The Hypothyroidism Solution Review

Jodi Knapp’s The Hypothyroidism Solution Review – How My Elder Sister Beat Hypothyroidism Miraculously 

“Your sister was on the verge of life and death.” 

I opened my eyes widely in horror, as the doctor told me.

“She fell into a myxedema coma.” 

Frightened and completely frozen, I stared at Rosa and her 8 years old daughter Katie inside the hospital room. My sister was lying on the bed, weakly raising her hand to pat Katie’s head. 

My happy, successful sister… The one who has been protected me ever since we were kids, the chief director who is honored by hundreds of her employees… 

… is now lying hopelessly on the bed, shivering and as white as a sheet. 

Katie kept pleading her mother to stand up and go home with her. Tears streamed down her chubby cheeks. 

I couldn’t believe that it’s true. 

It has only been 2 years since my sister started to see symptoms of hypothyroidism. Even though she has always been suffering, we both didn’t think it could take her life one day.

And that day almost came. 

What the doctor said next was even worse:

“She missed death by this much. But I afraid she won’t be so lucky next time.

Her thyroid level is the lowest I’ve ever seen. We did everything we could, but every method we tried doesn’t seem to work at all. 

I’ve never seen such a terrible situation before. 

It is too late to do anything now.”

His words hit me like a truck.

“I’m sorry to say but the next time Rosa slip into a coma, you should prepare for the worst case.” 

I asked how long she could last. 

It was hard for me to even open my lips. I could hear my voice trembling.

“At this rate, she only has a few weeks left.” 

A few weeks?

My dearest sister looked up at me. In her eyes, all I could see was fear. 

At that moment, I could feel how she was feeling. 

She was going to leave this world at the age of 39…

Never again could she see the smile on her only daughter’s face.

She would never be able to see Katie grow up, go to the university, and get married…

She would not be there for her husband anymore… 

And I would lose my closest person in this world…

I avoided Rosa’s eyes because I didn’t want to imagine a future where I wouldn’t be seeing her anymore. 

“Right now, just miracle can save your sister.” – That was what the doctor told me. 

Fortunately, my sister was one of a few lucky people to find out that miracle. The thing that saved her life was The Hypothyroidism Solution program, a work of the naturopath and health researcher Jodi Knapp.

So today, I want to share with you my honest The Hypothyroidism Solution review.

Why? Because I want more people like my sister Rosa to find their light at the end of the tunnel and save themselves before it is too late. 

Ever since Rosa and I were still kids, we were extremely close. It was a weird thing, though, because our personalities were the exact opposite of each other. 

My sister was bright and confident. She wouldn’t mind shutting up anyone brave enough to be rude to her… and to me. I, on the other hand, was quiet and timid. She had always been the one who defended and took care of me. 

Needless to say, I look up to her a lot. 

The more we grew up, the more I admired Rosa. My beloved sister had always been so lively, regardless of the situation. No matter what happened, she still remained positive and worked hard.

This trait in her personality attracted Josh the most. They got married and had a lovely child, who is Katie. 

People often thought that my sister is a lucky woman. She got a happy family and a well-paid job, literally everything a person could ask for in life. However, they didn’t know how hard she worked for those. Only I, her sibling, witnessed everything. 

Just when Rosa finally achieved the life she wanted, bad news came. 

It was in the summer of 2017. As usual, my sister and I were sitting in our favorite coffee shop. We hadn’t seen each other in 2 months.

But something about Rosa was…. off. I mean, her eyes seemed to lose their usual spark. She looked like she was worn out, totally exhausted. There were huge dark circles under her eyes. 

“Sorry for not calling you last night, Molly. I’m too tired recently.” – she said, with a weak smile – “Feel like every single drop of energy was leaving my body. Oh my god, I must look terrible now. I’m too scared to look at the mirror.” 

Of course, I was worried. Very rarely you can see my sister complain. Even if I called her at midnight, she would still sound energetic and cheerful. 

“You work too hard.” – I responded – “I always tell you to slow down and take care of yourself. Your health must be on the top priority.” 

Rosa told me that it was not the case. She also thought the same thing at first, so she did try to get more rest. There were days my sister was able to sleep for a solid 9 hours, yet still woke up drained. 

We both thought that it was just a temporary matter. Everyone’s health has up and down, and it wouldn’t take long before she regained back her energy. 

