just sit back, relax, and leave all the work to us. 

So What Exactly Is Master Wang Drawing Service? 

Just as the name indicates, Master Wang Drawing is a special service that helps people get their soulmate’s picture sketched. According to the official website, the drawing will come in vivid detail so you can immediately recognize the person in real life. All you have to do is fill in some information about yourself and provide your email address. The picture will then be sent to your mailbox within 48 hours. 

master wang drawings review

After taking a look, I have to say that Master Wang Drawing is very inviting. The website is easy to access and comes with a smooth and simple order process. Not to mention being able to know how our soulmates look is the dream of just anyone. However, this is not enough to tell whether the service is legit or not. 

Master Wang Drawings Review – Who Is Behind It?

The main page introduced Master Wang as a famous Chinese psychic artist who excels in drawing and astrology. His fortune-telling artworks are well-known even among rich and famous people. Despite that, Master Wang chooses to stay elusive and continues staying on the street to help anyone in need. Until now, he has successfully matchmade countless people, guiding them to the loves of their lives. 

Though Master Wang prefers to maintain a low profile, he still hopes his special ability can reach more people across the globe and lead them to the happiness they deserve. Hence, a group of people associated with him helped set up the website. It is an innovative idea because fortune-telling has always been familiar in China. Yet, experts in this field only use their psychic ability for a group of people they know. With the help of technology, though, Master Wang can help just anyone in the world. 

On the other hand, this also makes it harder for Linkingo to verify the authorization of this service. We cannot know whether Master Wang is a true expert since he does not reveal himself anywhere outside the main page. The only way is to dig deeper into the service itself! 

What Will You Get From Using This Service?

The Master Wang Drawing service promises users the following benefits:

  • Firstly, it satisfies your curiosity. Just like any guy or girl out there, you probably have been dreaming about the face of your future partner and wondering what kind of person would match you. This service will help you visualize how your true love looks. 
  • With that being said, you can make wiser relationship choices. As you know what your soulmate looks like, you can be sure that there is a person for you in this world. Hence, you don’t have to rush into a relationship recklessly. 
  • You can avoid heartbreaks. Master Wang Drawing cuts down lots of time you need to find the right person. Rather than spend your time, energy, money, and feelings on wrong commitments, you can now recognize your true love at a glance and never miss the chance to be with him or her. 

master wang drawings review

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Master Wang Drawings Review – The Way It Works. 

Before Master Wang creates your soulmate sketch, you need to go to the official website and provide the following details: 

  • Name. 

All the clients have to provide their names. Master Wang shall use this to address you. 

  • Birthday.

You should provide your exact date of birth. Master Wang uses this information to calculate your sun. He relies on these factors to outline the facial features of your soulmate, and his or her personality traits. Though not obligatory, you can also add the time of your birth. This information determines your ascendant sign and hence will make the sketch much more accurate. 

  • Birth Location.

Your place of birth is linked directly to your moon sign. In astrology, this is the third factor to form the holy trinity. Aside from the location, you need to fill in your zip code to make it more accurate. 

  • Gender.

Of course, to form the image of your soulmate, Master Wang needs this piece of information. 

  • Sexual Orientation. 

While you are born male or female, your sexual orientation might still be completely different. Hence, it is necessary to let the master know whether you are interested in men, women, or both sexes. 

  • Racial Preference.

This allows the master to be more accurate with your sketch, especially when you ask for a full-colored one. It helps you to recognize your soulmate easier, even if you happen to meet him or her in public. 

You don’t have to worry about your email address and zip code to be leaked out. The website protects users’ privacy, and all of your information is used solely to create your drawing. 

Based on this progress, it is safe to say that Master Wang relies on astrology and his psychic vision to create your soulmate sketch. While astrology variables like your sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant sign can help him understand your personality and preference better, it requires more power to visualize the exact features of your other half. Hence, Master Wang’s service would not be complete without any of these two factors. 

