lean belly 3x review

Lean Belly 3x Review: Solution For Belly Fat Or Just A Hype?

Keeping yourself in shape might be easy when you are in your 20s. However, as you get older, it becomes more and more challenging. As a woman, I fully understand that, so I feel it necessary to write today’s Lean Belly 3x review. 

When you turn 40, many factors make it difficult to lose weight. The biggest reason is your metabolism. Researchers have long proven that metabolism tends to slow down with age. Besides, due to work and many unnamed tasks, life can be busy to the point that you can’t find any time to exercise. Ultimately, these lead to a massive weight gain – the nightmare of every middle-aged man and woman on earth. 

In that case, more and more people find help in weight loss supplements. Most of them come with winged advertisements, such as “achieve perfect shape after just some days using”. Of course, it is hard for customers to verify all the supplements on the market. They can easily get lost in countless products and might end up wasting their money to get a low-quality one that won’t help them at all. 

Now, though, you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice anymore, as Linkingo is here to help! We will discuss the new weight loss supplement and uncover everything you need to know. After reading this Lean Belly 3x review, you can surely evaluate whether the product is worth your money and whether it can help you lose weight.

Let’s begin! 

Firstly, What Is Lean Belly 3x? 

lean belly 3x review

The Lean Belly 3x is a nutritional supplement that promises to help users lose weight and burn belly fat in 60 days. The supplement comes in bottles, and each bottle contains 120 soft gels. 

So what makes this product so inviting? It is introduced to be 100% natural, contains no chemical or toxin, and therefore does not bring any side-effects. That’s the reason why many are tempted to try the Lean Belly 3x, but we will see whether it works as advertised. 

Lean Belly 3x Review – The People Behind This Product.

Shaun and Karen, a married couple from Birch Run, Michigan, are the masterminds behind the Lean Belly 3x supplements. This news might surprise you, but they didn’t start as nutritionists or health coaches. The two led an ordinary life without any intention to become health experts until Karen reached 40. That’s when she faced the nightmare of many women: Middle-aged weight gain. Seeing layers and layers of fat on the body slowly made her devastated. Then, she mostly lost her confidence in her daughter’s wedding because she couldn’t fit into her favorite dress.

Seeing how depressed his wife became, Shaun made up his mind to discover the safest and most effective way to burn body fat. That led to the invention of the Lean Belly 3x supplement. After witnessing this product’s potency, the couple decided to pursue their career as health experts. Since then, they began to help more people around the world. 

Together, Shaun and Karen formed Beyond 40, a brand that provides health products for men and women in middle age to keep them healthy and in shape. Since this brand is pretty new, it was challenging to find customers’ reviews on the internet. However, it has a website where you can find all the related information, such as email, phone number, and manufacturer address. Accordingly, the couple also explained their 7-stage research and testing process, which they applied to their products. According to them, Beyond 40 only uses raw ingredients that come with a certificate of analysis for potency and purity. Moreover, their manufacturers strictly follow the GMP for dietary supplement and food manufacturing and have received verification. 

With the above sufficient information, we have a reason to say that the Lean Belly 3x is trustable. However, does it really work? To answer this question, let’s take a more in-depth look at the supplement itself! 

Lean Belly 3x Review – How Does The Supplement Work?

Another thing that ensures the authenticity of Lean Belly 3x is its scientific evidence. On the product’s website, the couple explains how their product works in great detail. According to them, once you turn 40, the reason why your body starts to store more fat and becomes more challenging to lose weight has nothing to do with your diet and your lifestyle. It all comes down to insulin resistance. That’s when your cells cannot respond well to insulin and, therefore, cannot use glucose from your blood to create energy. In this case, your pancreas is forced to produce more insulin, which causes the blood sugar level to go up. Over time, it leads to obesity, heart problems, and type 2 diabetes. Research shows that 67.4% of 40 – 59 years old citizens have this condition

Most diabetic patients are advised to follow a diet high in wheat, corn, soy, and other grain products. However, in fact, this diet only makes the problem worse as it leads to lower sensitivity to the hormone insulin

Using the unique formula, Lean Belly 3x deals directly with the root cause of middle-aged weight gain. After entering your body, it processes to restore your insulin sensitivity and sends stubborn fat cells straight to muscle tissues. The tissues will then burn them for energy immediately, making progress safe and fast. “In at least 60 days, you will notice the disappearance of fat on your body”, the creators wrote. 

Linkingo will provide our readers with Lean Belly 3x’ list of ingredients to fully understand its effect.

Lean Belly 3x Ingredients.

Unlike other supplements on the market, Shaun and Karen tried their best to limit the ingredients in Lean Belly 3x. In the beginning, they stated that the formula only consisted of the finest, most effective ingredients to ensure that it works and to lower the price. They also wanted to make sure that there were no harmful stimulants that can create side-effects on users. 

With that being said, here are the two main ingredients in the Lean Belly 3x supplement: 

  • CLA (Safflower Seed Oil).

The formula of the Lean Belly 3x contains 1500mg of safflower seed oil. According to the manufacturer, CLA is one of the most studied toning aids in the world. They claim that it can “decrease body fat” and “support the toning of your muscles”.

However, there is no official source that proves this ingredient to have effects on burning fat. A study in 2011 even shows that safflower seed oil does not have any significant benefits in losing weight. Consuming a small amount of it every day can increase the feeling of being full, therefore helping you a bit on your weight management. 

  • BioPerine Piper Nigrum.

