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Feel Good Knees Review 2020 – Can You Relieve Knee Pain In Just 5 Mins. Everyday?

Welcome to our review on Feel Good Knees program by Todd Kuslikis.

As a person still in the young adult years, I have never realized how much I have been taking my knees for granted. Because I’m still young enough and my knees have never acted up with me before, I keep on going to places and running around. I thought that these knees can support me forever.

It was not until I saw my grandfather cringing in pain after just a few minutes of walking, and then telling me that his knees had been feeling pretty awful recently, that I began to understand that knee pain is very much real. Just because I’m lucky enough to have a pair of working knees still, doesn’t mean that there aren’t people struggling every day with their knees’ inability to work properly.

After that, I started searching for a type of medicine or method that could aid my grandfather with his pain. Most of the results I got were unsuitable because they involved the use of drugs that may cause side effects for my grandfather. For instance, too much Tylenol can damage his liver, and too much Ibuprofen can cause gastrointestinal damage.

Until I stumbled across the Feel Good Knees. I was intrigued by how the program promised to help to relieve knee pain naturally and no need for seeing doctors or taking medicines. However, it did make me somewhat skeptical about whether the program could do as it claims. Can you really gain back your knees with just 5 minutes every day? My Feel Good Knees review today will analyze if it is worth trying or not. I hope that it could help people who are also searching for a knee pain relief cure like I was.

What Is Feel Good Knees?

Feel Good Knees, sometimes referred to as Feel Good Knees – Fast Knee Pain Relief, is a digital book, consisting of knee routines and practices for people above the age of 45. Aside from the main ebook, it also includes a visual tracker and a video library. Those give us more details on how to perform the secret exercises to get rid of knee pain naturally.

feel good knees review

Feel Good Knees PDF.

Feel Good Knees Review – How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, the way Feel Good Knees works intrigued me. It claimed that it could help you stop knee pain naturally and quickly with just 5 minutes of practice every day. Equipment or medicine isn’t needed. It is because the program’s primary focus is on isometrics exercises. When I did extensive research, I found that it is a type of activity that makes the muscles tighter and doesn’t include joint movement.

For instance, think of your knee joint as a rubber band. Our everyday walking and “normal” exercises involve stretching that rubber band to its limit. This strains it and makes it weaker. The isometric exercises, meanwhile, don’t require that rubber band to move. Your knee will become stronger without the risk of more inflammation or aggravation. I thought that this type of method would be suitable for my grandfather – and just older people in general. 

Isometric exercise is actually not a new method. It was prevalent at the time medicine was a lot more limited. Yet, the development of the fitness industry over the past 40 years led to it being forgotten. However, in recent years, scientists have turned to Isometrics again. This is because it is one of the safest and most beneficial forms of exercise out there. It has been scientifically proven to have benefits such as: reduce match-related cervical spine injuries while playing sports, reduce pain, enhance vitality, increase femoral bone blood flow, and so on. 

Benefits Of The Book

The benefits of Feel Good Knees that creator promises to bring include:

  • Decrease your pain and inflammation naturally and quickly.
  • Relieve knee pain for good using 5-minute method
  • Rebuild your knees into a stronger version of themselves.
  • Ensure that you can practice anywhere with the least resources required.

About The Author

The author, Todd Kuslikis, stated in the official website to be an injury prevention expert, specializes in using Eastern & Western holistic practices to speed-up the bodies’ natural healing process, with more than 10 years of experience.

After looking him up online, I found out that he also had a YouTube channel with mostly 8,000 subscribers where he frequently posted videos about body exercises.

feel good knees review

Also, There was a website with many of his published articles.

feel good knees review

Not only that, but he has also published quite a few books beside Feel Good Knees. Curiously though, his other books gathered strangely little attention, with less favorable reviews in comparison to Feel Good Knees. It made me wonder if his other books were just unpopular or if they were genuinely unfortunate.

However, Feel Good Knees, I was considering, seemed to have a good reputation by the ratings it gained. The author had also proven that he was a legitimate author with actual experience. I became more assured in deciding to buy it thanks to the positive reviews from other readers.

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Feel Good Knees Review – What Is Inside The Program?

