the fat shrinking signal review

Fat Shrinking Signal Review – Is The Weight Loss Program By Derek Wahler Legit?

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The time of year-end and the beginning of a new year is when people usually gather together for parties and big feasts. Because it is a once-in-a-year-occasion, you might end up overeating. As a result, you might gain quite a few extra pounds. That is why this week I have received a lot of requests for the review of the Fat Shrinking Signal program, which claims to help you lose the extra weight in 21 days.

The Fat Shrinking Signal program promises intriguing things. According to the creator, it can help you lose weight with just 10 minutes of workout every day. You will not even have to eat less, exercise more, or go to the gym. Thanks to its workout regimen, this program supposedly helps activate a “fat shrinking signal” in our body. It will do all of the fat-burning work for you. As long as this “signal” is working properly, your body weight will be kept in check, as the creator says. All of this sounds quite fascinating, right? However, can this program really do what it says? Are 10-minute daily exercises all you need to lose weight? We will answer those questions in this The Fat Shrinking Signal Review.

What Is Fat Shrinking Signal?

The Fat Shrinking Signal is a digital weight loss program for those who want to lose fat. However, people over 40 and busy people can specifically benefit from it. The creator says that the daily 10-minutes workouts in this program can boost the hormone leptin in our body. That hormone is the “fat shrinking signal” we need. You only have to spend at least 10 minutes a day and do not need to follow any diet.

the fat shrinking signal review

Fat Shrinking Signal PDF

The program consists of 21 workout videos. They will show you the exact kind of exercise that you will do for 10 minutes each day. There is no  other equipment or stuff needed. All you need to do is press “play” and follow along. Aside from the main workout plan, you will also receive various tips and techniques from the bonus videos. 

Fat Shrinking Signal Review – How Does It Work?

According to The Fat Shrinking Signal’s creator, we cannot lose fat due to a hormonal defect called “leptin resistance”. The program solves this problem with its light workout regimen.

Leptin is the hormone that plays a vital role in controlling our weight. It sends signals to our brain to notify us that we have eaten enough and do not need more. And aside from controlling food intake, it may also increase the energy we spend. In other words, leptin is vital to the regulation of energy and metabolism, thus keeping our body in a healthy shape. 

However, when you have leptin resistance, your brain cannot receive the leptin’s signals. It will then mistakenly believe that we need to eat more, leading to weight gain. But by doing the short workouts in the program, we can activate the sensitivity of the brain’s leptin receptors, allowing the brain to understand that we do not need more food. In turn, it will stop us from overeating and keep our weight in a desirable number.

A lot of research has proven the scientific evidence of this program’s approach. A 2009 study in obese children showed that regular light exercising resulted in a reduction in BMI. It was because obese people usually have an unhealthily high level of leptin, but their brains cannot detect it. Exercising helped with lowering their leptin level and improving leptin concentrations, thus reducing their weight. Another research supported this by showing that short-term exercises have a positive effect on leptin concentrations

Therefore, it seems that the program is trustable. There is scientific evidence on how exercising can regulate your leptin levels. However, we will examine it more closely to see if it will actually work.

Fat Shrinking Signal Review – Benefits:

The purpose of this program is to enhance your leptin sensitivity with daily 10-minute workouts. These are the benefits that you can get from using it:

  • Lose weight with short but effective workouts: You probably have been assuming that you must exercise excessively for a long time to lose weight. It is not the case with this program. Its creator wants you to exercise just enough, but in a way that targets your leptin resistance. When the problem with your leptin resistance has been fixed, your body will be able to keep itself in check. You will lose weight steadily even without following a diet and exercising too much. As long as you spend 10 minutes a day and at least 40 minutes a week to work out, you will achieve good results.
  • Reduce the risks of hypertension and other obesity-related diseases: When you become overweight, your looks are not the only thing that will be affected. The risks of getting obesity-related diseases will also be much higher. Studies show that obesity has a close link to hypertension, heart failure, and other cardiovascular diseases. It can also harm your respiratory system. However, The Fat Shrinking Signal will help control your weight, so the problems will not reach that level. You will be able to live happily without worrying about a sudden heart attack or having severe diseases.
  • Improve overall health and help you become more confident: If you are someone with less than ideal body weight, you might feel insecure around your friends with more conventionally attractive bodies. Adding to that, you might also worry a lot about your health. But with The Fat Shrinking Signal’s help, these will not be a problem anymore. With an ideal weight, you can feel more confident when hanging out with friends. You will also not have to worry much about your health, as it is proven that a healthy weight loss leads to significant health improvement and increases your energy.

