7 Magic Energy Experiments Review: Is It A Wise Purchase?

Mental, emotional, and spiritual are the three kinds of energy. There is a connection between spirituality and success, spirituality and stress resilience. While good physical energy assists you with a healthy body, spiritual power supports you with a clear mindset. Therefore, all of them are key to your success. Furthermore, being spiritual can help you focus efficiently on achieving the tasks. However,  we typically dismiss its significance because we don’t know the power of spiritual energy. That’s why we started writing this 7 Magic Energy Experiments Review.

Keep with us to the end of the review if you want to know how spiritual energy contributes to a successful and happy life or how spiritual energy may affect your productivity at work and business or professional success. 

Let’s dive in! 

What Is The 7 Magic Energy Experiments?


The 7 Magic Energy Experiments is a digital manifestation method designed to help anyone attain financial independence and wealth in their lives. It focuses on seven ancient Egyptian hidden truths that can lead to prosperity for anyone. Also, the 7 Magic Energy Experiments program promises to assist you in clearing away blocks that are preventing you from progressing in life and achieving personal growth.

The program includes seven experiments that last for 21 days of practice. You will find e-books and audio tracks inside each experiment and a bonus gift. More specifically, 7 Magic Money Experiments in the form of an e-book and 07 other audio tracks. According to the author, the 7 Magic Energy Experiments manifestation program is built on seven alchemical experiments. 

After purchasing, you are accessible to these whole programs immediately. You can also login and download the program to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer for easy access.

7 Magic Energy Experiments Review – Who Is Author?

7 Magic Energy Experiments was created by Jackie Jones. Since she was a teenager, she has been interested in spirituality. She has tested every experiment, not just on herself but also on many students, to ensure that they all work. 

With little information from the official website, it is not easy to verify the product’s creator. However, we will continue checking the alchemy experiments behind the product to see if it really works.

How Does It Work?

The 7 Magic Energy Experiments course is broken down into seven easy parts. The experiments are outlined in the form of simple audio instructions. It is a systematic manifestation program that requires some effort and patience. All you have to do is just follow these instructions step by step to make progress. 

You have 21 days to complete the entire set of 21 audio tracks, and if you fail at any point, you must restart from the beginning. Each audio track is related to the previous one; therefore, you must complete each step precisely as instructed. 

7 Magic Energy Experiments Review- What Will You Discover Inside? 

We decided to purchase the program to learn more about how the strategy helps people manifest the ancient secrets to change their life. I can immediately access the entire program after making a payment. At first glance, I see that the website is well-designed and the program is well-organized. The program begins with a quick summary of what you will learn; after that, we may access training for each day of the program to get started.


The 7 Magic Energy Experiments Download Page 

The experiments need to be done to help you achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest. 

Experiment 1: The Law of Light

It is essential to pay attention to every idea that crosses your mind since the positive or negative thoughts that you allow to enter your mind affect how you manifest synchronicities in your life. This experiment can assist you in identifying clear signs from the Universe, allowing you to connect to the guiding light of intuition effortlessly. 

  • You might meet someone you’ve been thinking about during this level.
  • Perhaps you’ll obtain the final free parking spot in a crowded location. 
  • Or a long-lost buddy may reach out to assist you with something you were about to give up.

Experiment 2: The Law of Release

You’ve been plunged into the Universe. Perhaps you realize how close you are to the Divine for the first time in your life. In Level 1, you manifest a sign or a clear message from the Universe that will assist you in navigating a specific challenge you’re encountering.

By Level 2, you’ll have manifested a sign that will lead you directly to your long-term objective. By then, you should be capable of feeling the blessings that have begun to come into your life.

You can experience the changes such as:

  • Owning a new house 
  • Driving a new luxury car. 
  • Or even being with the individual for whom you are currently too hesitant to admit your affections.

Experiment 3: The Law of Growth

Now that you’ve sifted through parts of yourself, you never believed possible. You will go to the next level of development. This experiment eliminates old karma that has kept you locked and enables relational breakthroughs to occur.

So, in the end, you’ll have forgiven whatever and whoever you needed to in the past.

It is how the path to your new future is cleared, and you may have the appropriate start to any form of growth, whether it’s your dream business or any other deep ambitions.

You may now start a hobby that you thought of in the past or take the first steps into your dream business. 

Experiment 4: The Law of Integration

At this point, you’ll be able to change a recurring event in your life that causes you discomfort and figure out how to convert that negative energy into something positive.

Level 1 will be easy for you, while Level 2 will be much harsher. You’ll be ready to let go of ANY unpleasant sentiments you have about people, locations, or memories by this stage.

Right now, you can release every negative feeling around you and boost the new energy to pursue and achieve higher milestones in your life. 

Experiment 5: The Law of Strength

You can gain unshakable faith in the Universe here, giving you the strength to see it through. It might help you understand the ancient mantra, “What is meant for you will not pass you by.” You may learn about the correct professional path, relationships, and hobbies that can offer you fulfillment. Simply speaking, you may determine what you were born to do and be, and then be more open to achieving whatever the future brings you.

In this experiment, you can identify the career for you, the relationship that makes you happy, and the hobby that brings you comfort and joy. 

Experiment 6: The Law of Spirit

This stage can assist you in mastering both feminine and masculine energies by aligning both energy frequencies since divine power accepts all energies regardless of a person’s gender. It is how you may become a whole human soul and embrace all aspects of yourself.