The program has three components:

The first is the Companion Guide, which is the central part of the book. This guide has visual instructions on how to do the exercise for knee pain. The instructing pictures are fully colored and have detailed descriptions along with them.

feel good knees review

The second is the Pain Reduction Tracker. It allows you to see if you are making any progress visually. It is useful both as a tracker and a daily reminder. Thanks to it, you know you are closer and closer to gaining your “feel good” knees.

feel good knees review

The third and final is the Video Library. Not only do you get pictures, but you would also have videos on how to do the exercises. There are also follow-along videos, which make it even easier to practice. All you have to do is play the video and practice along.

feel good knees review

The program itself has three parts:

  • The first part referred to as Level 1: This is the stage to relieve the pain in your knees. (2 weeks)
  • The second part, or Level 2: Learn about rejuvenating your knees. (2 weeks)
  • The final part, or Level 3: This final stage offers the methods to rebuild your knees anew. (3 weeks)

It means that even though you only need 5 minutes a day for an exercise, you will have to follow the program consistently for at least 2 months to see the results.

Each stage of the program consists of a list of exercises along with pictures. They help you know what to do and can follow correctly. For instance, there are a few exercises included in the first stage or Pain Elimination stage:

The Standing Pigeon pose:

feel good knees review

This exercise requires you to focus your entire body balance on one leg. Its main benefits are: 

  • Reducing pain and discomfort in your hip area.
  • Strengthen hips, knee, and ankles joints. It also increases your body’s mobility.
  • Increases the ability to sit, stand, and walk for a longer time, without making you uncomfortable or hurt.

Reach for the Sky pose:

It, on the other hand, requires your body to balance itself on one arm, with the additional help of your legs. Aside from stabilizing your shoulders, it is also useful for making your knee muscles tighter.

The Seated Pillow Squeeze pose:

feel good knees review

This exercise involves tightly holding a pillow or any cushion between your legs for an extended time. Our program, in particular, wants us to keep it for 10 seconds 3 times. Its main benefits are strengthening your adductors and good for a glute workout, but it also relieves some knee pain.

The Seated Knee Extension pose:

feel good knees review

It requires you to lift up your leg and leave it there for an extended time. For our program, it’s 10 seconds 3 times. This one, in particular, is very beneficial for the knees because it helps strengthen the patellar ligament and quadriceps attachment. In other words, it makes the knee joints stronger. And because this is performed while seated, the pressure on your knees will be reduced.

These are just a few in all of the various exercises in the book. As far as my research, these exercises help the knees in one way or another. They are good physical therapy for the knees without straining them too much. I personally believed that my grandfather, in particular and older people, in general, can perform these without any difficulty. It helps that all of these only require 10 seconds each at most. The illustrations, descriptions, and follow-along videos attached would aid readers even further.

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Pros & Cons Of Feel Good Knees program:

In my Feel Good Knees review, I would like to point out both pros and cons of the program.


  • Reliable: The program and its bonuses were created by an expert who spent years researching and making sure that his methods are effective.
  • Combination of Eastern and Western methods: The author has taken the best of both Eastern and Western practices and utilized them into a single unique, effective program.
  • Easy to understand: With its various colorful illustrations, detailed descriptions, and even follow-along videos, you would understand this even if you try not to.
  • Time-saving: You only need 5 minutes every day to practice, which is extremely helpful for busy people.
  • Convenient: Because the book’s methods don’t require additional equipment, you can practice anywhere you want, as long as you have the book available in whatever mobile device you are currently bringing.
  • Money-saving: In comparison to going to see the doctor and have various therapy sessions while having to buy a lot of medicines, this book offers the information you need for a lot less money.


  • Digital-dependent: This program package is entirely in digital format. Its target audience is people over 45, and while many of that age could still use smartphones or computers to access it with ease; those less used to those devices might find it hard to use on their own. My grandfather was one such person: he was a 75-year-old countryman unfamiliar with anything more advanced than a telephone. It would, therefore, be challenging for him to use this program alone without help.
  • Takes a long time to see progress: Although all exercises only take 5 minutes, a stage needs to be performed continuously for at least 2 weeks to really see a noticeable effect. However, from what I’ve seen from my grandfather’s progress, it had a long-lasting effect. This book’s method might not help you immediately like using medicines. It is meant to build your knees’ stability in a slow but effective way.
  • Your results may vary: While the author has indeed tried his best in making sure that this book suits as many people as possible, there is no guarantee that this book will work for you the same way it does for others.

Feel Good Knees Review – Who Should & Shouldn’t Use It?