It was a huge mistake to assume because her situation kept getting worse and worse. 

Just after a few more weeks, her hair was thin out. Rosa suffered a significant hair fall…

It was always her habit to go to the gym 3 times a week, but she started to gain weight for no reason…

I tried to see her as much as possible, and every time we met, I felt that she was going down more and more. My cheerful sister slowly disappeared. Instead, Rosa got moody, almost became depressed. 

She kept complaining about the cold, even though it was in the middle of summer.

She said that she was unable to focus at work. As a result, my sister’s performance was getting worse too. She even received a warning. 

Altogether they brought her mood lower. Even though Rosa’s husband was gentle and understanding, but sometimes her anxiety wore him down. 

Truth be told, once in a while, I was tired too. But she was my dearest sister. She was always standing by my side.

The most frustrating thing was that her personal doctor also didn’t believe that something went wrong. 

It was not until the 7th meeting when her hair was extremely thin, her skin was dry and all of her limbs were aching, did the doctor accepted that it was not normal. 

Immediately, Rosa had to do a blood test. 

She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

The Hypothyroidism Solution Review

So far, there was no method that could permanently cure this disease. My sister had to accept a lifetime course of drugs. 

Even so, it didn’t improve Rosa’s condition that much. At first, her hair dropped less and her skin was less dried, but only a little bit. 

Most importantly, she was still terribly tired. But due to the side effects of the medicine, my sister couldn’t even sleep. 

Despite the meds did work a little bit, her mood kept going down and down. 

Within a year, my sister Rosa turned into a completely different person.

Her constant low mood and anxiety created many obstacles in communicating with people, so she didn’t want to do that anymore. 

She was no longer the cheerful woman everybody knew. Rosa would stay at home most of the time, wearing sweaters even when the weather was warm. 

“I felt like the ghost of myself.” – She said. 

Finally, her body started to show some downsides. The doctor warned her that for hypothyroidism, those were unavoidable. 

All of those medicines were sensitive. Overdose a little bit could already create a harmful effect on your body. 

Rosa decided to cut off all the medicines. She realized that they were toxic and through time, they caused even more problems than they could cure. 

That meant nothing could help her anymore. There were days she couldn’t even get out of bed since all of her limbs were aching. 

Still, Rosa and I didn’t think that hypothyroidism could be life-threatening. She told me that she would try to get on with it. 

Until that destined day. I woke up to her call. My sister’s voice was trembling:

“Molly, I don’t feel so good. Since last night my body temperature has been abnormally low. My limbs are aching more than ever and I couldn’t even breathe. Molly, can you please come over?”

Knowing that her husband Josh went on a business trip so there were only Rosa and her daughter at home, I immediately rushed to her place. 

When I reached her house, what I found was my sister, lying motionlessly on the floor…

And my niece Katie was sobbing uncontrollably, telling her mom to wake up…

The doctor said that he had never seen such a bad hypothyroidism condition before. Rosa had only a few weeks left to live…

At that point, I knew I had to save my sister at all costs. I fired up my laptop, searched for every method to cure hypothyroidism. 

Rosa had protected me and taken care of me my whole life. It was time for me to protect her. I wouldn’t let this disease take her away. 

Finally, my friend introduced me to Jodi Knapp.

At first, I was in doubt. Rosa’s doctor almost gave up on her, so who could be able to save her life? 

Still, it didn’t hurt to give a try. Judi quickly cleared off my distrust. She said that regular medication might give up on Rosa, but naturopathy wouldn’t. Judi Knapp had been a natural health practicer for many years and had helped thousands of people to get over the disease. Some of them got it just as bad as my sister. 

And then she sent me a PDF file called The Hypothyroidism Solution. 

The Hypothyroidism Solution Review

The Hypothyroidism Solution by Jodi Knapp After Being Released

“This is my tried and tested 4-week program to cure hypothyroidism, using only natural solution” – Judi said – “I’m going to publish it next year, but since your sister is in a critical condition and will need something like this, consider this my gift to her. Though not yet launched, this PDF file is completed. You can find inside all the steps and detailed instructions to cure hypothyroidism completely.”

Appreciated, I sent it to Rosa. That night, I stayed at her house. We processed to read The Hypothyroidism Solution by Jodi Knapp together. 