Experiment 7: The Law of Self-Actualization

You’ll arrive at the point where matter and spirit meet in this last level. The final stage will move and manipulate energy to become anything you want it to be.

The stage of pure alchemy and pure magic! Your spirit will become entirely self-aware here. You are raising your energy to a frequency that aligns you TOTALLY with the Universe.

Level 2, the ultimate experiment, will take you to the peak of manifesting something HUGE in your life.


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7 Magic Energy Experiments Review – Benefits

When you follow the 7 Magic Energy Experiments program every day, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  •  A spiritual relationship

The experiment program assists people in connecting their souls to the point of knowing their current condition and the things they have nurtured in the past. It also helps you understand your inner self while grasping what you need to achieve the next step.

  • Reduce life’s negativity

Do you realize that negative thoughts frequently drag you down? That’s correct. Whatever you think about often becomes stored in your memory. This program will assist you in letting go of opposing ideas and improving your attitude toward diverse individuals. As a result, they can help you build values that thrive in your life.

  • Get rid of anxiousness.

Anxiety might last a long time. The more it develops, the more it obstructs your life and prevents you from making other moves. This program will help you build self-confidence while thinking that you can achieve your goals in life.

  • Increases self-confidence and self-image

It is vital to believe in yourself and your capacity to perform the various things you wish to do in life. You may gradually modify your inner self while reflecting on your inner image, all due to this application.

In conclusion, by following the experiments, you can attract whatever you want, including wealth, health, success, and confidence. 

7 Magic Energy Experiments Review – Pros and Cons

Some advantages of the 7 Magic Energy Program are as below. 

  • The program is available online, easy-to-download and follow. 
  • The Simple technique is used for everyone.
  • 100% money-guarantee policy. 
  • The detailed explanation on each level. 

However, there are still drawbacks: 

  • 7 Magic Energy Experiment is only available for purchase on its official website.
  • You have 21 days to complete all seven audios, and if you fall behind, you must restart.
  • It would be beneficial if you listened to the audio tracks given in this guide. Missing out on a single method will not provide you with the desired outcomes.
  • Individual outcomes may differ—the transformation from person to person varies greatly depending on the level of commitment.

7 Magic Energy Experiments Review – Who Should Use The Program?

The program is for anyone who:

  • wants to change their entire life, including thoughts, mindset, and self-confidence. 
  •  wants a better life with good health, prosperity, and valued relationships. 
  • struggles with anxiety and stress in life. 

Who Should Not Use The Program? 

The 7 Magic Energy Program is not for anyone who does not believe in spiritual life. 

7 Magic Energy Experiments Review – Pricing Policy 

According to the official website, the 7 Magic Energy Experiments package costs $47, including bonuses and all seven experiments. Initially, the price of the program was $470. However, as the author received many compliments from the customers, he decided to discount to support more people accessing their dream life. 7 Magic Energy Experiments can be easily affordable for you at this special discount of 90%. The price is less than a meal at a restaurant. However, its value can change your entire life. 

Once you have completed your payments, you will be granted instant access to the 7 Magic Energy Experiments program and the bonuses. So, let’s submit your order through the official website, where the actual 7 Magic Energy Experiments program is offered exclusively. 


You will also receive a bonus if you purchase the 7 Magic Energy Experiments. When you order the 7 Magic ENERGY Experiments, you will also receive the 7 Magic MONEY Experiments. It is a no-brainer.


7 Mysterious money experiments – This supplement comprises a mixture of Level 1 and Level 2 Manifestation Experiments to help you achieve the confidence you need to attract an abundance of money.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

A 60-day, money-back guarantee protects your investment in the 7 Magic Energy Experiments manifestation program.. What does it mean? You have 60 days to experience the magic program without any risk. 

So, if you don’t see any promising outcomes from the 7 Magic Energy Experiments manifestation program within two months, you can request a refund within 6 months. 

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7 Magic Energy Experiments Review – FAQs

  • Do the 7 Magic Energy Experiments truly bring success?

7 Magic Energy Experiments can help you make significant changes in your life in only a few days. This program applies to anybody, wherever, and at any time. It is not necessary to have any prior experience with this. Everyone can use the rules of the Universe in their life in an equal manner. The 7 Magic Energy Experiments program teaches you how to attract prosperity, health, and happiness into your life.

  • What if the 7 Magic Energy Experiments don’t work for me?

With billions of individuals on the earth, there will be some for whom this does not work. That is also true for the majority of prescription medicines. So, if you happen to be in the minority and it doesn’t work for you, remember that you have a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee to protect you.

  • How long will it take to see changes in my life?

Following the 7 Magic Energy Experiments digital program may take a few weeks ( at least 21 days) to a few months to see dramatic improvements in your life.

7 Magic Energy Experiments Review – Our Final Verdict

As indicated in the 7 Magic Energy Experiments reviews, it appears to be a very effective manifestation program that may assist you in achieving financial freedom and an abundance of nearly whatever you desire in life. The 7 Magic Energy Experiments manifestation program linked to ancient hidden secrets that anybody may utilize to live the life of their desires with all forms of affluence. Thousands of actual users of the program testify that it may help them as a powerful solution to accomplish their passions, whether they are linked to prosperity, relationships, power, or peace of mind.

The program also includes a 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So, you can request a total return of every money you paid for it. As a result, the 7 Miracle Energy Experiments appear to be a risk-free option for manifesting your ideal life.


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