Who should use Feel Good Knees:

  • In general, anyone who wants their knees to be in less pain with a natural and simple method would probably enjoy this program. With its easy-to-understand format, its practical and well-researched methods, and its relatively low price for such a source of information (will be elaborated in the following session), you really are getting a lot. 
  • People who are too busy to see doctors could also benefit from this. It requires no equipment and very little time every day. As long as you have a copy of it, you can use it anywhere and anytime with your portable devices.

Who shouldn’t use:

  • This book follows the natural isometric exercises and takes a long time to take effect. It would therefore not be a good fit if you want immediate results. 
  • Many of us are probably already used to seeing a doctor and taking medicines that might take effect within a week at most. Meanwhile, the book, as mentioned above, must take at least 2 weeks. If you want something that can bring effect in a short time, you might want to reconsider your options carefully and think of other alternatives.
  • People with high blood pressure should also consider very carefully. The isometric exercises involve some that make your blood pressure higher.

Feel Good Knees Customers’ Feedback

Aside from the ones shown on the official website, I had not seen many reviews from other sources or community review sites. However, most of the feedback I managed to find was generally quite positive, with four and five-star ratings. And most of them are along the lines of “it just works”. I did find this a good thing because this meant that the book did work for a majority of people. It’s just that I personally expected some negative reviews so that I could see what were the drawbacks of the program and prepared myself for it.

feel good knees review

feel good knees review

In the end, though, the generally positive reviews did assure that I would be putting my trust in the right place. It was one of the significant factors that contributed to me buying this book.

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Price & Purchasing Policy:

The book’s regular price is $50. As the author stated, he should be charging us at least $497 for the effort he invested in this but decided for a more affordable price because he wanted to help more people. Bless him for that. However, he made it even more affordable by occasionally offering a significant discount via the official website: you could get it for as little as $15 if you ordered at the right time.

And the program offers a heck of a bonus. You will get two other free books along with the main one: 1-Minute Rejuvenation Finishers ($29.95 value) and Postural Alignment Guide (also $29.95 value).

The first bonus offers 1-minute finishers to do either after finishing your 5-minute daily practice or whenever you have free time. They help you rejuvenate, relieve your pain faster, speed up recovery, and strengthen knee muscles.

feel good knees review

The second bonus reveals 6 typical mistakes people often make with their postures that cause their knee to hurt more and includes video tutorials to help you change your position correctly so your knees won’t feel more pressured.

feel good knees review

And these two are for free. You have a book that should have been $50 (and should have gone as high as $497) for $15, and get two more books that count more than $50 in total for free. Seriously, this book is incredibly generous with its bonuses. Even if I still don’t fully believe in this book, just the bonuses alone are enough for me to consider purchasing.

Refund Policy

That is still not all. If you are still unsatisfied with what this book has to offer or find that it doesn’t work for you, the website offers a 60-day refund guarantee.

feel good knees review

You can just send a mail to request a refund to the author, and he will transfer the money back to you, no question asked. You are not losing or risking anything. Conversely, the author seems to be the one risking and giving a lot here. Once again, bless him.

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Feel Good Knees Review – Conclusion


It comes to the end of my Feel Good Knees review. Indeed, Feel Good Knees is a good program for people over 45 who want their lives to be less plagued with knee pain. Written by an expert, included actual scientific researches, and with the easy-to-understand format; it would be quite a Christmas present for the people desperately in need of a pain reliever.

Although the fact that it is fully digital is a big disadvantage for my technologically challenged grandfather (who has every right to be so), I decided to buy this program anyway. I believed that the information and how easy it was to understand would effectively aid my grandfather in his road to recovery. For the whole technology thing, well, what do you have a grandchild for?

At the time of this writing, it has been 3 weeks since my grandfather started following the program’s instructions, and he is in the knee rejuvenating Level 2 stage. From what I observed and what he told me, the exercises had been a considerable help in relieving his knee pain. Now he could walk for much longer and farther than he used to be able to, and he did not show pain afterward. It made me happy because I seemed to have made the right choice for him. I hope that this could also work the same way for you, or your family members/ friends with knee problems!

You may make your purchase on the official website. Remember that you have a chance for a discount to $15, and you will get two free bonus books that should have been worth $50. Not only that, but you also have a 60-day refund guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied or the book doesn’t work for you!

feel good knees review

feel good knees review


Thank you very much for your time reading my Feel Good Knees review. I hope you find it useful. If you have any queries or comments, we are very happy to hear from you. Until next time!


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