Reading the first few lines, the initial impression I want to mention in this The Hypothyroidism Solution review was that it sounded a bit too professional, as what you would imagine about medical research work. Therefore, I was worried that it might be hard for Rosa to follow since neither of us studied medicine before. 

The program was divided into 4 main parts and 1 bonus part. Judi noted that judging from my sister’s condition, she should read and follow part 3: Causes & Solutions and part 4: Your 4-week Thyroid Healing Plan first. Part 1 and part 2 could leave for later and read slowly. 

The Hypothyroidism Solution Review


So we turned to part 3: Hypothyroidism: Causes and solutions. At the beginning of this part, Judi Knapp explained all the factors that affect one’s hypothyroidism condition. To my surprise, it didn’t sound at all academic. Instead, everything was well-explained and very easy to read, so even those who didn’t have any medical knowledge like us can understand the core of the problem. 

What Judi said about hypothyroidism was jaw-dropping. It wasn’t anything your doctor might tell you. 

She said that your gut had a lot to do with this disease. Why? Because your gut is at the center of your health. Your immune system starts working from there. 

When you have an unhealthy eating habit, your body will develop something called leaky gut. This is the culprit that harms your immune system and makes you unable to fight against hypothyroidism. 

From here, the program started pointing out the factors that affected our gut, and how we could begin to reseal and strengthen our foods. 

Some of the foods that harm our bodies and prevent them from fighting hypothyroidism including sugar, artificial additives, genetically modified foods, and guess what? Soy! 

Just like 90% of Americans, Rosa thought that soy was a harmless and healthy food and thus it appeared on her dinner table every week. Nevertheless, according to the program, soy was directly linked to the development of hypothyroidism. This piece of information shocked us but also motivated us to read until the end. 

As we read, we kinda worried because the author actually eliminated all of the foods Rosa consumed every day. But soon after, our frustration disappeared. The program provided a very detailed list of ingredients that are natural, organic, gut-friendly, good for the immune system and most importantly, accessible to replace the harmful ones.  

But your food choice isn’t the only thing that harms your body. The Hypothyroidism Solution also mentioned a factor we often left out: Your living environment. There was no denying that it also played a big part in our health. You might think that we couldn’t control the environment, as in cutting down the number of cars and planes or the toxins that were in our drinking water. Nevertheless, the program showed us exactly how we could make changes to our daily surroundings. 

After reading this part, Rosa and I felt a glimpse of hope. Even though we weren’t sure that it would cure the disease, the program was clearly lead her to a healthier eating habit by avoiding artificial foods and sugar, using organically-made households. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. 

Part 3 was just providing us the basic formula, while part 4: Your 4-week Thyroid Healing Plan, was truly a gift.

In this part, the author gives you a comprehensive plan to completely heal your body within 4 weeks. If you are just like my sister, you shall know how difficult it is to build a full diet plan, especially when she didn’t even know what she normally consumed. Here in part 4, you have everything in your hand. All you have to do is to follow the given plan!

The first week was a “preparation week”, the very first step into transformation. During this week, my sister was advised to get rid of some foods and households that could worsen her situation. How shocking that we have always been surrounded in germ magnets without knowing it!

The next morning, we immediately started to change. We threw away every factor that Judi warned, and make a list of what to prepare. She tried her best to avoid every harmful material The Hypothyroidism Solution mentioned.

She also received precious tips to get her body totally relax and improve her mental health. 

For the first time in a while, she woke up feeling better.

Both of us didn’t expect the method to work after one week. It clearly did. Not only did her body felt more energetic, but her mood also improved. She talked more, laughed more and ate more. I felt like my happy, lively sister was going back. At that time, I started to feel a glimpse of hope.

The second week was the time to completely change your diet. Here, Rosa learned what were the healing foods she should fill her cupboard with. The program went as far as giving her a meal plan suggestion. She started preparing her meals according to this. 

“Sometimes I even forgot that I was on a diet” – She said when I saw her again at the weekend – “These foods are tasty, and, I don’t know, I feel better consuming them. My body feels light and healthy.”

Even her husband said that he would like to go on a diet with Rosa because these foods smelled so good. After week 2, Rosa developed a whole plant-based diet. 

As the 3rd week arrived, Rosa started seeing the benefit of clean eating. She no longer experienced problems with breathing. Her skin also became clearer. Finally, she could regain her energy after sleep. Most importantly, my sister was back to her old self. I almost cried with joy. It had been so long since I could see such a bright smile on her face.

