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The End Of Gout Review: Gout Solution By Shelley Manning. An Expert’s Point Of View

If you are suffering from gout and wondering if this program would save you from this disease, then congratulation. You’ve found the most detailed and reliable The End Of Gout review on the internet. 

Last week, I received an email from a guy named Brandon. He is always a loyal member of our website, but this is the very first time Brandon sent an email to us.

It turned out that he was diagnosed with gout four years ago, and has since then been trying to fight against it in vain. Brandon went to many doctors and therapists, spent a hell lot of money to pay for medicines. He even tried Chinese medicine, but none of those worked. The symptoms would only get better in a short time and quickly came back to haunt him. Many nights Brandon stayed awake and stared at the ceiling while the intense joint pain was torturing him. He couldn’t even enjoy crabs, which was his most favorite food, anymore, all because of gout. 

When Brandon was hopeless, a friend recommended using a program called The End Of Gout, saying that this is a legit program to cure the disease forever. Being one of our most active followers, Brandon knew that here in Linkingo, we are experts in reviewing products. That’s why he sent us an email. 


Yes, I know how it is like to suffer from gout. The condition affected more than 8 million people in the USA, and the number is still rising. Many people around me also suffer from this disease, including my relatives. That’s why I felt bad for this guy. I know I must do something to help him.

Nevertheless, using an online product to cure gout sounds, you know, unbelievable. Of all the online programs I’ve checked out, most of them are useless, created to milk money from users. It took us a lot of time trying to find the most trustable programs for our readers. I’ve never heard about The End Of Gout before, so of course, I didn’t trust it at all.

Therefore, I mostly spent 2 days and a half looking for all the information about The End Of Gout. You might say that I scoured every corner, searching for every piece of information, even the smallest one. So, this is the longest, most passionate The End Of Gout review. You will find here everything you want to know about this program. 

If you are ready for a wall of texts, then I’m going to start. 

the end of gout review

First, We Should Understand More About Gout. 

You probably already knew that gout is a common form of inflammatory arthritis. 

The disease was caused when uric acid in your blood reaches an excessively high level. Uric acid came from certain foods. After your body consuming them, your liver will release this acid as a waste product. It is supposed to be abolished from your body, but instead, it goes all the way to your kidney. 

From there, the excess acid uric will become tiny crystals. These crystal flow through your bloodstream, until they reach your joints. 


the end of gout review


When this happens, your immune system activates and fights against them, which results in inflammation. Or perhaps you can call it an agonizing pain. 

That’s something every doctor would tell you. But is there any deeper cause of gout? For example, why the level of uric acid in your blood suddenly rise? 

It’s because of poor gut health. As your gut gets weaker due to what you consume, it doesn’t have enough good bacteria to eliminate uric acid.

Now you understand why casual medicines will never be able to cure gout permanently – it just helps you reduce the symptoms. The root of it remains unchecked. 

And The End Of Gout claims to deal with this root cause. 

What Exactly Is The End Of Gout?

the end of gout review

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With what I mentioned above, one way you can treat your gout condition is by changing your diet. By consuming more ingredients that benefit your gut and cutting down those that harm it, you can strengthen your microbiome. As your gut works effectively to remove excess uric acid, you shall be free from gout. 

However, it takes a lot of time, effort, and research to start an appropriate diet that can help you cure gout. The End Of Gout program claims to do all the hard work for you. It is an online program that shows you how to beat gout naturally, just by making some changes to your diet and lifestyle. 

The program goes from basic information about gout and your microbiome to a 7-day diet program that helps your gut produce more good bacteria and fewer harmful bacteria. You shall have a complete list of foods you should consume if you want to cure gout.

Who Is The Creator Of The Program?

The description sounds good, but “using 100% natural methods to cure gout” still resembles many other online programs, so I was still in doubt. I went on and search for the author of this program in order to write this The End Of Gout review.

It turns out to be Shelley Manning, surprisingly, because she is a familiar name to me. Manning is a practitioner who has spent years researching gouts and its essence. In practice, she has over 30 years of working with doctors from the US and Europe. I know her because I’ve read some of her exciting articles. Manning used her lifetime of study and research to create The End Of Gout program. 

Now that I know she is the author of this product, I feel relieved a little bit. Still, I know that it is not everything. I still have to check out the program itself. Thus, I processed to purchase it and see it for myself.

Let’s Have A More Comprehensive Look.

Immediately after making the purchase, I got the PDF file of The End Of Gout. As I opened it and took a brief look, I think how the appearance of the program got me. It was neatly designed, looked very professional, which is rare for an online program. 

the end of gout review


Here is the table of contents:

As you can see, The End Of Gout consists of 5 main chapters.

In chapter one, What Is Gout? How Is It Conventionally Understood?, you begin by exploring what gout exactly is. Shelley Manning mentions the symptoms, the causes, and the underlying factors that lead to gouts. She also talks about typical conventional treatment for gout and why it isn’t that effective, as well as mentioning the newer conventional treatment strategies.

Reading the first few parts, I could see that in contrast to its professional appearance, The End Of Gout is extremely easy to follow. The author tried to explain medical terms in the simplest way possible, so you can get it even if you don’t have much knowledge about health care. 

Moving to chapter two, Our Helpful Friends, she introduced one of the main areas that linked directly to heal gout – the community of microbes. Here, you have a better understanding of the microbiome and how it can help you fight against the disease.