Only after the master obtains the image in his mind can he do the sketching. The entire process, from the beginning to the end, will take approximately 48 hours. 

master wang drawings review

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Master Wang Drawings Review – Who Is It For? 

The Master Wang Drawing is most suitable for:

  • Any individual who is eager to find true love. 
  • Those who no longer want short-term relationships and would like to head toward a lifetime commitment. 
  • Those who are unlucky in love and would like to avoid painful experiences.
  • People who are curious about how their future partners would be. 

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Master Wang Drawings Review – And Who Is It Not For?

  • Please note that the service is only for adults who are 18 years old and above. 
  • Psychic vision and astrology are popular in China, but they might be new and strange concepts for some people. Hence, I suggest you do a bit of research before placing your order. If you still have doubt, it would be a waste to get your soulmate’s sketch.
  • Master Wang Drawing only describes the person that is suitable for you. It might take a while before you can see the person. If you expect your true love to appear at your door the next day, without you having to take any action, the service won’t be able to create such a miracle. 

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Master Wang Drawing Service. 

Here is the list of things I find fascinating about Master Wang Drawings:

  • The website’s design is professional, easy to access, and the whole process is smooth and straightforward
  • It provides a high-quality, detailed picture of your soulmate. Hence, you can recognize him or her at a glance, no matter where you see the person. You will never miss the chance to be with your true love. 
  • The drawing is in digital format, so you can save it on your phone or laptop and take it with you anywhere. 
  • The Master Wang Drawing service spreads a positive message that the right person for you is somewhere in this world, and you deserve to be in a beautiful relationship. 

Still, there are still some flaws:b

  • The Master Wang Drawing service only lets you see the face of your soulmate without describing personality traits. If you want to know more, you have to pay extra.
  • The service requires a stable internet connection because you will receive the sketch in digital format through your email.  

Master Wang Drawings Review – Where To Place Order? 

So far, Master Wang only offers his service on the official website. It is a way to protect customers’ privacy because, to receive your sketch, you shall have to provide some personal information. 

There are three options for you to choose from:

  • Basic Black And White Sketch: $19. 
  • Full HD Colored Sketch: $28.99.
  • Detailed Psychic Reading: $15. 

Though optional, most people will choose to get their soulmate’s sketch along with the detailed psychic reading. Of course, knowing what your true love looks like is not enough. It is essential to understand his or her personality as well. 

Although the additional personality description does add some extra cost, this price is still reasonable. If you know about psychic reading or fortune reading, you shall know that the standard price for a session ranges from $100 – $300 per hour, only when you get a chance to see a psychic. Often it is not easy to meet them since most prefer to keep a low profile. In other words, the opportunity to have a psychic foretell your future is not something you can buy with money. 

The Master Wang Drawing service is different. With this, you have an opportunity to know the exact person you are going to spend your life with. It saves you from all the separations, pains, and heartbreaks that you probably will go through. Hence, it is safe to say that you are paying for your lifetime happiness. Would this make the deal a bargain now? 

It can still be better with the 60-day money-back policy. If within 60 days you are no longer happy with the outcome or have not yet seen the person in the sketch, you can contact the vendor at or Clickbank at their live chat support and ask for a full refund. All of your money shall be transferred back to you, without any question asked. 

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Master Wang Drawings Review –  Worth A Try Or Not? 

If you find it fascinating to know what your soulmate would look like, it is totally safe to go ahead and give the Master Wang Drawing service a try. It comes at a reasonable price and might save you from many heartbreaks you might have to go through. What’s more, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee as to your backup. 

With that being said, Master Wang Drawing can be a brand new way for you to find the love of your life. Remember to give it some time and maintain a positive mind for your soulmate to come across, though. Who knows, perhaps you will meet the person tomorrow! 

It comes to the end of Linkingo’s Master Wang Drawing review. Your feedback helps us improve our future posts, so if you would like to share your opinion, please leave a comment below and let us know! 

We look forward to seeing you in our next reviews.

master wang drawings review

master wang drawings review


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