Still, as her condition improved so fast, once in a while Rosa wanted to give up on her diet. You know how tempting it is to see a cupcake or a chocolate bar! As she felt better, she sometimes forgot that her lifestyle needed to change in order to improve her health condition. 

Here, the creator of the program showed her understanding by providing “the tricks to keep your body stay on track”. Rosa learned how to cheer herself up, to keep on eating clean while still satisfying her body, and how to reinforce these new behaviors positively. 

At this point, I totally believed that my sister could say goodbye to this disease forever.

In the final week of the plan, 4th week, aside from eating clean and exercising, my sister had to add to a bit of intermittent fasting. However, it didn’t mean that she had to starve herself. She learned to give her body a break between each meal. The purpose of this process was to give her body the time to do the cellular repair. 

It was a miracle because in just a few weeks, my sister who almost met with death…

… got rid of the disease that she had to suffer for 2 years. 


In only 4 weeks, all of the symptoms disappeared and she had regained her full energy once again. And then after 3 months of following the plan, my sister was totally free from hypothyroidism!

The program reversed every single symptom of Rosa’s disease. Even when I was writing this The Hypothyroidism Solution review, I still felt like it was just a dream.

When her doctor checked her thyroid level, he was speechless.

He said that this couldn’t be happening. This was truly magic. 

Her skin is clear now. Her hair grows back as beautiful and silky as before. 

The pain in her joints just vanishes, and her energy is back again. 

Everyone is glad to see my wonderful sister get back to her old self.

But in my The Hypothyroidism Solution review, I want to say that it even did more than that. Rosa is even more fabulous than her old self. As she finished the 4-week plan, she managed to lose 23 pounds of belly fat and gained such a slim, sexy body. 

Not only did the program save her from the fatal impact of hypothyroidism, but it also brings back her childlike energy, sex drive, and vigor.

Rosa told me that I also should read the program even though I’m not having hypothyroidism. Part 1 and part 2 of The Hypothyroidism Solution explains how your thyroid works and the way your immune system reacts against the beginning stage of the disease, so with this knowledge, anyone can prevent it from happening to themselves. 

Therefore before writing this The Hypothyroidism Solution review, I have read the whole program and I realize one thing: The best way to prevent hypothyroidism, or any disease, is to adopt a healthy, most natural lifestyle. Living in the modern days, surrounding us are chemical toxins and artificial convenience which slowly harm our bodies from inside. Not only will The Hypothyroidism Solution helps you to realize and cure the disease, but it also leads you to a hearty way of life that will benefit you by all means. 

There was still a lot more to discover that I may not able to provide in full in my The Hypothyroidism Solution review. You may figure them out and experience when you apply this super healing protocol

Along with my sister, I begin to transform my living environment. Once in a while, we would meet up to test some of our new plant-based recipes. I started to enjoy the benefit of clean eating, and now I feel much healthier than how I was before. 

As hypothyroidism is getting more and more common, and many people asked for her secret,  I asked Rosa if she wanted to share her life-changing story. She was glad to do that. That’s why I wrote The Hypothyroidism Solution review. 

So yes, this program by Jodi Knapp is the miracle that transformed my sister’s life. Now as I finished this The Hypothyroidism Solution review, the program has been launched widely. I feel so grateful for anyone who is suffering hypothyroidism, and I also want to spread this program so more people like my sister can be cured.

The Hypothyroidism Solution review – Final verdict:

To end this The Hypothyroidism Solution review, as someone who witnessed the benefits of using the program, I can assure you this is the most effective naturopath course you can ever find.

If you are fighting hypothyroidism, this program will change your life completely…

You will NEVER have to wake up feeling tired again.

NO MORE lifetime course of medicines.

NEVER AGAIN you have to test your thyroid level.

NEVER AGAIN you have to worry about your hypothyroidism condition to get worse over time. 

And it will IMMEDIATELY CLEAR OFF your fear of falling into a MYXEDEMA COMA.

By all means, in this The Hypothyroidism Solution review, I assure you that it will take away your disease holistically and permanently, giving you a healthy lifestyle and a sexy body. 

The program is on sale on the official website, so if you love yourself enough to take the chance, my advice is to purchase it right away. 

The Hypothyroidism Solution Review


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