About The Creator:

The creator of this program is Derek Wahler. On the official website, he is introduced as a weight loss expert, known as the “Weight Loss Whisperer”. The website claims that he has helped many men and women who have had difficulties losing weight for years to transform their bodies into what they desire. Wahler discovered that a common problem with losing weight was that people sometimes exercise too much. He noted that strenuous exercising causes inflammation to form in the stomach, making our belly stick out. Therefore, he created The Fat Shrinking Signal to provide a shorter and less strenuous but effective workout regimen. 

the fat shrinking signal review

Derek Wahler

This information really interested me, so I tried to find more information about him. I found that he has a Twitter page and a Youtube channel, where he shares weight loss tips and teaches people how to exercise correctly. I have seen many positive comments on his videos about how he had helped their weight loss process. It seems that he is a legitimate expert with real experience. Certainly, I will still have to analyze the program more to have a steady conclusion, but at this point, I believe we can trust him.

Fat Shrinking Signal Review – What Is Inside The Program?

These are what The Fat Shrinking Signal program consists of:

  • The primary workout regimen, with 21 videos for 21 days. Each video is around 12 minutes, with step-by-step and detailed instructions. 
  • 3 additional videos to give you some more training tips. They are a warm-up video (3 minutes), what to do after working out (3 minutes), and an additional workout for the days you can exercise more (11 minutes).
  • 5 bonus workout videos, which include short but very intense workouts.  It will be useful if you can do more intense movements after the main exercises.

I will go into a bit more details about each of these parts, so you can have an even clearer picture of them:

1/ The main 21-day workout regimen:

the fat shrinking signal review

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In this part, you will get 21 detailed, in-depth workout videos for 21 days. Derek Wahler will show you exactly how to do each movement, how many times, and how long you should rest. That way, even if you are someone unfamiliar with working out, you can still follow the videos with no problem. Another good thing is that the videos are filmed continuously with no cuts or transitions. It means you can do the workouts at the same time as him.

However, one thing to note is that some of the exercises can be quite heavy despite being short. It is because this program aims to work hard in a short time. You should know about this in advance, so you will not be surprised if a movement is a bit hard for you to do.

2/ The 3 other videos:

  • Video 1: Bodyweight warm-up:

the fat shrinking signal review

The first video shows a 3-minute warm-up routine that you should do before the main workouts. It is a simple but effective routine to prepare your body and avoid cramps.

  • Video 2: Bonus workout:

the fat shrinking signal review

This is a 12-minute additional workout for you to do anywhere or anytime you like. The creator recommends that you do this after doing the main regimen for faster weight loss. It will be useful if you want to achieve the best results with this program. Besides, it also helps with enhancing your metabolism and burning more calories.

  • Video 3: Cooldown:

the fat shrinking signal review

After working out so hard, it is essential to cool your body down. Studies show that a good cooldown routine has a positive effect on body muscles and prevents soreness. Therefore, the creator makes sure to include this video to show you the proper cooldown method. It will help relax your body and lower your heart rate. 

3/ The 5 bonus workouts:

If you have finished the workout of the day but still want to exercise more, these 5 bonus videos are for you. Each of these bonus videos consists of an exercise you must do for a certain amount of time. However, unlike the main routine, these bonuses are slightly harder to do. I recommend you use the bonuses after getting used to the workout and have a bit of experience.

the fat shrinking signal review

These are all that the program consists of. Everything from the warm-up and cool-down, the main regimen, and even the bonus workouts are all in the program. It helps you follow the program and do its exercises easily. You just have to open the video and follow along.

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Fat Shrinking Signal Review – Pros & Cons:


  • Downloadable content, videos in high quality: I personally think this is one of the program’s strongest points. Many online weight loss programs require an Internet connection to access, but you can download the videos on any device with this program. It means that you can have a copy on your phone, laptop, etc., whichever is most convenient for you. The high quality of the videos also gives you a more pleasant watching experience.
  • Trouble-free and straightforward to follow: Even if you are not used to working out, the program’s video format makes it easy to digest. The creator shows you exactly what to do and how you should do it. Also, as the videos do not have cuts or transitions, you can work with him in real-time to follow his movements even better. 
  • No need to follow a diet: The program does not require you to follow any diet. The creator believes that effective workouts are enough for you to lose weight. If you are a person that cannot change the way you eat for any reason, this will be quite an advantage.
  • Time-saving and practical workout: Although each exercise is intense in its own way and requires you to work hard, they are only 12 minutes at most. They also do not require any additional equipment. Whether you are at home, at work, or on a business trip, you can still work out. It is incredibly convenient for anyone with a tightly packed schedule.
  • Suitable for anyone: The program is designed to suit as many people as possible. Whether you are a man or a woman, a teenager, or an elder, you can still follow the workouts in it. Some exercises are indeed more intense than others, but most of them are very doable.
  • A 60-day full refund guarantee: If you end up not liking the program, you can mail the creator and request a full refund within 60 days of purchasing.