In chapter three, Natural Chemical Tools To Combat Gout & Bust Inflammation, you will learn about new natural tools that can cure different aspects of gout. Did you know that cherry can also help you fight against gout? Have you ever heard about a safe, natural pain reliever? You will find it here. 

Chapter four, Our Choices Matter When Healing Gout Day To Day is the longest one in the whole program. In this chapter, you will look at themes in people’s lives that contribute to gout. It mentions every factor, including stress, exercise, your sleeping log, and dieting. Chapter four provides you a fantastic look at your lifestyle so you can figure out the best way to cure and prevent gout by making changes every day. 

Last but not least, in chapter five Bringing It Altogether, the author makes specific practical suggestions of what people can do every day to heal gout completely. Just like its name, chapter five use all the information from chapters 1 to 4 to recommend specific foods, supplements, and more things that are amazing to cure gout. The best part is a particular introduction that covers a detailed 7-day plan. You might use it to beat gout holistically.

The thing I like the most about the program that I have to mention in this The End Of Gout review is everything was strongly backed up by scientific information. While you can jump straight to chapters four and five for practical solutions, chapters one and two covers every aspect of gout and explain to you correctly why you should use these solutions. If you are like me, who has to understand the way a specific solution works before applying it, then you will be 100% satisfied with The End Of Gout.

What Will You Get After Using This Program? 

Some of the benefits I want to mention in my The End Of Gout review include:

Completely get rid of gout: Perhaps you’ve tried out many medicines before, but all of them only work for a short time. The End Of Gout deals with the underlying reason that causes gout, which is the thing none of the doctors will address. Once the root of gout is eliminated, you will get rid of it forever. 

You can also avoid other health conditions that are linked with gout: Due to the imbalance in your microbiome, gout can lead to several health issues, including heart disease. As you improve your gut health, you don’t have to worry about these problems anymore. 

An effective way to lose weight: Though the primary goal of The End Of Gout is not to burn fat and lose weight, you will still notice the loss of excess fat. That’s because as your gut produces less harmful bacteria, you won’t crave for foods that often. 

Price & Purchase Policy. 

This is an important part to mention in my The End Of Gout review. The program is available on the official website. You can have lifetime access to the program at $49. Once you make the purchase, The End Of Gout is immediately available for you to download. 

The good thing is that not only do you get access to the program, but you also get to enjoy unlimited downloads. You can get as many copies as you want for your family members and friends. I did send my uncle Ben a copy because I know he will need it. If there are any updates available, you will get updated for free too. 

The End Of Gout also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Author of the program stated that if at any point within 60 days you don’t see your condition improves, then you can receive all your money back without any question asked. 


Who Should Use The Program?

There is no limit to who can make use of this program. As long as you are fighting against gout and you wish to find a simple, effective way instead of consuming medicines, The End Of Gout is for you. 

Who Should Not Use The Program?

However, if you have problems sticking to a specific diet plan, then you might not be able to achieve the best result. The program is also not for you if you are more into medications and don’t trust the effect of natural methods.

The End Of Gout Review – Pros And Cons.

After thorough research, here are the pros of the product that I’ve concluded: 

An Expert created it: Shelley Manning is a practitioner with her reputation. She has over 30 years of researching gout and how to cure it. Therefore, you can make sure that she is not an internet scammer. 

Easy to follow: Though using medical knowledge, The End Of Gout is not hard to read at all. The author tries her best to cover every problem related to gout, but just enough for all general users to understand. It doesn’t matter who you are, even though you didn’t earn a medical degree, you won’t have any trouble following this program. 

100% natural: The End Of Gout helps you cure your condition by improving your vital organs. Therefore, you will be able to heal gout and strengthen your body naturally, without any side effects.

Guaranteed to work: So far, all the users have sent positive feedback. They all confirmed that The End Of Gout would show results after 7 days. 

Full refund: If you are not happy with the outcome, you can ask for a refund. They give you a chance to try out The End Of Gout for free! 

There are still some cons I must take note in my The End Of Gout review, though:

  • Only available in digital form: Which means you need to have an internet connection to get access to the whole program.
  • Simple design: The End Of Gout doesn’t seem to be fancy at first glance. It was simple, like a scientific report. The overall design of it didn’t catch my eyes at first, but at least it was easy to follow. 
  • Unlike most of the online programs, The End Of Gout only has the main eBook. There is no bonus.
  • Therefore, the price of $49 is slightly high. For the time being, they do not run any promotion


Q: Is The End Of Gout worth the money?

A: Compared to what you get, yes, it is. The price of The End Of Gout is even less than the cost of a doctor’s visit. It is much less than a subscription of medications. Purchasing the product means you can cure your gout PERMANENTLY, as well as strengthen your whole body. 

Q: Is The End Of Gout a scam?

A: If you read all the feedback from actual users, you can see that it is not a scam. So far, all of them show positive results. There have never been any problems or complaints regarding The End Of Gout. Moreover, it is created by a trustworthy author with more than 3 decades working in the field.

Conclusion Of The End Of Gout Review – Should You Still Buy It?

After several days of examining, I concluded that The End Of Gout is a must-read for all the gout sufferers out there. It shows you every aspect of gout, as well as how to get rid of all those factors safely and naturally using simple methods. 

Everything is laid out for you. You don’t have to think of what to eat and what to avoid to heal gout. You have everything in your hand. And remember, you have the 60-day money-back guarantee. So why don’t you try to make a change to your pain right now?

the end of gout review


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