The supplement contains 5mg of BioPerine Piper Nigrum. According to research, this ingredient can boost the body’s ability to absorb numerous fat-soluble nutrients. That’s why the creators added it to the formula, as it will work well with the main one. It also strengthens your metabolism; from there breaks down your fat cells and raises your internal temperature. Therefore, BioPerine is very useful in regulating weight. 

As you can see, the main ingredient of Lean Belly 3x is not yet proven to be effective in fat burning. However, we are sure that the supplement is only made from natural ingredients, contains absolutely no side-effect, and causes no harm to the body.

What Benefits Lean Belly 3x Can Bring?

Below are the things Lean Belly 3x promises to commit: 

  • Eliminate the stored fat in your body and show visible results within 60 days.
  • Boost the muscle-toning, help you achieve a lean and healthy body. 
  • The BioPerine in the supplement is capable of strengthening your metabolism, maintain your youthful appearance. 
  • As you lose excess fat, you can save yourself from any illness involving cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. 
  • Since the formula works by sending fat cells to the muscle tissues and turns them into energy, you will find yourself more active and energetic. 
  • You don’t have to worry about your appearance anymore as Lean Belly 3x helps you regain your good shape and confidence, too.

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Lean Belly 3x Review – How Should You Take It?

To achieve the best result, the creators advise you to take four pills a day, two after breakfast and two after dinner. You should take the Lean Belly 3x continuously in at least 60 days to witness the result. Please note that exceeding the dose will not accelerate the progress and might even cause harm to your body. 

Since the supplement works with your cells, you don’t have to go on any specific diet while using the Lean Belly 3x. However, taking some light exercises will bring better results.

Lean Belly 3x Review – Who Is This Product For? 

The Lean Belly 3x supplement is specifically for those who: 

  • Are dealing with middle-aged weight gain.
  • Are over 40 and experiencing a slow metabolism. 
  • Do not have time to follow a tight exercise schedule.
  • Are tired of strict diets. 
  • Have high cholesterol, high blood sugar level, or diabetes.

Overall, Shaun and Karen welcome anyone who has an open mind and is willing to try out a new weight-loss method. 

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And Who Should Not Take It?

  • Please note that this product is not for those under 18 years old. 
  • The Lean Belly 3x supplement deals directly with the slow metabolism, which is often seen in middle-aged people. If your weight gain results from an underactive thyroid, Cushing syndrome, or stress, this supplement won’t help you solve it. 
  • Pregnant or nursing women should consult their physicians before taking any supplement. 

Pros And Cons. 

Below are the things I like about the Lean Belly 3x supplement: 

  • The product is 100% natural with organic ingredients only, so users won’t have to worry about side-effects. 
  • Trustable manufacturer. 
  • The supplement does not require any effort to lose weight. All you have to do is to spend a few seconds a day taking four pills. 

However, the product also has its cons: 

  • So far, we have not found official scientific evidence about the effect of Lean Belly 3x’ main ingredients in burning fat. 
  • It may only deal with weight gain caused by a slow metabolism.

Lean Belly 3x Review – Price & Purchase Policy. 

Now, let me ask you a question. How much have you been spending over the previous year to get rid of your belly fat? $200? $300? $500? Thousands? Well, many weight loss supplements in the market come at an insane price, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you think Lean Belly 3x will cost a fortune as well. 

However, the price of this product is surprisingly reasonable. The manufacturer provides their customers with three purchasing offers: 

  • One-month supply – You get one bottle for $59. 
  • Three-month supply – You get three bottles for $156, which means the price is only $52 each.
  • Six-month supply – You get six bottles for $282, which means the price is only $47 each. 

lean belly 3x review


As you see, the more you purchase, the lower the cost will be. According to Shaun and Karen, users will start seeing effects within 60 days of using Lean Belly 3x. Therefore, it is best to purchase the three-month supply or the six-month supply to enjoy a big discount. 

In my opinion, this is such a reasonable price, especially in comparison with other weight loss methods. According to surveys, the price of a 12-week outpatient commercial weight-loss program can go up to $2120 each month. As you purchase the Lean Belly 3x, you will have a chance to lose weight and get back to your perfect shape without having to go on a strict diet or perform gruesome exercises. Since each bottle comes with a reasonable price, I think it does not hurt at all to try. 


Yes, there is! For a limited time, when you purchase the Lean Belly 3x supplement, you will get free access to 7-Day Fat Burning Meal Plan Ebook.

lean belly 3x review

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The supplement alone can give you an incredible result, no matter what kind of diet you follow. However, this bonus can provide you with a step-by-step blueprint explicitly designed to work with the supplement, helping you achieve the best body shape.

Inside, you shall find all the strategies you need: How to time your meal correctly? What is the best way to combine all the ingredients to fight insulin resistance and maintain fat-burning mode? The answer to all of those questions is right here!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are still skeptical, let me tell you, you don’t have to. The manufacturer protects their customers with a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee. It means if Lean Belly 3x doesn’t show any effect after two months, you can send an email to support@beyond40.com to get all of your money back. The refund will be processed just as fast as your order, without any question asked! 

lean belly 3x review

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Our Conclusion – Worth Trying Or Not?

After checking all the details about the Lean Belly 3x, Linkingo concludes that the supplement is worth a try with such a good price and a 60-day money-back guarantee. After all, all the ingredients are safe for your health, and you can get back your money at any time. If so, why would you miss out on this chance of achieving a stunning shape? Give it a try right now and see what it can bring! 

lean belly 3x review

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It comes to the end of our Lean Belly 3x review. If you have any comments or would like to share your experience, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! Linkingo would love to hear from you. 

We look forward to seeing you in our next posts.


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