  • Digital format only: Due to its video format, this program is only available in digital form. It can be challenging for elderly people who are less proficient with technology. 
  • Some of the workouts are too intense: While most of the movements are relatively doable, a few of them, particularly the bonus ones, can be quite hard to do. They might not be suitable for a beginner. However, you can probably do them later after you get used to the easier ones.
  • Your results may vary: Each person might lose a different amount of weight despite using the same program. You might find that you are losing weight more slowly than others. 

Fat Shrinking Signal Review – Who Needs This Program?

In general, anyone who has been struggling with other weight loss methods can use this program. It improves your brain’s sensitivity to the leptin signals and prevents you from eating more than necessary. It allows your body to control and lower your weight automatically. There is a very high chance that it will work for you, compared to other methods.

Besides, if you are a very busy person but still want to keep your weight in check, The Fat Shrinking Signal can also be useful. The workout schedule for each day, including warm-up and cool-down, only takes 12 minutes at most. Even if you include the additional and bonus workout, it will also take less than 30 minutes a day. Again, this program does not require any training equipment. For someone with a tight schedule or frequent traveling, it is convenient for them to exercise anywhere and anytime.

And if you would like to work out but do not like excessive or lengthy training, you can also give this program a try. With just around 10 minutes of daily exercising, you will lose weight without feeling too tired. The program is also suitable for older people who cannot keep up with heavily intense training.

Who Does Not Need It?

You might not need this program if you are content with your current weight. Or if you already found a weight loss solution that suits you, this program might not be for you either. 

Fat Shrinking Signal Customer Reviews & Feedback:

When I looked for feedback aside from the official website, I found lots of positive feedback. Many customers reported that this program worked well for them. They enjoyed how they only had to spend at least 10 minutes a day and still got good results. A few even said that this program exceeded their expectations. Some others also liked this program’s video format because they found it easier to follow along.

the fat shrinking signal review

the fat shrinking signal review

(Source: Goodreads)

the fat shrinking signal review

the fat shrinking signal review

the fat shrinking signal review

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I have also tried looking for negative feedback about the program but have not found any so far. In one way, it is a good thing because that means the program works for many people. However, I was expecting to have a more objective view of this product. If you have used The Fat Shrinking Signal or know someone who did, please leave a comment below! Your input will make this review more detailed and objective.

Fat Shrinking Signal Review –  Price & Purchasing Policy:

The price of the Fat Shrinking Signal program is very good. Even with a lot of HD quality videos and being very detailed, it is only $15. This is a very good bargain, in my opinion. Compared to other weight loss programs that usually cost $30 at least, this can save you a lot of money. Not to mention that you get all of the main components and the bonus videos without paying more. You can get the best price from the official website.

the fat shrinking signal review

Remember that the Fat Shrinking Signal comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If the program does not work for you, you can send an email to request for a refund within 60 days of your purchase. The creator will process your request quickly and give you a full refund without any question asked. I personally think there is no risk for you here. You can try the program in 21 days to see if it works for you. And even if you are not satisfied, you will still have time to request a refund.

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Fat Shrinking Signal Review – Conclusion:

It comes to the end of my Fat Shrinking Signal Review. I find this a good weight loss program with the right and a scientifically proven approach. The program’s workouts take very little time to do every day but have worked for many people. Its price is also affordable. The Fat Shrinking Signal will be suitable for anyone who needs to lose weight without excessive training and diet, or if other methods have not worked for them. And with this program, you will not need to worry about gaining weight after celebrating parties!

You can purchase it on the official website. In case the program does not work for you, you may mail the creator to request a refund.

the fat shrinking signal review

the fat shrinking signal review

Thank you so much for reading my Fat Shrinking Signal Review. I hope it is useful for you. If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment below. Until next time. 


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